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A Brynnso Christmas Special 2

by rielcz


      The following is a script commissioned by Queen Fyora herself due to the success of a Christmas-themed play commissioned a year previous. However, due to cutbacks, it was not formally produced until a year later, following relevant revisions.

      Brynn and Hanso, artifact hunters employed by the Faerie Queen, were “more than delighted to participate again”.

      Thus, the “Faerieland Acting Club Representing Years 16-19,” sponsored by “The Faerieland Wintertime Society,” present, "A Brynnso Christmas Special 2!"


      Set: A log-cabin style Neohome decked out in multiple colors of garland and tinsel. A wall is missing, allowing an audience to peer in. There is a door to the left. A fireplace sits off to the center-left; atop its mantle are a collection of pine-needles and a few Christmas cards. Off to the other side sits a grandiose Christmas tree, covered in decorations from the star at the top to the trunk at the bottom. There are various presents at the base of it. On the right wall there is a window, snow falling on the other side.

      Christmas-themed music plays as an introduction.

      The door opens. Inside walks Brynn.

      (Crowd applause)

      Brynn: (excitedly) Hiya everyone! Like the year before last year, I’m Brynn! Welcome to A Brynnso Christmas Special 2! If you look under your chairs you should be able to find a set of cozy earmuffs courtesy of The Faerieland Wintertime Society! We wouldn’t you to get frostbite!

      (Crowd applause)

      There is a knocking at the door.

      Brynn: (feigning surprise) Now who could that be?

      She opens the door. It’s Hanso. He steps in and gives the crowd his characteristic smile.

      (Crowd applause and hooting)

      Hanso: (charmingly) Hey everybody, welcome to A Brynnso Christmas Special 2, sponsored by the Faerieland Wintertime Societ—

      Brynn: (annoyed) Hanso I just said all that!

      Hanso: (filled with his brand of charismatic innocence) Well maybe some of the crowd wanted to hear it from me!

      (Crowd laughter)

      Hanso: Also ‘yall—

      Brynn: Since when do you say “’yall”?

      Hanso: (suspicious) Since when do you expect me to be consistent?

      Brynn contemplates this. With a cutesy smile she shrugs.

      Brynn: (semi-sarcastically) You have me there.

      Hanso: Anyway, ‘yall, a soundbyte – “Hey there, it’s Hanso. Insert Name Here isn’t here right now, so please leave a message after the Weewoo squawk.”

      The characteristic ba-dum-tiss from the band is heard.

      Hanso: (upset) Hey band! That was serious! I’m sure there are at least 4 Insert Name Here’s in the audience!

      (Crowd laughter)

      Someone off-stage: (surprised yet enthralled) Hey, you remembered there’s a band this time!

      Hanso glares at Brynn.

      Hanso: That was made very clear to me.

      There is a knocking at the door.

      Brynn: (excitedly) That must be our first guest!

      Hanso: (tiredly) Just as long as it’s not Lawyerbot again.

      (Crowd laughter)

      Brynn goes to open the door. A small blue Vandagyre in a newsboy hat is revealed.

      Brynn: (startled) Er… hiya, little one. Are you lost?

      Vandagyre: (chipper) No miss. I’as invited by that blue thing over there.

      Hanso waves.

      Brynn: Hanso, I thought you said you invited Dr. Landlebrot?

      Hanso: (casually) He couldn’t make it. Apparently, at the last second, something random came up.

      One guy in the back: BOO.

      Hanso folds his arms.

      Hanso: See, I told you all the Insert Name Here’s would hate us now.

      (Crowd laughter)

      Hanso: Anyway, I thought, “Maybe we should get one of those newish things in here! Maybe give them an interview. It has been a year after their formal arrival now.”

      Brynn contemplates this.

      Brynn: That’s… actually not a bad idea.

      Brynn grins at the Vandagyre.

      Brynn: How is Neopia?

      Vandagyre: It’s ‘kay. No’ as nice a’ th’mountain. Cool shops though. ‘At’s your name?

      Brynn: (cutely) Brynn. And over there is Hanso.

      Vandagyre: I’ve no name.

      Hanso: Cool, you nameless thing you. What do you like doing for fun in Neopia?

      Vandagyre: Scoutin’ fer Nerkmids.

      Brynn: What do you like to read?

      Vandagyre: Th’books from th’moon.

      Hanso: Do you like Jazan?

      Vandagyre: I don’t know what Jazan is.

      Hanso: (shrugging) Well I’m all out of ideas.

      (Crowd laughter)

      Brynn: Do you like winter?

      Vandagyre: It’s ‘kay. Back in th’mountains it’s ‘inter all th’time.

      Brynn: What’s your favorite Neopian Land?

      Vandagyre: (bluntly) Th’mountains.

      Brynn shrugs.

      Brynn: (running out of patience) Do you have anything interesting to say?

      Vandagyre: Blue is a cola’. And don’t drink morphing potions.

      Hanso: (with increasing excitement) Ooh, how’d you come to learn that?

      Vandagyre: A friend a’ mine turned ‘erself into a Uni. Mess a’ treble I tell ya’.

      Hanso: (childishly) Did she… like, start rampaging around with fireballs and go I AM NOT A UNI.

      Hanso briefly stomps around. Brynn giggles.

      Vandagyre: Nothin’ like that.

      Hanso: Well that isn’t very exciting. Darn, I just had to pick the most boring Vandagyre ever.

      The Vandagyre crosses his arms.

      Vandagyre: (crossly) I take mild offense to that.

      Brynn: (casually) Well in all fairness I had nothing prepared. Hanso, though…

      Brynn smiles mischievously at Hanso.

      Hanso: Can you do any sort of amazing feat, oh nameless?

      Vandagyre: (curtly) I can whistle.

      The Vandagyre commences whistling a jaunty tune.

      Vandagyre: (in a high-pitched boyish monotone) I am whistling, and now I’m singing. / But apparently I bring nothing exciting. / I don’t think I’m boring, not really. / But I guess that’s up fer others to see. / I don’t mind the snow. / It’s where one can go. / When they are warm. / It doesn’t cause harm.

      The Vandagyre resumes whistling another few bars.

      (Crowd applause)

      Hanso: Well I guess he got a little better.

      (Crowd laughter)

      Vandagyre: More offense.

      Hanso fetches a present from underneath the tree. He gives it to the Vandagyre, who promptly opens it. Inside is candy.

      Vandagyre: Edible?

      Hanso: Yep! Little Brynn and Hanso-shaped confection treats!

      Hanso pulls a few out.

      Hanso: (excitedly) This is a chocolate version of me, looking really excited! And here is a Brynn gummy, with her characteristic upset-looking expression.

      Brynn frowns at him, upset.

      Hanso: (filled with his brand of charismatic innocence) Like that!

      (Crowd laughter)

      Vandagyre: Thanks, this seems really special. Also, I like food. And trains. But I should be goin’ now, my mum will be wonderin’ where I’m off ta’. I was supposed ta’ be home seven hours ago for supper.

      Brynn just glares at Hanso.

      Hanso shoots her a charismatic grin.

      Vandagyre: Bye everyone!

      The Vandagyre leaves. Hanso goes to shut the door.

      Hanso: At least he’ll be taking home dessert!

      Immediately there is a knocking at the door.

      Hanso: (excitedly) Now who could that be?

      Hanso opens the door. Corbin and Kell are revealed.

      Hanso: (feigning surprise) Corbin and Kell?

      (Crowd applause)

      Kell: The monster hunting aficionados themselves, here in the flesh!

      Corbin: (exasperated) Do you even know what aficionado means?

      Kell: (rebutting) Do you know what flesh means?

      (Uncertain crowd laughter)

      Brynn: (concerned) Is everything OK?

      Corbin: Sorry. We’ve just been on edge a little lately due to SOMEONE losing Dad’s book.

      Kell: It just disappeared!

      Corbin: (heated) You were trying to reproduce one of Dad’s experiments involving disappearance and you made the EXACT WRONG THING disappear!

      Kell raises a fist.

      Kell: (angry) YOU were the one who told me to make sure I could replicate it for our next mission—

      Hanso runs up and intervenes.

      Hanso: (serious yet charismatic) Look, don’t get riled up. This is Christmastime. It’s not a time to be riled up. It’s a time for… Joy. And play. And Christmas, for my employer’s sake. It’s a time for loving your fellow Neopet and all that nonsense. Except it’s not nonsense. It’s true.

      Brynn’s eyes tear up.

      Brynn: (emotional) That was beautiful Hanso.

      Brynn goes and hugs Hanso.

      (Crowd “aww!”)

      Kell: Er… you’re right Hanso. Corbin… I forgive you.

      (Crowd “aww!”)

      Corbin: (content) I forgive you too, bro.

      Corbin and Kell hug.

      (Crowd “aww!” and applause)

      Hanso: (filled with his brand of charismatic innocence) Look at that! Repairing family brokenness... We’re like one of those shows now too!

      The characteristic ba-dum-tiss from the band is heard.

      Brynn: (expectantly) So tell us about your recent work!

      Kell: (matter-of-factly) After we released Scarlet back into the wild we started studying the Mini-monster tribes… Information on their likes and dislikes, their susceptibility to illness, and patterns relating to sleeping, eating, migrating… We wrote a book.

      Corbin: (alluring) And it’s out in time for Christmas! Learn how to treat your Tamed Mini-Monster… the Corbin and Kell way!

      Corbin and Kell grin and give the audience a thumbs up.

      (Crowd applause)

      Hanso: (excitedly) You mean the way that involves hunting it down and releasing it into the wild?

      Kell contemplates this briefly.

      Kell: Er… We might have to change that tagline Corbin.

      (Crowd laughter)

      Hanso: And what are you up to now?

      Corbin: (with growing excitement) Well, we were actually trying to develop a partnership with the Friendly Cultists. Legend has it they know a secret path between the Catacomb Vaults and the Snowager’s Treasure Cave.

      Brynn: (mirroring Corbin’s excitement) Ooh, tell us more!

      Corbin laughs.

      Corbin: Now if I did that it wouldn’t be a secret anymore, hmm?

      Brynn laughs.

      Brynn: (with a tinge of sadness) I suppose. But how does the disappearance spell come into play?

      Kell: (jokingly) We’re going to make the cultists disappear before going after their treasure.

      Corbin elbows Kell in the ribs.

      Kell: Ow!

      (Crowd laughter)

      Corbin: As part of our agreement we’re to study several of the ghosts plaguing their tribes before disappearing the wily ephemerals.

      Kell smiles slyly.

      Kell: Can disappearing be used in that way?

      Corbin: (shrugging) I’ve a Masters in Mathematics from BVU, not English.

      (Crowd laughter and hooting)

      Brynn retrieves a present from under the tree. It is flat and decorated with tombstones.

      Brynn: (excitedly) Now who wants to open it?

      Hanso grabs the present from Brynn.

      Hanso: (emphatically) I picked it out just for you two! Not even Brynn knows what it is.

      Corbin and Kell look at Brynn who smiles sheepishly.

      Kell takes the present. Hanso pulls it back.

      Hanso: You need to show us some sort of amazing feat first!

      Corbin and Kell stare at each other and a slow grin comes to each of the brothers’ faces.

      Corbin: (jokingly) I dunno, should we make Hanso disappear?

      (Crowd laughter)

      Kell: (clandestine) Well… I’m thinking… How about IT?

      Corbing: (slightly shocked) You don’t mean—

      Kell: When are we going to get another opportunity?

      Corbin: (with growing amusement) You’ve got me there, bro. We’ve been training for this day all our lives.

      (Crowd “ooh!”)

      Corbin and Kell don bowler hats and, spinning around, are wearing tap shoes and have canes.

      Corbin: (cantabile) Oh my brother!

      Kell: (cantabile) Oh my brother…!

      The keyboard in the band starts playing a jazzy polka melody.

      Corbin and Kell in chorus: (mostly unison) Here we are, we’re not gonna’ stop! We’re monster hunting ‘till we get to the top!

      Kell: (with a downward swing) It’s you and me!

      Corbin: (with the same downward swing) And me and you!

      Corbin and Kell in chorus: (growing higher until it reaches a falsetto fermata) Together as a teeeeam!

      Corbin and Kell in chorus: (chanted) Unstoppable! We’re a monster’s worst dream!

      Hanso claps along to the bands 2/4 OOM-PAH beat serving as interlude. Brynn smiles at him.

      Kell: (staying at a relatively constant pitch) I’ll grow the flowers.

      Corbin: (harmonizing overtop Kell’s held note) I’ll exchange formalities! / Such that we can solve

      Corbin and Kell in chorus: (overly excitedly) All the mysteries!

      Corbin: (with a downward swing) From ghosts and ghouls!

      Kell: (with the same downward swing) To graves and cults!

      Corbin and Kell in chorus: (growing higher but then dips lower again with a bit of harmony throughout) Nothing’s out of our reaaallm!

      Corbin and Kell in chorus: (chanted) Unstoppable! Together at the helm!

      The music continues. Brynn starts clapping along with Hanso.

      Kell: (speaking) You know what Corbin?

      Corbin: (speaking) What Kell?

      Kell: I think it’s time to show this crowd a truly amazing feat.

      Corbin: Truly blow them away?

      (Crowd “ooh!”)

      Kell: Exactly! I’ll get the dynamite.

      (Crowd laughter)

      Corbin: Or we could do...

      Corbin starts to tapdance.

      Corbin: (excitedly) THIS!

      The band stops playing while Corbin tapdances. After he finishes, the band plays a melody with the exact rhythm Corbin performed.

      Kell: You mean this?

      Kell tapdances and the band does the same thing.

      Corbin: I can do it better!

      Corbin tapdances a shorter yet more complicated rhythm which the band repeats.

      Kell: Fat chance!

      Kell tapdances and the band does the same thing.

      Corbin: Ohoho!

      Corbin starts to tapdance and Kell joins in and it becomes a veritable tapdance battle.

      (Crowd applause)

      Soon the band starts to play along in beat.

      Hanso grabs Brynn’s hand.

      Hanso: (in the moment) Come on Brynn, let’s dance!

      Hanso swings her around.

      Brynn holds onto her helmet but is laughing.

      Brynn: Whee!

      Much of the crowd is soon dancing.

      At last Corbin and Kell stop tapdancing and so does the crowd. Brynn and Hanso hug each other. The music returns to the 2/4 OOM-PAH.

      Corbin: (speaking) You make an excellent dance buddy, bro.

      Kell: (speaking) You too my brother my friend.

      The two brothers shake hands.

      Kell: (with a downward swing) It’s you and me!

      Corbin: (with the same downward swing) And me and you!

      Corbin and Kell in chorus: (growing higher until it reaches a falsetto fermata) Together as a teeeeam!

      Corbin and Kell in chorus: (chanted) Unstoppable! Unstoppable! Together!

      The music crescendos and ritardandos and eventually stops.

      Corbin and Kell in chorus: (with barbershop-esque harmony) We’re a monster’s wooorrrst…

      Band resumes.

      Corbin and Kell in chorus: (with barbershop-esque harmony) DREEAAAM!

      Music finishes with a major cymbal crash.

      (Crowd applause and hooting and some standing ovation)

      Hanso: That was absolutely great you guys!

      Kell: (panting) We’ve been practicing that since we were kids!

      Brynn: So neat!

      Hanso tosses the present at the two. Corbin tosses his cane aside and catches it.

      Corbin: (excitedly) Wanna open it bro?

      Kell grins mischievously and snatches the present.

      Hanso: (cantabile) I’m sure you’ll love it!

      Kell tears off the wrapping. An old and tattered book is revealed. Corbin and Kell gape.

      Corbin: (shocked) This… this is Dad’s record book! Wherever did you find it Hanso?

      Hanso: (charismatic) They don’t call me an artifact hunter for nothing.

      (Crowd applause)

      Kell: (slowly getting emotional) Hanso how can I ever repay y—

      Kell blinks.

      Kell: (curtly) You took this from us didn’t you?

      Hanso: And added in a section on how you can transform yourself into looking like myself or Brynn… MAGICALLY!

      (Crowd laughter)

      Brynn: (crossly) Hanso!

      Kell: (exasperated) Corbin, you were right. We should have made Hanso disappear.

      The characteristic ba-dum-tiss from the band is heard.

      Corbin and Kell leave.

      Brynn goes to shut the door.

      Brynn: (reprimanding) Hanso, you should know better than to take from others!

      Hanso: Hey, I gave it back with something extra. And we got a musical number, and even repaired a broken brotherly connection.

      Brynn: (semi-sarcastically) Yeah, they’re united in their hatred of you.

      (Crowd laughter)

      There is a knocking at the door. Hanso opens it. Rorru is revealed.

      (Crowd applause)

      Hanso: Hi Mr. Rorru!

      Brynn elbows Hanso in the ribs.

      Hanso: (shocked) Ow! What was that for?

      Rorru: (bemused) Silly blue Ixi. / Like so many others who / DON’T KNOW I’M FEMALE.

      (Crowd laughter)

      Hanso: (filled with his brand of charismatic innocence) Ohhhh…

      (Crowd laughter and hooting)

      Hanso: (excitedly) So, can you perform for us some amazing feat?

      Rorru: What, talking in haikus isn’t amazing enough?

      Brynn: (suspicious) I thought you could only speak in haikus?

      Rorru guffaws madly.

      Rorru: (dismissive) Oh that? Please, the first one was just for show. I’m on Christmas break.

      (Crowd laughter)

      Hanso: Hehe, she’s funny Brynn.

      Brynn rolls her eyes.

      Rorru: (bemused) I sense playful conflict is an everyday thing for Brynnso?

      Hanso: (amazed) Hey that sensing was pretty amazing! Now guess Brynn’s weight!

      (Crowd laughter)

      Rorru and Brynn in chorus: (shaking their heads) Oh Hanso…

      Brynn: (chipper) Anyway, how have you been doing lately Rorru?

      Rorru: Oh, just fine. There’s no snow on Mystery Island so it’s kind of nice to be here, with the falling flakes and warm glow of the firelight. I made a snowman before coming into your pretty cabin!

      Brynn: Thanks! The Faerieland Wintertime Society does a nice job of keeping it well-kept, heh. Anything else?

      Rorru: I’m interviewing poets as of late for the purpose of hire. I plan to open a second Haiku Generator on Krawk Island in the new year.

      Hanso: Oh! I can write poetry! Just listen… It was Christmas one day. / And I got to play. / With all my new toys. / Oh the Christmas joys!

      (Crowd applause)

      Hanso bows.

      Rorru: (uncertain) That was… brilliant.

      Hanso puts an arm around Brynn.

      Hanso: See? The funny person called me brilliant.

      Brynn rolls her eyes again.

      Rorru: (expectantly) Anyway I heard there was supposed to be some sort of surprise for me?

      Hanso: (saluting) Coming right up si—er, ma’am… Ma’am, that was totally it.

      (Crowd laughter)

      Hanso goes to the tree and retrieves a present wrapped in Mystery Island paper before returning to Brynn and Rorru. He stops just before handing it to the latter, looking almost sad.

      Rorru: (at first feigning exasperation and then getting more amused) You want me to sing, don’t you?

      Hanso: (almost exploding with excitement) Yes!

      Rorru laughs.

      Rorru: (in a soft soprano) The scenic cabin / overlooking the snowfall / ‘Twas there I received / Such a splendid gift / As the fires burned with friendship / It made me believe

      The band starts playing a soft chimey melody.

      Rorru: (gradually hushing her tone) That Christmastime joy / Is still alive, is still well / I feel so content / Time with friends, fam’ly / The magic of the hol’day / It’s time so well spent

      Hanso is lying down on the floor, asleep, curled into a ball.

      (Crowd “aww!”)

      Brynn: Thank you Rorru. That was beautiful.

      Brynn kneels beside Hanso and retrieves the present from his clutches so as not to wake him. She hands it up to Rorru.

      Brynn: For you, Rorru.

      Hanso: (sleepy mumbling) But I was supposed to be Santa Skeith…

      (Soft crowd laughter)

      Brynn pets him and he starts to snore.

      (Soft crowd “aww!” and laughter)

      Rorru opens the present to reveal a book. “101 Poems about Brynnso” is inscribed on its cover.

      Brynn stands up.

      Brynn: (excited whisper) Now if you ever need a haiku, there are at least 24 original ones in here.

      Rorru: Thanks Brynn.

      Rorru and Brynn hug.

      (Soft crowd “aww!”)

      Rorru: Bye Brynn!

      The two wave.

      Rorru: And goodbye sleepyhead.

      (Soft crowd laughter)

      Rorru exits and closes the door.

      The room starts to shake.

      (Crowd “ooh!”)

      Hanso snaps his eyes open and leaps up.

      Hanso: (frenzied) Brynn Brynn Brynn…!

      The band starts playing harrowing music with running scales and loud booms. A spotlight falls from its fixture and crashes onstage.

      Brynn shakes Hanso by the shoulders.

      Brynn: (attempting calmness) Hanso!

      Hanso: (childishly) Something woke me up and I didn’t have full naptime.

      (Crowd laughter)

      Ornaments and tinsel start falling from the set.

      (Nervous crowd laughter)

      The tree shakes and falls over.

      Brynn and Hanso look at each other with wide and frightened eyes.

      Brynn and Hanso in chorus: EARTHQUAKE!

      Offstage feminine voice: (alluringly) Oh, this is no earthquake.

      A stone Xweetok bursts through and breaks the door before sliding toward the hosts.

      Hanso and Brynn in chorus: (shocked) XANDRA!

      Hanso jumps into Brynn’s arms.

      Hanso: (tremulously) Should we call Corbin and Kell?

      Brynn glares at Hanso and lets him roll onto the floor.

      Brynn: (matter-of-factly) I don’t think they’re coming back Hanso.

      Xandra: (muffled) I might still be stuck a statue but I know my nemeses! NOW I RULE THIS SHOW AND THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT, BRYNNSO.

      Hanso: (filled with his brand of charismatic innocence) Hey look at that even she’s bought in to the Brynnso.

      Brynn facepalms.

      Xandra spins and faces the crowd.

      Xandra: (muffled) Now for my first act as show host, I command you to SIT AND ENJOY MY SINGING.

      Xandra: Play something lively, band.

      The band starts playing an upbeat melody.

      Xandra: (in a muffled alto) I did trap those faeries! But got “What I deserved”.

      In the background, Hanso and Brynn are huddled together and mumbling.

      Xandra: (voice gradually dipping lower) I was cast the bad guy! But I just wanted them to serve. ME.

      Hanso and Brynn start gathering fallen tinsel.

      Xandra: (going higher and then lower) It wasn’t my fault, not really. / But they had the pow’r and I envied. / Those faeries controlled, I was in pain.

      Hanso and Brynn start tying the tinsel together.

      Xandra: (muffled speaking) Someone else needed to take the reins!

      The music stops and Xandra cackles as thunder crackles.

      Hanso and Brynn have a lasso formed. They start to make another one.

      The music resumes.

      Xandra: (high and diving lower) But now I’m back this Christmastime! / Taking o’er this play! / As the snow falls ‘round the cabin now…

      Hanso and Brynn aim their lassos.

      Xandra: (almost yelling albeit muffled) YOU’LL ALL SERVE ME TOD—

      Xandra is cut off as she is twice lassoed. The music escalates to something more dramatic and Hanso and Brynn pull hard; Xandra is veritably trapped.

      Xandra: (muffled) Hey!

      Hanso and Brynn start humming Christmas-themed music as they skip around Xandra in opposite directions, surrounding her with tinsel.

      Hanso: (in his smooth tenor) Oh Xandra tree, oh Xandra tree.

      Brynn: (in her squeaky alto) How trapped and tinseled is thee.

      Xandra: (muffled) I’ll get you both for this!

      At last the tinsel is used and Hanso ties the tinsel-ropes together.

      Hanso: Your curves of stone!

      Brynn places a tangle of Christmas lights atop Xandra’s head.

      Brynn: And head of lights!

      Hanso starts placing ornaments all about Xandra.

      Hanso: Your freaky face…

      (Crowd laughter)

      Xandra: (muffled) Come on that was uncalled for.

      Brynn: You’re quite a sight.

      Hanso: (in his smooth tenor) Oh Xandra tree, oh Xandra tree…!

      There is a knocking at the doorway, despite the door having been broken earlier.

      The perfectly fine door opens. Fyora is standing in the frame.

      Fyora: (speaking majestically) You’ve both done quite a big favor for me.

      The music stops and Fyora glides onstage.

      (Crowd applause)

      Fyora: I fixed the door with magic but knocked it as a muggle this year.

      (Crowd “ooh!”)

      Fyora bows.

      Hanso: What did we do?

      Fyora: (happily) Why, you trapped Xandra!

      Xandra: (muffled) Hi.

      Hanso: (shocked) You knew she was on the loose and did nothing about it?

      Fyora: Well… I planned to. I just hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

      (Crowd laughter)

      Brynn: So what are you going to do with her?

      Fyora: (shrugging) Let her be a tree for a while.

      The characteristic ba-dum-tiss from the band is heard.

      (Crowd laughter)

      Hanso goes to close the door. Immediately thereafter a knocking is heard.

      Hanso: Why do I even bother to shut this thing?

      Hanso opens the door. Dr. Sloth is revealed.

      Dr. Sloth: (awkwardly) Oh hey guys, I meant to come earlier. Is there still time for my bit?

      Dr. Sloth wields a massive bass guitar.

      Brynn: (somewhat shocked) Oh… Sorry. There was a whole thing with Xandra and... no.

      Dr. Sloth: (upset) Well fine then.

      Dr. Sloth grumbles and walks offstage.

      (Crowd cheering and hooting)

      Fyora: Well I guess it’s come to the part of the show where it’s time to thank the audience.

      Hanso: (excitedly) Indeed! That brings us to the end of the second annual Brynnso Christmas Special!

      Brynn: So, on behalf of Hanso, Fyora, all the guests this evening, and The Faerieland Wintertime Society... Goodnight, Neopia, and have a great Christmas!

      All the guests get back on stage and, huddled around the Xandra tree, wave to the crowd.

      Christmas-themed music plays to serve as an outro.

      The End.

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