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Your Favourite Faerie: What Does It Say About You?

by aleu1986


You may be hard pressed to find a person on Neopets who doesn`t have at least one favourite faerie. From light to dark, valiant and mischievous, kind and evil, there are faerie characters to fit any personality. What does your choice of favourite faerie say about you? How does it reflect on your personality and interests? Read on to find out!

Fyora the Faerie Queen

Leadership comes naturally to you. You have a natural authority that makes people respect you. Always taking charge, you`re equally comfortable giving orders as you are getting the job done yourself. You`re mature for your age, and many of those around you may seek your advice or look up to you for your wisdom. You can be stern, but also fair. You have natural elegance and grace, and when it comes to conflicts or arguements, you`d rather solve them in a diplomatic and peaceful way rather than risk a proper fight. Your fashion sense is impeccable, and while some may call you vain, you know it`s any lady (or faeries) duty to always look her best.

Illusen the Earth Faerie

You`re the type of person it`s easy to get along with. You`re mostly kind and gentle, but you have your limits – and you will fight evil in any form and always fiercely defend who or what you love. You have a nurturing personality, with plenty of care and love to give for both pets and plants. You`re a creative person who enjoy working with their hands. People are drawn to you because they know you are easy to talk to, and would never deny anyone help if they asked for it. If anyone can be trusted to keep a secret, it`s you. You`re not one to spread idle gossip, and would never betray those who trust you. You prefer a life that is quiet and sheltered.

Mira the Space Faerie

Nighttime is your time. You will not be found soaking up the sun at the beach, or exploring the hidden trails of the forest, your favourite activity is studying the starry night skies in your own backyard. You could point out all the constellations blindfolded, and know all the names of the planets and moons in the solar system by heart. You have a fascination for space, and dream of what it is like up there in the black.

You have a strong sense of justice, and will always help those weaker than you. Like Mira, you can be elusive, and tend to not talk about yourself much. You prefer to keep a few close friends rather than a dozen casual friendships.

Jhudora the Dark Faerie

Some people may think you`re mean, but you`re just brutally honest and straightforward. You have a mischievous streak, and tend to side with the villains in comic books and novels. You have a good imagination, even if you don`t always use it for benign ends. Your nature is demanding – you know what you want, and you don`t appreciate waiting long to get it. Your impatience combined with a dangerously short fuse won`t win you many friendships – but who needs friends anyway?

If there`s one thing you won`t tolerate, it`s people being late. You don`t appreciate having your precious time wasted. You have a wicked sense of style, you`re always fashionable – in your own way.

The Library Faerie

Reading is your passion. You believe education and knowledge are the corner stones in a happy, fulfilling life. You`re an introverted person who`s not big on idle chatter, but prefers to read and expand your horizons through the world of books. You`re intelligent, you enjoy interesting and deep discussions and your friends know they can count on you to keep their secrets or give thoughtful, reflected advice. Your quiet and gentle demeanor makes you a good and trustworthy friend.

Jhuidah the Island Faerie

When someone is being treated unfairly, you`re the first person to speak up and put a stop to it. You have a strong sense of right and wrong, and you`re not afraid to speak up against anyone who may wrong you – or anyone else close to you.

Although you may get worked up easily, you also know perfectly well how to relax and take it easy. You`re certainly not lazy, but you enjoy the comforts of life, be it good food, good friends, or just a stroll on the beach. You also have plenty of wisdom and kindness.

The Soup Faerie

If one were to sum you up in a single word, it would be generous. You`re generous with the time you spend on others, whether it`s helping out a friend or doing someone a favour. You pride yourself on hard work, and you manage to be effective while also being thorough. Laziness and sloppiness are foreign concepts to you. You have lots of kindness, and in your mind there is nothing better than giving to others and helping the less fortunate. You`re an extrovert person who always has a smile on her face.

Aethia the Battle Faerie

Not exactly the life of the party, you tend to take things quite seriously, and face challenges head on. You have no time for fun and games, you get down to business and usually leave little room for much else. You speak your mind, not caring much if you speak harsh truths that others may not want to hear. You don`t cushion the blows – verbal or otherwise. You`re a skilled fighter and can take down any opponent, whether it be in a martial arts contest or a debate. You`re strong of both mind and body. You speak your mind, and most people perceive you as stern and serious. Don`t be afraid to let people in and show them that you also have a good heart. You`re very protective, both of yourself and those you care about. For those who earn your friendship, you`ll truly be their friend until the end.

Taelia the Snow Faerie

A bit of an outsider, you`re not afraid of doing things a little differently, or breaking tradition. You don`t care what other people think of your choices, as long as you`re happy with making them. You may live in a cold environment, but your heart is far from frosty. Similarly to Illusen, you care plenty about both Neopets and petpets, and you`re always happy to offer help and protection to those who need it. You have an impatient streak, but you`re rarely unkind.

Did you find your favourite faerie on this list? Who should I have included?

Please check out my other articles, and Neomail me if you enjoyed this one and would like to see a part two with other faeries! Have a great day in Neopia!

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