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Holiday Neopets

by alienspacefairy


Oh, the moment every Neopian has been waiting for is finally approaching. Stockings are lined against the edges of the fireplace, Jazzmosis Christmas music floods the air, a large ornamented evergreen Christmas tree stands in the corner of every Neopian’s living room, and a fresh batch of cookies rest on a plate next to a glass of milk on the table. The night has come for Santa Claus to plop down the chimney and deliver gifts, bringing joy to thousands of Neopets and spreading smiles when they wake the next morning.

Santa’s been on every Neopet’s mind since the first Day of Giving, leaving less room for the other Holiday Neopets. While most focus on pleasing Mr. Claus, these Holiday Neopets are just as important because they each add their own special touch to making this Holiday truly magical.

1. The Snowman: The reason we know any Christmas carols is because the Snowman invented them. The snowman likes to dance and compete in races against other Neopets down Terror Mountain. He is a top-notch caroler who is usually seen carrying candy canes to hand out to any Neopet to brighten their Holiday spirits. He is also the one who raises the cheer of the elves and Reindorfs to keep them working. Having just one encounter with him will leave you with a grin that stretches a mile wide.

How to make your Neopet look like The Snowman: You’ll need a Snow Paint Brush to paint your Chia Snow.

Customization Tips: Now to really spruce up your Chia’s look, you’ll want to give them one of the following trinkets: a Candy Cane Staff, Basket of Holiday Biscuits, or a Lighted Holiday Staff. Backgrounds that’ll look great and complete your Chia’s look can be anything that has to do with snow, because snowmen melt in the sun. A good example for a background is the Snowy Mountain Background.

2. The Reindorf: The Reindorfs are Santa’s lovable sled carriers. They like colder climates and can be seen frolicking in herds in Happy Valley. They are very playful and enjoy participating in all types of games, especially ones that involve running, because naturally, they can run and soar very quickly. Their running and flying capabilities become incredibly handy on the night of Christmas Eve because they are the ones responsible for wielding Santa’s sleigh through the air. Without the Reindorfs, no Christmas gifts would be delivered.

How to make your Neopet look like The Reindorf: You’ll need a Christmas Paint Brush to paint either an Aisha, Gelert, Ixi, Flotsam, Mynci, or Kau.

Customization Tips: You should give your Reindorf-looking Neopet a Delightful Holiday Sled to help it along its journey, and it comes complete with presents for Santa and his Reindorfs to deliver. Another item that’ll spruce up your Neopet’s look is the Sleigh On A Rooftop background.

3. The Elves: The elves begin their work long before the holidays as theirs is a difficult and tedious task. They set up by their stations near the Advent Calendar to make all the presents, which can include assembling and painting them. They bring the broken toys to the Toy Repair Shop or discard them if they’re beyond mending. They’re also in charge of the gift-wrapping, which is challenging to do, but they are professionals. They make sure all the gifts are one hundred percent perfect and ready before they even make it onto Santa’s sleigh.

How to make your Neopet look like an elf: You’ll need a Christmas Paint Brush and either a Draik, Grarrl, Kiko, Koi, Kougra, Krawk, Moehog, Lutari, Meerca, Poogle, Quiggle, Tonu, Usul, Chia, or Xweetok

Customization Tips: Perfect backgrounds to customize them include the Gift Wrap Station and Holiday Gift Wrap Background. Also helpful trinkets for them to have would be some Fancy Wrapped Gifts or the Fancy Gift Wrap from this year’s Games Masters Challenge.

4. Donny: Whenever the elves need to fix a broken toy or plushie they bring their item to Donny. He is one of the busiest Neopets during this time of year because a lot of toys need fixing. He may look grumpy, but that’s only because he takes his job very seriously and he has a lot on his plate to make sure that all those broken gifts can be sent back to the elves in speedy seconds.

How to make your Neopet look like Donny: Just use a Red Paint Brush on a Bori or create a Red Bori

Customization Tips: A Ultra Fashionable Sack and Heavy Mallet would make your Bori appear to be almost a replica of Donny. You can add the Winter Belchy Hat too as it is a Laplander type of hat like the one Donny is wearing.

5. The Money Tree Ghost: I’m certain you’re scratching your head wondering how the Money Tree Ghost got onto this list and what he has to do with Christmas, but let me tell you, he is just as much a part of Christmas as all the other Neopets I listed. He aids the poor, and Christmas wouldn’t be complete without helping out those less fortunate than us. He may not be the most popular Neopet because he steals and is busy taking extra Neopoints from Neopians all year long to ensure the less fortunate have some Neopoints to do their gift shopping as well.

How to make your Neopet look like the Money Tree Ghost: You’ll need a Ghost Paint Brush to use on your Quiggle.

Customization Tips: The Spectral Chains will definitely add to an eerie feel for your Ghost Quiggle. Also, you may want to buy The Ghostly Gift because it comes complete with chains and looks like something the Money Tree Ghost would take to donate to the money tree. A great background to finish your customization is The Holiday Decorated Money Tree.

6. The Snow Beast: If your Neopet made the Naughty list, they’d better watch out. As well as friendly creatures, there are some very scary ones you should know about. The Snow Beast takes naughty boys and girls through the chimney on Christmas Eve, so we hope your Neopets been nice all year long.

How to make your Neopet look like The Snow Beast: If you have a Poogle, paint it with a Halloween Paint Brush

Customization Tips: The Rooftop Gargoyles background will give your Poogle a demonic feel as it stands against the other statues of monsters. You should add a Flattering Snowflake Shower since it is the Month of Giving.

8. The Tax Beast: Another less-than-friendly Neopet. During the holidays, he preys on the spoiled, rotten Neopets. If your Neopet was seen misbehaving, he will take some of their Neopoints away and steal their gifts on Christmas morning.

How to make your Neopet look like The Tax Beast: If you have a Yurble, paint it with the Halloween Paint Brush

Customization Tips: The Halloween Yurble already comes with an empty bag of Neopoints so it is prepared to steal. A good background for the Tax Beast is the Christmas Parlour Background. A trinket that is a must-have would be a Festive Bag of Gifts.

9. The Grinch: He looks like another mean character. In the past, he hated Christmas and set out with his best effort to destroy it. However, I’ve heard recently that he had a change of heart and isn’t as menacing as he looks. Whenever Santa has a sick day, it is rumored that the Grinch will fill in for him.

How to make your Neopet look like The Grinch: If you have a Skeith, paint it with a Christmas Paint Brush

Customization Tips: A background to complete your Grinch-looking Neopet’s look would be the Up On The Rooftop Background as it includes a bag of gifts for your Neopet to hand out.

9 .The Snowager: The Snowager is responsible for setting a windy gust of snow throughout Neopia during the month of Giving. Without him, there wouldn’t be any snow to play in or marvel at. He provides us with the miracle and beauty that is snow.

How to make your Neopet look like The Snowager: You’ll have to get lucky and zap your Hissi ice with the Lab Ray.

Customization Tips: A perfect background for your Ice Hissi is the Ice Caves Background because it has the Snowager peeking out from his lair. Good trinkets can include the Ice Crystal Shard Shower to give your Neopet the effect of breathing out ice.

10. The Christmas Angel: The Angel is the tune maker. She plays sweet melodies with a harp to lull the Neopets to sleep. Then, once they’re fast asleep, she sends a signal to Santa with her trumpet for him to begin his long, treacherous journey.

How to make your Neopet look like The Christmas Angel: You’ll need a Christmas Paint Brush to paint your Zafara with.

Customization Tips: A few trinkets to help accessorize this look include the Magical Floor Harp and the Autumn Trumpet. The finishing touch to master this look might be a Cold Winter Night Background.

Now you know all the characters that play roles in the Month of Gving and understand there is more to Christmas than what the eye. So instead of praising Santa alone for his works of magic keep in mind the others who have each contributed to this splendorous time. Have a happy and joyous Holiday.

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