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The Top 5 Best Desert Foods

by emilyralphy


The Lost Desert receives many more visitors than usual during the winter months. The usually scorching hot weather is typically much more bearable during that particular season. Anyone looking for a warmer place to spend the winter or just crazing a break from Terror Mountain’s freezing climate and enormous crowds should consider sampling these delicious foods on a trip to the Lost Desert.

5. Stuffed Puntec

This is a particularly refreshing snack which will help you stay hydrated thanks to the flavorful juices of the two fruits. I would recommend taking your time scooping out the filling one spoonful at a time instead of taking a huge bite straight out of this. The flavors will have already mixed thanks to the juices, so you won’t be missing out on any of the taste. You’ll also avoid accidentally pricking the roof of your mouth with those nasty spikes. Although this is a refreshing treat which is particularly welcome under the heat under the fierce noontime sun, this food is too messy to place higher on the list. Why? It can explode. Puntecs are already volatile on their own, but they usually only cause problems when they are overripe if they are on their own. However, they become exponentially more risky to handle when they are stuffed. There is only so much one fruit can take before bursting after all. On the bright side, the explosions usually just involve getting juice everywhere. You could always use these as a substitute for water balloons if you are feeling a little mischievous. Otherwise, handle them carefully.

4. Tut Trout

As you might expect, these are considered a delicacy by the locals since fish are a rare treat in the desert. Those who wish to catch them must venture into an oasis, sometimes miles from the nearest city. Even then, a particularly bad drought can render these fish nearly impossible to get. The flavor of this particular dish isn’t even anything special. It is very tender, but that’s the only thing that makes it taste different from the countless other fish in Neopia. It is a very pretty food though. Those yellow and blue stripes are very vibrant and are sure to be an eye catching addition to any table. If you are just buying a meal for yourself, you should probably skip this rather expensive desert luxury unless you have a fierce seafood craving. However, this makes an excellent gift if you are trying to make a good impression on any of the Lost Desert natives. This dish is so highly sought after that only the wealthiest elites and royalty can afford to eat it on a regular basis.

3. Dried Ummagine

This is easily one of the least impressive looking foods in the entire Lost Desert. It’s just fruit slices served in a bag for crying out loud! Don’t let that fool you though. This food is an absolute must have if you plan on venturing away from the cities for any reason. A lot of foods, particularly fruits, spoil very easily in the desert heat, even during winter. Unless you intend to live off of sand based foods for the duration of a trek of any kind out on the dunes, you’d better bring plenty of these. They keep very well and can last for upwards of a month without even starting to go bad. This can really come in handy if you are ever caught in a sandstorm and forced to stay put. Other provisions might last you a day or two, but these will stay edible until long after the danger has passed. If you can only afford a few of these, you can make them last even longer by just chewing on them. They are tough enough for each piece to keep you busy for quite a while if you want to take your time eating them. Aside from all of these practical traits, these are also very sweet. That’s quite rare for a food that can last for so long. As such, this can also serve as your dessert or a delicious snack whether or not you are traveling.

2. Cheops Soup

Most of you probably think I’m a little nuts for including a hot, spicy soup on a list about the best foods in the Lost Desert. Who in their right mind would want anything hot to eat in a desert? Anyone who knows what it’s like in the Lost Desert at night, that’s who. It’s cold, really cold. As in, Terror Mountain levels of cold. As soon as the sun goes down, the temperature plummets. Unless you eat dinner early, that means you’re going to want to have something to warm you up. Not only will this soup help keep the chills away, but its spiciness with also clear out your sinuses. The berries add a surprisingly nice element to it. They have a sweet cherry like taste which contrasts nicely with the rest of the soup. Do note that the leaves are in fact poisonous though. Don’t worry, they don’t make this dish dangerous. The leaves are just there for decoration and will only be a problem if you eat them directly. The only problem with this otherwise amazing meal is that it is spicy enough to make you chug down the nearest cup of water. Normally, that would be fine, but water is scarce in the Lost Desert. You could always cool off your taste buds with one of the local fruits. I would still recommend sticking to small servings of this soup though, at least at first. The more often you eat this, the more spiciness you will be able to handle without begging Coltzan for mercy and diving for the nearest beverage.

1. Coltzans Shrine Ice Cream Cone

Speaking of Coltzan, this wonderful dessert is the best way to beat the desert heat. One could even say that it is the official Lost Dessert. Wow, that was a bad pun. Anyway, this really is the most delicious treat the Lost Desert has to offer. Most of the ice cream is lemon flavored. It is only mildly sour and it also has plenty of sweetness to keep your lips from puckering. To sweeten the deal, this scrumptious cone is topped with a generous drizzling of chocolate sauce. The most impressive thing about this dessert is its shape. Most ice cream is served as a boring old scoop, but this ice cream has been masterfully crafted to resemble an amazing monument. As if that wasn’t cool enough, it also has elegant hieroglyphics on it made of butterscotch flavored ice cream. Worried about your dessert melting into a puddle? Rest assured that the large cone will be able to catch all of the drippings. Surprisingly, you shouldn’t need to worry about that at all if you eat this at a regular pace. This is a special kind of ice cream that was developed to withstand the desert’s heat for longer than any other type of ice cream. Hey, I’m not surprised, especially since they got it to stay in such a gorgeous shape.

When you visit the Lost Desert, please remember to prepare for the area’s generally hot and dry weather, even during winter. These delicious foods will be sure to keep you nice and full, but it would also be a good idea to drink plenty of water while you’re there. Also, don’t be afraid to try foods that aren’t on this list. The Lost Desert is home to many exotic and tasty treats. Don’t just take my word for it. Ask the locals which vendors sell the freshest fruits, where you should go to get the most unusual dishes, and which stores offer the best bargains. Who knows, maybe they’ll even teach you how to make a few of the desert’s delicacies yourself.

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