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10 of the Best Petpets You Didn’t Know Existed

by gameboyknight


Picking out your pet’s best buddy (well, second best compared to you!) is an important task, and none to take too lightly. This is especially true if you’re interested in attaching a petpetpet, which will disappear once attached if you detach the petpet. No point in spending all of that dough if you fall out of love with the petpet you chose! In a world full to the brim of Faellies, Wherfies, Babaas, and Meepits, you might be wondering how much more is out there. Well, I’m here to tell you that there are tons of petpets that need loving pet buddies! In fact, here are SO many petpets in Neopia that it can be hard to keep track of them all, especially those that cannot be painted; they tend to fall by the wayside quite often. So, I’m here to point out ten of the best petpets you either didn’t know about or simply forgot about. And the best part is, (almost) none of will break the bank!

10. Taigar

The first petpet on our list is a little tufty cool cat called a Taigar, complete with a versatile color palette that is bound to match boundless customizations! Taigars, from Geraptiku, are both cute and ferocious! They can be painted other basic colors too, so they’re a versatile and relatively uncommon petpet.

9. Xepru

Xeprues are one a few Robot petpets that don’t look robotic at all! While they do have fabulous mismatched antennae, they are more alien than robotic – can’t miss that extra set of legs! Still, Xeprues match all sorts of pets since they have animalistic features as well. Plus, they’re totally adorable.

8. Albot

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s... both? When we have finally picked out the perfect petpet, we go to Shop Wizard or Trading Post and buy it outright. Well, what if I told you that you could build your own petpet?! If you head over to Tangor’s Workshop, you can put together some scrap pieces as a recipe for some adorable petpets, including this little guy, the Albot. It’s a great alternative to some of the silver-based robot pets, and surprisingly matches lots of colors such as Woodland and Chocolate pets.

7. Ombat

Geraptiku is on a roll when it comes to producing some of the neater, more unknown petpets – this time with the Ombat! Fluffy yet clawed, this tiny beast is super versatile and is bound to match nearly any fur-based Neopet! On the cuter side of this list, I’d recommend the Ombat as a non-conventional choice for Baby pets!

6. Belonthiss

Since there are tons of water-based pet colours out there from Maraquan to Water to Maractite – and don’t forget species-wise like Flotsams and Jetsams! – I would be remiss not to include a neat underwater petpet. The Belonthiss is a ferocious sea-dweller, but it is made up of some of the prettiest colors in Neopia. It’s got feathery fins and a pinkish underbelly but also a tough jaw and what might be a sharp set of teeth underneath – but I don’t want to be the one to find out!

5. Pickulsaur

What is this? Only a petpet based on the best food in the world: pickles! There is a reason this petpet is a little more pricey and rare than others – it’s just that awesome. Lumpy, soft, and smelling a bit like dill (I assume), this cute little fella would make a great – not to mention delicious – friend to some of the food-based pets in Neopia like the Fruit and Veggie Chias or Chocolate pets! Never heard of chocolate and pickles!? I highly recommend you try Chocolate Ice Cream with Pickle Syrup – then you’ll be on my side, trust me.

4. Quintilc

There are many ways to match a petpet with your pet, and one way is through the customization bringing petpet and pet together thematically. The Quintilc would be perfect for that method, even beyond the obvious Shenkuu route! It’s super unique since it appears to be made from a paper opposed to fur and bones, so people are bound to go, “Wow!” when they see it!

3. Bat Boy

Like the Pickulsaur, the Bat Boy is retired, so it’s on the pricier side. That being said, this mega-unique petpet makes the perfect companion to your pet! Bat Boys are just the perfect combination of sweet and spooky. Plus, your pet will already be used to having a human buddy – you! – so why not give it another little human-esque dude or dudette to play with?

2. Xampher

To keep up with the Bat Boy’s spooky yet sweet aesthetic, we have another with the Xampher, a fluffy yet fanged ball of fun that is actually awarded by playing Snow Roller. While he may be tougher to obtain than a petpet you can buy at the store, your pet will have a blast going on an adventure to finally obtain his or her own petpet. Especially when it’s this unique!

1. Quilin

When you make a list such as this one, readers do one of two things: they read and read impatiently until they finally get to #1, or they immediately scroll to the end of the list because they simply can’t wait! As your author, I know that the #1 petpet on this list needs to be the most legendary one out there: the coolest, the prettiest, the most colorful, the most versatile, the best there is! Luckily, Fanciful Fauna offers up the Quilin, a super majestic beast of a petpet that is bound is impress your pet. Its golden horns and magnificent ocean-blue mane make it one of the most epic pets in Neopia. It matches a huge variety of pets from Water to Royal to Robot to Maractite, and so many potential customizations that the possibilities are endless! Of course, due to its epic nature, it will cost a somewhat-pretty penny, but look at this thing: it’ll definitely be worth it!

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