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Spreading The Christmas Spirit

by krispykritter6


It’s that time of year when everyone in Neopia is rushing around in preparation for their Christmas celebrations. Do we even stop to think about what Christmas Spirit really is? It is so easy to get caught up in making our Christmas lists and thinking about what material items we want to receive. Let’s not forget the true meaning of Christmas which is giving and spreading love.

If you are like many Neopians, you may have been so fortunate over the course of your Neolife to accumulate some assets and neopoints along the way. Remember what it was like when you first discovered Neopia and struggled to even feed your Neopet? Now that you are in the position to do so, you could consider giving back to those in need. Donating doesn’t even have to cost you anything – you can also volunteer your time to a good cause.

Lasting Christmas memories are built upon generous deeds and spreading holiday cheer. In the spirit of giving, here are some different ways you can help the less fortunate in Neopia:

    1. Donate NP to the Money Tree. You can donate between 1-5000nps, so give whatever is comfortable for your budget. Hopefully someone less fortunate ends up receiving them and it helps to improve their Neolife. This donation also helps the Soup Kitchen (who you can’t donate to directly), as they rely on the Money Tree for donations to keep the soup flowing and kitchen running.

2. Spend some time on the Neoboard Help Forum and try to answer people’s questions. They ask about all kinds of different things, so jump in wherever you know the answer. Also help people on the Games Forum who have questions about games they are playing and having trouble with. Commit yourself to an hour a week, or whatever you can spare, and stick with it.

3. Charity Corner. This may not be available again this year, but I wanted to include this on the list so you remember to participate the next time it takes place. You can donate neopoints or Neocash items to those in need. There has even been an Adopt-A-Neopian feature in past events where you learn about the Neopian that you are helping, which makes it even more rewarding.

4. There are a lot of broken toys in Neopia. Help to fix as many as you can by buying some and taking them to Donny’s Toy Repair Shop. He will have them back up and running in no time, and they can go on to fulfill their toy destiny.

5. Donate wearables to the Second Hand Shoppe located in the Neopian Plaza. You can donate any item of clothing (excluding Neocash items). Search through your Safety Deposit Box and see what you have collecting dust in there that you would be willing to give. To donate, select the ‘Donate Item’ option after you click the item in your inventory.

6. You know those times when you are lucky enough to get a Faerie quest, and you are unable to use the Shop Wizard to find the item you need? Help other Neopians who are on Faerie quests by searching items for them. You can find those needing assistance on the Help Forums, as well as on the Premium Charter Forums for Premium members. You can also make your own board topic offering quest help to anyone in need.

7. Help people by viewing their Beauty Contest and Caption Contest entries and voting for your favourites. Reward the hard work that they put into their creations by helping them to achieve recognition. You will find Neopians advertising their submissions on the Neoboards (in the Art Forum), or you can just browse through all entries on the main Beauty Contest page and Caption Contest pages to pick out your favourites.

8. Give gifts to your closest neofriends. Don’t focus on spending a lot of neopoints - buy something thoughtful that comes from the heart.

9. We’ve all been to Tombola at a time where it has run out of prizes and needed donations to buy new ones (and at some point we’ve all left without donating, come on, admit it!). If this happens any time that you are there, donate neopoints to help the cause. Your contribution will help get it back up and running quicker, giving more prizes to your fellow Neopians.

10. Foster a neopet. If you have less than four Neopets, you can adopt a Neopet in need from the pound. Although you may not want to keep them forever, you can at least give one a place to live for a little while. Feed it well, try to improve its stats, and keep it really happy before you have to let it go.

11. Read the Neopian Times. People work really hard on their entries and their stuff deserves to be read. The comics can be really funny, the articles can be very informative, and the stories can be fun to read. Don’t forget to check out the editorial too – the NT editor works really hard to put it all together, so it’s nice to hear what she has to say!

12. There are a lot of businesses in Neopia that employ various Neopets. Without them, these businesses could not survive. You can help by searching with your pet for jobs in Faerieland at the Employment Agency and completing them to help these Neopian companies.

13. Donate items in your inventory to the Money Tree. Neopians that are less fortunate than yourself may end up getting these items and it could mean a lot to them. Work within your budget and give what you can afford. Food items would be nice, as you know they will ultimately be used to feed a lucky Neopet.

14. A little bit of kindness can really make someone’s day. Make an effort to be extra nice to everyone. Pay compliments to your fellow Neopians wherever possible. Encourage others to pay it forward.

15. If you happen to notice that Tarla is active while wandering around Neopia, take the time to let others know by posting the link on the Neoboards. This will allow more Neopians to take advantage of her visit and potentially receive a great item as a reward because of you. Your effort will be greatly appreciated!

16. Help people with their avatar collecting. If you happen to come across someone who is saving for the Packrat avatar – why not send a few junk items their way to help them out? Or maybe you happen to have an avatar painted pet, such as any Pink pet, that you can lend someone who needs it (through the proper channels and with caution of course).

17. Spend some quality time with your neofriends. How about collaborating with a friend on a comic or story for the Neopian Times? If that’s not for you, why not message an old neofriend that you haven’t talked to in a while to say hello and wish them well? I’m sure it would bring a smile to anyone’s face to hear from an old friend, especially at Christmas.

    Making the holidays about other people will be more fulfilling than anything you could ever imagine. The feeling of helping someone less fortunate is something that will never be matched by any material gift you could receive. The true spirit of Christmas is a spirit of giving, and there is no better feeling in the world.

Always remember that Christmas is not about what you have, but what you can give. With one small gesture, you can truly make a difference in someone’s Neolife. Also remember that it doesn’t have to be Christmas to do nice things like this. Hopefully you carry this forward into the New Year and help as many Neopians as you can whenever possible. You will be rewarded with the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve helped make Neopia a better place.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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