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20 Things To Do this Month of Celebrating

by milestrong


The Month of Celebrating approaches and with it comes a warm (or cold!) atmosphere between fellow Neopians, followed by several activities of merrymaking and gift-giving. This is the time of the year to sit back and enjoy a warm cup of borovan as you listen to different Neopets singing soothing songs, and it is also the time to be going out and chucking snowballs at your friends!

There are just so many things to do all month long, so I've decided to create a list to help you and your friends make the absolute most out of this merry month. You can choose to do one activity per day, do everything in one go, or do everything again and again every day!

1) Go Shopping

Whether or not you already did some shopping in the previous weeks is irrelevant. Nothing beats going to a store during the holidays (alone, or with friends) and buying that shirt you've always wanted! (Or just staring, if you don't have enough neopoints yet!)

2) Have a snowball fight

It doesn't matter if you're young or old, snowball fights will always, always be fun. Who doesn't love pelting their friends with giant balls of snow? Be careful for the counterattack though!

3) Build a snow fortress

It's one thing to build a fort out of mattresses and pillows. It's a whole different thing when you build a grand castle made of solid ice that leaves your friends in awe. This will also help you gain a huge advantage is those snowball fights.

4) Go Ice Skating

The skating rink in Happy Valley is always available to all pets, and if you've never ice skated before, now's the perfect time to learn! Just be careful not to hit the other Neopets... or that tree.

5) Get some Ice Cream

You may be thinking, "Ice Cream? During the winter?", but have you actually tried it yet? There's a reason there's an Ice Cream cart in Happy Valley, and it's not the abundance of snow or ice.

6) Buy a scratchcard!

Feeling lucky? If so, why not head on over to the Scratchcard Kiosk and see if you can win anything. Who knows, you just might hit the jackpot?

7) Explore the Ice Caves!

With a friend, of course. Venturing alone can be dangerous, but also more thrilling at the same time! If you are scared or inexperienced, you can always ask Hannah the adventurer to help guide you.

8) Go caroling

Ask your friends to tag along and go walk the streets of Neopia while singing fun songs! Watch as the different citizens look upon you and smile with glee, and maybe even join you in your singing!

9) Visit your relatives

Whether you see them everyday or only have a few chances in a year to be with them, now is as good a time as any to be spending some precious moments with your beloved family.

10) Have some borovan

The weather can get really cold during this month. Keep warm with a nice steaming cup of borovan or coffee, and maybe even have a few marshmallows while you're at it. Yum!

11) Donate some old toys

Remember that there are some less fortunate Neopians out there who can't afford their own toys. Help spread the cheer by donating some of the ones that you don't use anymore. They're sure to bring smiles wherever they arrive.

12) Read a book

If you haven't had time all year to do some reading, well here's your chance. Grab your favorite novel (or comic) and sit down comfortably by the fireplace. Nothing beats reading something new!

13) Climb to the top of Terror Mountain

It's tiring and difficult, but it will all be worth it in the end. The view you get when you're at the top is simply breathtaking. Imagine looking at most of Neopia and seeing all the different lands all at once. Hey, you can even see your house from here!

14) Go skiing

The snowy holidays wouldn't be complete if you didn't ski down a slope at least once! Even if you've never did it before, it's quite simple to learn and you'll be sliding down the mountainside in no time!

15) Visit the Snowager

He'll be sleeping all month long, so you might think this is your perfect opportunity to try and take some his treasure, right? Well, why not try something different this year? Instead of taking something from him, leave him a gift. When he sees it after his slumber, who knows, he might stop blasting you the next time he sees you.

16) Go on a quest for Tarla

You might be thinking that it's a drag to do something for someone else, especially when you could be doing something more exciting instead, but where's the harm in doing a little favor for the Snow Faerie? Who knows, she might just give you a really cool present in return!

17) Buy a wintery petpet

That Abominable Snowball is just sooooo cute! You know you just have to have one. Or maybe four. Be sure to take care of them afterwards as each petpet is a big responsibility!

18) Invite your friends over

With all this playing around outside, it's nice to take a step back and relax within the comforts of your own neohome. Make even more fun memories by calling your friends: it's never dull when you've got friends around.

19) Help out in the Soup Kitchen

This is a busy time of the year for the Soup Faerie, and she could use a few extra hands. Help spread the cheer by giving soup to the Neopians who really need it, and see their faces light up as they fill their bellies with some tasty broths prepared by the delightful Soup Faerie.

20) Give gifts to EVERYONE

The Month of Celebrating just isn't complete without giving gifts to all of your friends, neighbors, and even random strangers! From the time you buy something from a shop, all the way until you finish wrapping it and are now ready to give it, gift-giving is a truly magical process that makes both the giver and receiver feel pretty good no matter what items were given out.

That about wraps it up for all my suggestions, though there are a million other things you can do! Happy holidays and have a fun Month of Celebrating :)

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