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Advent Calendar - The Items Worth Keeping!

by notmylife


During the Month of Celebrating, Happy Valley hosts a festive advent calendar where Neopians and Neopets alike can visit and receive free gifts daily. The tradition has been running for over a decade and has released hundreds of unique items into the Neopian economy ranging from petpets to plushies to food to books and beyond!

Even though thousands of each item has been distributed to the community over the years - a handful of items have appreciated in value and now cost a pretty Neopoint. With the help of the Super Shop Wiz, we’ve scoured through the records and have listed the top ten most prized and expensive items of the calendar’s past.

#1: Rod of Supernova - Released Every Year - Unknown Price

The Rod of Supernova tops the list as the most expensive item given out by the Advent Calendar. The exact price is unknown as the pesky Pant Devil swoops in every time and steals the item before it makes its way to a Neopian’s inventory.

#2: Snowbunny - Released Y4 - Approx. 350,000 NP

As one of the most beloved Terror Mountain petpets - sitting alongside Candychan, White Ona, and Snicklebeast - the Snowbunny was released during the Y4 Advent Calendar and ranks as the most expensive, obtainable Advent Calendar item. Not only is it cute and limited, but also appeals beyond the petpet community to avatar collectors.

#3: Ring of Sloth Stamp - Released Y5 - Approx. 125,000 NP

The Ring of Sloth Stamp is both the most expensive stamp that the Advent Calendar has given out, but also the only stamp in the Battledome Album that is retired. Its unique circumstance, similar to following Kreludan Christmas Carols, continues to increase its demand as its supply diminishes.

#4: Kreludan Christmas Carols - Released Y6 - Approx 100,000 NP

Books are very common as Advent Calendar offerings, but the Kreludan Christmas Carols book is categorized as a Booktastic Book instead of the usual Magical Bookshop listing. It is believed that the limited number of Booktastic Books and the fact that the Kreludan Christmas Carols is one of a few of them that are retired has pushed the price of this book above the dozens of others that the Advent Calendar has given out. That said - this is both an advent calendar anomaly as well as an opportunity for collectors and traders as this book is sure to continue to increase in value as every book counts for the Booktastic pet trophies!

#5: Amazing Crackers - Released Y5 - Approx. 50,000 to 250,000 NP

Neopians that visited the Advent Calendar on December 29 in Year 5 were given an Ornate Grand Piano and one of the following crackers: Amazing Usul Cracker, Amazing Lenny Cracker, Amazing Draik Cracker, Amazing Kiko Cracker. Once popped, each cracker will distribute one rare balloon, one crown, and one toy. The cracker tradition was not stopped here, and the Darigan Eyrie Cracker was given out during the Y7 Advent Calendar.

#6: Year 5 Stamp - Released Y4 - Approx 55,000 NP

Given out in Year 4, the Year 5 Stamp celebrates the year ahead, and its retired status has made a desired item among stamp collectors. Its price has fluctuated over the years, but currently has leveled out around 55,000 NP on the Super Shop Wiz. Compared to other retired and limited release stamps, its value appreciated very slowly over the decade since its release.

#7: Seasonal Stamp - Released Y5 - Approx. 50,000 NP

Similar to the Year 5 Stamp, the triangular Seasonal Stamp can be placed in the Neopia Central Stamp Album. And while both stamps had limited releases, and are currently retired, the price of the two of them are fractions of a few Neopia Central stamps that had limited releases like the Midnight Jelly World Stamp and the Petpets Stamp, which were both given out as Lenny Conundrum prizes. That said - the prize pool for the latter stamps was limited to 250 and the exact figure for the Seasonal Stamp is unknown but presumably much higher.

#8: Sack of Goodies - Released Y15 - Approx. 40,000 NP

Sack of Goodies is one of the fastest Advent Calendar items to rise in value. The sack was given out on December 25 in Y15 and has already made this list. As its name implies - the bag contains a few goodies - three random r80 or less toys, to be exact. There is much speculation about its price, but it gives hope for the upcoming years to appreciate and gain value within a year of its distribution!

#9: Seasonal Evil Coconut - Released Y6 - Approx. 40,000 NP

Given out in Y6, the Seasonal Evil Coconut festively wears a fluffy and plush-rimmed red hat and is one of a few coconuts that cannot be obtained by playing Coconut Shy in the Deserted Fairgrounds. Surprisingly, and despite its limited release, this coconut remains a bargain compared to the rest of the collection.

#10: Snow Petpet Paint Brush - Released Y5 - Approx. 25,000 NP

The Snow Petpet Paint Brush is only the paint brush to make the list, and it had a limited release. On December 13 in Y5, Neopians that visited the Advent Calendar in the morning were given the paintbrush. The paint brush was replaced by the Snowbunny (TCG) for afternoon visitors. The trading card, however, did not age as well and currently sells at less than a tenth of the price of the petpet paint brush. A few other petite paint brushes have also been given out over the years but the snow color seems to be a favorite - likely because of its seasonal appeal!


And, of course - these prices are relative to the time of publication - Y16! - and are sure to continue to increase in price as the supply decreases. Most of the items listed above were given out a decade ago. That is reason enough to believe that in another few years that several other items released in subsequent years are sure to gain value and likely place on this list.

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