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Ten Trophies to Try for When the high Score Tables Reset

by goldensif


Whether you're a collector and hoping to add a few new trophies to your collection or you are just wanting to improve your account with a few extras, these eight games should always be on your to do list each reset (if you have not already won them).

If you have already ventured into asking about easy game trophies it is more than likely you'll have been directed to the non-flash games like Pyramids and Cellblock or the exceptional eight where a max score will automatically deliver a shiny, gold trophy.

This guide is for games which you will need to place within the top 17 to receive a trophy, however at reset they are quite neglected it seems, so with a little effort and perhaps patience you'll soon be seeing your name up there.

As with every individual reset the needed score will alter but ultimately on the first day, they are at the lower end.

1: Hungry Skeith.

Avatar collectors may already be familiar with this one, it seems to be a game either loved or hated and either way once achieving the avatar, may not be on too many peoples favourites list.

The game starts off at a slow pace and only really speeds up and becomes difficult around eight to nine hundred which make the avatar score of a thousand a bit of a challenge. The good news is that on reset day you can walk away with a trophy by scoring less than the avatar score, therefore making the challenge a lot less difficult.

2: Wrath of the Snowager.

The poor Snowager only naps for three hours a day and even then he is constantly disturbed with people trying to grab some of his treasure. This game he not only blasts the intruder but also wants his treasure back from the Chia thief, chasing the Chia and returning all the treasure in the levels will get you through the game but to be earning those extra points it is far better to drive Snowy into his tail or the wall after retrieving all but one treasure in the second level. Doing this repeatedly until you are left with one or two lives and then proceeding with further levels should see you in the top 17 in no time.

3: Skies over Meridell.

There is not really too much to say about this one, shoot your opponent, try not to be hit yourself or fly into anything. With a little practice you'll be able to get past a few levels and that should be all you need.

4: Nimmo's Pond.

Leaving the pad in the centre and spinning and shooting is most people's technique (and a very successful one) to this game. There is a small luck factor with the power ups and if you have not received any yellow power ups within the first few levels you may be best starting again. As an avatar game this is considered an easy one, once the basics are mastered and if you can get the avatar, you can get a trophy come reset.

5: Legends of Pinball.

The key to this game is making sure you stay on each level for as long as possible and upping your score along the way. However each guard is far too easy to hit until the last level and you could see yourself flying through the early levels within the blink of an eye. You may have to try a few attempts but as this is a short and enjoyable game it should not try on your patience too much before you collect extra those needed extra points early on and complete the last level.

6: Mutant Graveyard of Doom II.

This can be quite time consuming as going through the levels can take time anyway but your best interest for improving your score is to have Albert flatten the various Spooky petpets and walking tombs which are the bad guys. This can take a little waiting around. Collecting all the food will further you to the next level so try not to collect too many before taking out the bad guys as you do not want to be accidentally taken to the next level too soon.

7: S.M.E.L.T.

S. M. E. L. T. can actually be a little more competitive at reset than the previously mentioned games but I thought it should be suggested as you do not have a certain amount of lives or attempts, therefore your own patience really is the limit. I am not implying in any way you are to put your mental health at risk trying to get a trophy, you can however take as long as you need and breaks if you want to.

8: Never Ending Boss Battle.

The Never ending boss battle does tend to end but there are two very helpful ways of preventing this for as long as possible, with the use of two power ups. The first and best is the shield, this makes you completely immune whilst active and this is a good time to shoot directly at the ship, facing its front. The other useful power up is the warp one. This also makes you immune but carries the annoying added side effect of transporting you somewhere else whenever you are hit, however it is a useful one to hold onto whilst waiting for a possible shield power up. When having none of these power ups active it is best to try and hide behind the ship as much as possible, collecting the power ups in hope of a shield or warp being released, make sure you are constantly shooting at all time. The best thing about this game is when you lose a life you are given a shield automatically at the start of the next one.

9: Petpet battles.

The main thing this game requires is time and patience and of course a petpet. I'd recommend having the petpets level at three or four to save (a little) time. To gain any points in this game and make a dent on the high score table, a petpet must fight (and win) ten battles. Whenever you lose a round a point is taken, whenever you win, one is added. There is not a lot of choice in what the petpet can do either, it really is just a matter of clicking and clicking.

10: Duelling Decks.

Be prepared to spend a little time playing this one. There is an element of luck but it is essentially, an easy game none of the less. Play on hard and try your best to ensure the game is carried on for as long as possible to gain the highest score possible. When Zenco is down to his last five cards, use your lowest attribute to allow him to win some back but not enough to put you in danger of losing, you can use your wild card when you are running low on cards but I suggest not bothering until your score is high enough.

Bonus Two

(If you can get them to work)

Frumball and TROTRODS.

I'd suggest using Safari, if you get these games to load and send score, you have no excuse for not trying. Sometimes simply sending a score is enough.

I hope somebody will have found this guide of some help and merry trophy hunting to all.

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