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Perfect Pairs: Top Ten Tea and Cake Combinations

by pepper_imp


Every Neopian knows there’s nothing quite like a good cup of tea to soothe your soul after a long, hard day at work. Add a cupcake, or a buttercream-smothered slice from the local bakery and you’re all set for an evening of rest and relaxation for you and your Neopets. But how does one choose one’s evening indulgences, faced with such an abundance of flavours, styles and brands? So many vendors, each selling their wares; so many conflicting cravings! The struggle is real, Neopia, but fear not. This article is here to save you from such a torturous choice. To you we hereby present … the official Top Ten tea and cake combinations in all of Neopia.

1. Autumn Herbal Tea with a Fall Sprinkle Cupcake

Celebrate everyone’s favourite season (Autumn IS everyone’s favourite season, right? ... RIGHT?) with this delightfully autumnal affair. The gorgeous blend of fall spices in the Autumn Herbal Tea – don’t worry, they did include pumpkin – is the perfect complement to the warming cinnamon undertone of the Fall Sprinkle Cupcake.

2. Chokato Bubble Tea with a Uni Chokato Cake

These sweet treats are perfect for a hazy summer’s day. The cool, refreshing herbal tea with its delicious chokato-flavoured bubbles is great to wash down the double-layered creamy goodness of the Uni Chokato Cake. And who doesn’t love Chokatos? A tomato and chocolate vegetable (yes, that is what a Chokato is – who knew), dressing a cake and flavouring a tea? The world is a strange and delicious place.

3. Elegant Cup of Tea with a Rose Cake

What is in a name? Sheer elegance and delight, is what! The very names of the tea and cake featured in this truly outstanding combination ring of affluence, eloquence and class. The crisp white china, the traditional brew, the ornate design of all that delightful pink fondant… If you and your pets are the crème de la crème of Neopian society, this truly is a winning combination.

4. Ginger Green Tea with a Rhubarb Cheesecake

Well, if that Quiggle from the Organic Foods Shop hasn’t already handed you one of his 16+ leaflets lauding the great benefits of green tea as part of a balanced, healthy diet, let me be the one to inform you: green tea is the bees knees of tea. It’s all the rage in the Neopian fashion world (just ask that faboo uni) and this subtle twist on the old classic is quite charming. The spicy kick the ginger gives the tea is complemented by the zesty rhubarb cheesecake – a traditional Neopian favourite. Rhubarb and ginger are an age-old flavour combo, so what are you waiting for?

5. Iced Papaya Tea with a Uni Orange Cake

Yes, it’s true – all the best cakes are shaped like unis. Perhaps the baker has a muse… Anyway, this delightfully fruity orange cake is the epitome of diligent decorating, and its citrusy tang is made all the more poignant when washed down with a nice cool glass of Iced Papaya Tea. A truly exotic combination, perfect for a summer evening or just for imagining yourself on holiday while you casually ignore the sound of pounding rain on your windows. Cake escapism is a big thing, you know.

6. Illusen Tea with an Illusen Classic Combo

Celebrate everyone’s favourite faerie with a delicious, earthy tea and cake combination. The kitsch teacup comes adorned with a cute little acorn, and the tea truly is magical – leaving one feeling at peace with the world, and strangely inclined to head to Meridell and do some good deeds for Illusen herself. If you can fight your sudden urge to quest long enough to enjoy the ‘peanut butter and jelly’ equivalent of Illusen’s Classic Combo, you won’t regret it!

7. Tetraberry Tea with a Space Faerie Cupcake

Another faerie favourite, but this time with an out-of-this-world edge. Rumour has it the cupcake contains real stardust – something this author was unable to verify, though the cupcake did taste suspiciously like glitter. The new-age Tetraberry Tea is quite the intergalactic phenomenon. Have a cup before bed and you can watch it glow in the dark – and pretend you’re drinking the galaxy (or, just another cup full of glitter… *cough*)

8. Exquisite Cup of Tea with a Deluxe Strawberry Usul Cake

The presentation of this combination is truly immaculate, and its flavours testify to its position as a staunch favourite amongst Neopians. The tea itself takes the traditional blend as its base, but the addition of a subtle collection of spices and herbs makes it quite the complement to the delicious rose and lemon flavours present in the extravagant cake baked for Usul Day. Indeed, the cake saw such popularity it is still being made by enthusiastic bakers around Neopia!

9. Hibiscus Tea with a Watermelon Cupcake

Do you routinely visit Mystery Island in search of soul satisfying life experiences on the beach? Do you often take your pets to the Island Mystic in search of the greater meaning of life? Do you struggle to maintain your new spiritual image in the face of that slice of probably-made-by-an-evil-corporation chocolate cake? Well, here is your answer. The Hibiscus Tea assures you of its healthiness and in drinking it, you are almost certainly soothing your troubled soul. And it goes so nicely with a tasty bite of a Watermelon Cupcake – and since watermelons are 90% water, it’s not going to do any harm now, is it?

10. Jasmine Tea with a Heart Wafflecake

This combo is the perfect fit for a cold evening, curled up reading a good book by the fireplace. Jasmine tea is subtle and soothing, while the heartiness of a warm, buttery waffle simply cannot be beaten on a cooler winter’s night. The wafting smell can attract sometimes unwanted visitors from around the neighbourhood – so make sure to make extra, just in case!

Now you know the Top Ten tea & cake combinations from across Neopia, you should have no problem finding your perfect accompaniments to an evening in with your Neopets!

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