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Unique Spooky Foods

by zahjar2


Everyone's familiar with Spooky Foods - the spookiest, most peculiar and disturbing foods of them all. (A lot of them are Gourmet Foods, believe it or not... The shopkeeper must have bribed a Gourmet Club official, if you ask me.) But some Spooky Foods are more unique than others. Sure, gummy rats are spooky, but there are three different kinds. Not very unique, right? And I couldn't tell you how many of those foods come from ghosts... Those aren't very special either. No, here I'll show you the strangest, spookiest, most unique foods ever to come out of the Haunted Woods. Ready? Here we go.

1. Cannibalistic Pumpkin

You've seen a pumpkin get eaten, but have you ever seen a pumpkin eat? Well, put those two things together and you get the Cannibalistic Pumpkin. The pumpkin is hungry... and it wants pumpkins! Don't put it in the same place as any of your other pumpkins, otherwise you might be missing something when you check back in with them. Maybe get some pineapples instead of pumpkins?

2. Haunted Salad

As you can see, this salad looks a little... odd. In fact, the scariest thing about it isn't the fact that there are ghosts, or the tomato on top, it's the image quality. Leave it to an Artists' Day Off to bring us this monstrosity. (I don't have much room to talk, though... It's probably better than anything I could put together.)

3. Bone-Chilling Bacon

Quite possibly the most delicious food you'll ever see in the Haunted Woods. Bacon is wonderful, no matter how ghostly it is. I wouldn't eat a ghostly apple, but this bacon is perfect (I mean, it's bacon! How much more perfect can you get?). I might just have to buy some once I finish writing this. You're welcome to join me if you'd like.

4. Pumpkin Pie

The classic dessert, Pumpkin Pie. You might be saying to yourself, "That's not very spooky." And to that I say, you're right! It's not. That's what makes it special - it's the least spooky Spooky Food. No ghosts, no... questionable ingredients; it tells you in the name what it's made of. Pumpkins and pie ingredients. Also, with a rarity of 1, it's technically the least rare item in the whole game. You know what that means: pie for everyone!

5. Giant Tub of Ice Cream

Have you ever eaten some ice cream, one, two, three or even four cones, and said, "I'm still hungry"? Well, this is the thing for you. Enchanted by Hubrid Nox himself, this tub of ice cream is as big as two Draiks. If you're still hungry after eating this, I don't know what to say... other than, "Try eating another one? A few more?"

6. Disturbing Gelatin

This peculiar food is similar to Pumpkin Pie in just one way: they're both aptly named. This is gelatin, and in case you haven't noticed, it's disturbing. (You probably have noticed, though - how couldn't you have?) But still, gelatin is tasty - looks can be deceiving, you know. Maybe it's more delicious than the Bone-Chilling Bacon.

No, sorry, that's impossible. Nothing's better than bacon.

7. The Stuff

This thing (I don't want to call it food) wins the award for most ominous name of a Spooky Food. It's not The Cake, it's not The Pumpkin Pie... It's The Stuff. It doubles in size every day; if no one eats it, Neopia might one day be covered with The Stuff. Unfortunately, it doesn't taste very good, otherwise we would have gotten rid of it by now. Eat it at your own risk, of course (I feel like this should apply to everything on this list... Who knows what might be dangerous?).

8. Deep Fried Ghosts

I'm sorry to include a ghost item in this list - there are so many of them - but this was one too good to leave out. Fried ghosts - how can you get such high-quality stuff? Here's my theory: the Spooky Foods shopkeeper buys ghosts from the Ghoul Catchers, fries them, and sells them as gourmet for a big profit. But hey, that's just a theory... Maybe he catches them himself.

9. Mouldy Cheese

Now here's a food that'll be sure to make gourmet eaters come running. Is there anything more exquisite than an aged cheese? The answer is yes. Yes, there is, when age has infected that cheese. I know I wouldn't want to eat mould with my cheese. They're better separately (or maybe just don't eat the mould at all? It's your choice).

10. Edible Plushie

Now, here's something different. There are a few plushies that look edible, but they're not. Have you ever seen a food that looked like a plushie? No, because this is the one and only. There might be a little bit of stuffing mixed in, but that's just to add a little realism. After all, who wouldn't want to feel like they're eating a plushie, without the hassle of actually eating one?

11. Spooky Jelly Brains

Mmm, mmm, mmm . Nothing like a plate of delicious jelly brains to wake you up in the morning. They were even made to seem like a plate of real brains! Aside from being delicious, this happens to be the most expensive Spooky Food you'll ever see. Is it worth the eating experience? That’s simple: food is always worth the experience.

12. Roast Tentacle

We'll finish the list with something that most people will probably recognize, but unique nonetheless - Roast Tentacle. Here you see a tentacle simmering in a bowl of... something. It doesn't matter what it is as long as it's edible, right? So, hopefully it's edible. Who knows? I mean, they wouldn’t sell something dangerous for your body, right? These are from the Haunted Woods, where nothing is definitely safe.

Well, hopefully you've been enlightened when it comes to Spooky Foods. Hopefully the Gourmet Club will accept you after you've eaten a Roast Tentacle. Good luck with your eating endeavors.

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