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Goparokko Game Guide

by m0nster_rancher


Hello everyone and welcome to my guide on how to play Goparokko! In a recent survey I conducted on the Avatar Neoboards, I found that a lot of people are struggling to get the Goparokko avatar. Goparokko is an addictive, fun, yet challenging puzzle game which requires a lot of patience, perseverance, speed and quick thinking. I believe by following the many tips and pointers in this in-depth guide, you'll be showing off your avatar or trophy to your friends and of course, the Tiki Man in no time!

The basics:

When you play Goparokko, your goal is to rotate the groovy looking coloured tiles on the playing board by clicking with your mouse so they pair up into a same coloured combination.

E.g.: 4 blue tiles that are matched up in a square formation will clear from the screen and give you points. The less time it takes you to make these combinations the better. You have the choice of moving tiles by either clicking on singular tiles or groups of two. I personally prefer the first option as it is far less confusing, especially later on in the game.

There are four different types of tiles in the game. Here is a brief explanation of them.

Dynamite Tile :When the dynamite tile is included in a group of 4 tiles, all tiles on the screen of the same colour will blow up, yielding you more time and points.

Locked Tile: CLEAR THESE FIRST, AT ALL COSTS! They are always your first priority, as when there are multiple locked tiles on the playing board, you will find yourself in a situation stickier than a Doughnutfruit Cake! In other words, having multiple locked tiles on the board gives you a lot less margin for error.

Timer Tile: Make a combination with the timer tile to completely replenish your timer hourglass. Very useful after you have lost valuable time clearing a locked tile and are in need of extra seconds.

Point Multiplier Tiles: They will either appear as x2 or x4. Earlier on in the game, match these up first to get the maximum amount of points available before the speed of the game starts to ramp up.

Once you have mastered the aforementioned basics, it is a matter of being able to do those simple basics at a decent speed. Here are some fun, anonymous quotes from some people on the Avatar Chat.

'Goparokko is fun, until you get to 5,000 points' - Player with 40 unique game trophies

'Ugh, I've never played an avatar game that raises my blood pressure like Goparokko!' - Guy with 320 avatars

Don't worry people! You now have a helpful guide to end your frustrations! Hopefully these next tips of mine will restore your dwindling faith in the spectacular game of Goparokko.

Tips for getting an avatar score or a trophy:

  1. Play a couple of test runs on hard mode before attempting to get the avatar or trophy. On hard mode, the speed of the game will start to increase before not too long at all, replicating what the actual game speed will be like when you are at ~7500 points on easy mode. This is a huge timer saver, as instead of waiting for 20 minutes to get to 7000 points on easy, you can emulate the same situation on hard at only 2000 points. The more practice you have at this speed, the better you will be when the pace zaps up on easy mode.

  2. When you actually attempt to get the avatar or trophy ONLY attempt to get the avatar on easy mode! The hard mode speed is unrealistic and I believe it is there only for practice.

  3. Speaking of practice, keep practicing and practicing! I am personally terrible at games! When I first started playing Goparokko, I was averaging 1000 to 2000 points, even after my first 10 games. After playing 20 more, I was averaging 5000, and never dropping below it. A couple more later, I was on the brink of 8000, and it was absolutely disheartening. However I persevered, played again and I got 12000 without breaking a sweat. Fortunately, it is one of those games you can get good at by practicing.

  4. DO NOT look at the clock, and also DO NOT look at your score! They will only lapse your concentration and lose you valuable seconds. Get a piece of coloured paper and stick it to the side of your computer screen if need be. You will know when you have an avatar score, trust me.

  5. Don't panic once the game screen changes from one colour theme to another. This can make your clicking sedentary.

  6. This game is all about APM (actions per minute), do NOT stop clicking, and try to make every click count. Keep making combos, any idle time in which you aren't making combos is going to hurt your timer. You want to be consistently making combinations, don't play catch up Goparokko! Always be one step ahead.

  7. While you are rotating tiles to finish a combination, use your peripheral vision to spot other combos on the screen so you can move onto them straight away. If this isn't easy, use this simple tip. Quickly scan the board and see what colour there is the most of. I.e if there are 7 blue tiles, it will be easy to spot a fast combination as opposed to 4 green tiles.

  8. Have some good music on because you will be there awhile to get the avatar, and especially the trophy.

  9. When you feel you are approaching the avatar score, or your desired trophy score, do NOT think about what your score is. This applies to any trophy game really. Try to let your mind wander, but not your concentration, if that makes sense. Relax, and keep your clicking steady.

  10. If you spend a while playing and then don't get an ideal score, don't let it discourage you! Develop a love for the actual game of Goparokko, not the avatar or trophy, and you will go a long way.

  11. Turn off the music! The sound of that constantly chirping cuckoo bird can probably drive you cuckoo, literally. Well actually, not me. I personally love it, but if you're going for the avatar, turn it off :D

And that's all folks! I hope you all enjoyed this guide. Goparokko is a great workout for your brain, your reflexes and your spirit. I believe with just a little practice, dedication and a certain little helpful guide *wink wink* anyone can achieve the avatar and trophy.

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