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Your Evil Wishes!

by indulgences


Tis the season for spooks and scares, for tricks and treats! Now is the season for letting loose your inner monster. I hope that everyone is enjoying their October, whether they're getting their costumes ready for Halloween or buying huge bags of candy to give away to merry trick-or-treaters!

That said, I thought it would be appropriate to write an article for the Neopian Times all about the "evil" wishes we might have, wishes that we hope will come true despite their negative nature. To gather the list, I headed straight for the Neoboards and asked the players there what negative and evil wishes they had this Halloween!

One evil wish that the players have is that the Tax Beast takes away a huge chunk of their Neopoints on hand. Apparently you'll land on a high score list if he takes away enough!

Another evil wish that the players have is that their pets' moods go down. They want their pets to look morose and gloomy for the upcoming holiday, maybe even crying and suffering. I thought this was unique, and yes, extremely evil! One player said that she was willing to feed their pet a poisonous food just to make her pet look disgruntled and sick. How scary!

A huge number of players were looking forward to new "evil" items, such as spooky foods and scary wearables. I had to agree -- I love the magical and oddly sparkling way that TNT creates the gloomy and scary items on this site. For instance, the Dark Princess Superpack or the Enchanted Tale Superpack. These items are dark, exotic, and truly magical!

One player posted a suggestion that made everyone smile. He thought it would be truly evil indeed if we were able to rename our pets. Imagine the scramble as everyone sought to rename their badly named pets! Especially those pets who are unconverted! The value of unconverted pets would jump through the roof, and might be impossible to trade for (except for another unconverted pet). How evil!

One player made me laugh out loud. How evil would it be if Transmogrification Potions were given out willy-nilly by Sloth on Halloween? Their value would go down so much, which spells doom for people who are already trying to sell their own potions.

One person's suggestion, which I hope does NOT come to pass, is that there be an avatar for converting an unconverted pet. I thought this idea was depressing and scary, but for the sake of completeness, I'm including it in this article! I'm sure that this person is not the only one who has this crazy idea. I've seen it mentioned several times on the Pound Neoboard.

Several players suggested that TNT make new avatars that celebrate the negative Random Events on this site. Sloth, for instance, is a sinister character who occasionally visits players' inventories, zapping random items into sludge. He's so scary that I never have anything in my inventory -- everything goes straight into my Shop or Safety Deposit Box instead. How cool would it be if we could get an avatar for Sloth turning our items into sludge? I'd keep lots of junk items in my inventory, just in case he visits. What a way to turn something evil into something fun!

Speaking of avatars, people thought it would be truly evil indeed if TNT released a new avatar on Halloween whose solution was impossible to discern, much like the "Blumaroo - Chef Bonju" avatar (whose solution was unknown for years and years). I winced at this suggestion -- such an avatar would be truly evil! Especially if it were only available on Halloween, and no other day. It would take a decade to figure out its solution!

Other players thought it would be hilarious if TNT created an avatar for spending 5000 NC. I have to admit, I spit out my coffee and started laughing like a maniac! 5000 NC is a lot of money! But another reason why I was laughing was because there are thousands of players who would willingly spend that amount of money. They're avid avatar hunters who will pay any price to add another avatar to their collections!

Finally, the last evil avatar suggestion was that we get an avatar for playing a game a thousand times in a row, and no other. How evil! I don't think I have the stamina to do that, but I'm such an avatar aficionado that I would willingly try! If you played a game three times a day, it would take 334 days to get the avatar, which is approximately a year. Just the thought of it makes me sweat!

And finally, the players were eagerly looking forward to getting some new Random Events for the Halloween season. They thought it would be truly evil if TNT came up with new Random Events that we're not accustomed to, like the classic "All your Neopoints have been stolen, and all your items, and all your pets are sick, and your stocks have ... oh wait, it was just a horrible, horrible dream." How terrified would we be if we saw new Random Events that scared us, but turned out to be harmless? For instance, "Your pets are angry, and they've all turned Red, and they've decided to abandon you … oh wait, it was just a horrible, horrible dream." How creepy!

In conclusion, the Neopets website is such a large and magical website that it's possible to enjoy the evil and dark aspects as well! I wrote this entire article in 30 minutes. It was easy, considering how many players swarmed to my thread and posted their own evil hopes about the site. Even the happiest and sparkliest of players still had ominous, private wishes. I thought this was interesting, and yes, majorly cool!

Thanks for posting on my threads, fellow players! It's always interesting to pick your brains, and talking to you is the highlight of my Neopets week! It's remarkable how different we all are, yet we're all united in our love for this marvelous website.

Stay tuned for more articles from yours truly, fellow players, and may your Halloweens be magical and fun!

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