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Top Ten Places Punchbag Sid Could Be Hiding

by fooshfuush


We haven't seen Punchbag Sid enter the Battledome since Y14. Meanwhile, his brother Bob happily shows up to work every day. Where in Neopia could Sid have been hiding for so long? Here are the 10 most likely places Sid has been.

10. Kacheek Seek

This one may be a little too obvious, which is why it's all the way down at number 10. Sid has beaten up plenty of unsuspecting Kacheeks, so after years of watching the poor things make a hasty retreat, he probably knows all of their best hiding places. With 32 different locations within Kacheek Seek and multiple hiding spots at each one, he may never be found as long as he keeps moving! (Perhaps he's in the igloo?)

9. Grand Theft Ummagine Maze

Perhaps Sid has not actually been hiding for the past three years of his own free will. Maybe he's been lost this entire time in the Grand Theft Ummagine maze! We all know how hard it is to navigate that terror. Even if you get through the first one, there's another… and another. Sid could very well still be wandering around dead ends and nourishing the walls of shrubs with frustrated tears. And who knows where the Elephante guards might take Sid if they ran into him? Between you and me, Stan the Kyrii doesn't exactly seem like the guy who would try to help Sid find his way out.

8. Frozen by the Snowager

Usually the Snowager is awake and on the prowl, so Neopians know not to go anywhere near the beast. But even the fiercest monsters get tired and need to take a nap. Thrice a day, Neopians try to sneak past the snow worm while he is sleeping and steal a piece of treasure. The clumsy Neopets who manage to rouse the Snowager get blasted by an ice storm, but their owners can take them to the Healing Springs to repair the damage. But what if Sid wandered into the Snowager's cave and got turned into an icicle? He has no owners to take care of him, meaning he could just be helplessly lying in the cave waiting for some compassionate 'pet to heal him. Hopefully if this is the case, someone will eventually stick around the Snowager's treasure pile long enough to save Sid from his ice prison.

7. Grave Danger

It's pretty much impossible to explore all of the Catacombs, despite the thousands of Neopians sending their beloved Petpets in every day. Whether the Petpet ends up hanging out with some Ghost Meepits or walking around with a bunch of mummies, they always bring back some little trinket. It's not that unlikely that Sid could have entered the Catacombs himself after the Spooky Food Eating Contest and found a nice little hiding spot. Maybe one of these days, a Petpet will drag Punchbag Sid back to the Battledome!

6. Faerie Caverns

Just like with Grave Danger, many Neopians venture into the Faerie Caverns seeking treasure and glory. Some people are lucky enough to win 25,000 Neopoints, and the most fortunate Neopian may find a Faerie Caverns Stamp. But once someone finds the treasure chest, they leave the Caverns. Does anyone know what is past the treasure chest? More secret pathways through the caverns? It seems like an ideal place for Sid to hide.

5. Moltara Dark Cave

Speaking of caves, another great hiding spot for Sid is the Moltara Dark Cave. In order to even think about entering this cave, Neopians must first collect all of the glowing worms that hide around Moltara and place them into an empty lantern. This is a time consuming task, and many Neopians don't participate in it very frequently. The Dark Cave is infrequently travelled, making it a great spot for Sid to lay low.

4. Ultimate Bullseye II

Everyone who plays Ultimate Bullseye gets excited at the prospect of 20 extra points when Punchbag Bob appears with an apple. But wait—how do we know that it's not actually Sid out there with fruit on his head? When you're shooting the arrows at the apple, there is a considerable distance between you and the target. Who's actually gotten close enough to prove that it really is Bob sitting out in the field and not Sid?

3. Deserted Tomb

Ever wonder why half the time that you find a treasure chest in the Lost Tomb, it's already been mysteriously emptied by someone else? It's not that farfetched of an idea to think that Sid is hungrily wandering around the Tomb and opening all of the treasure chests in search of food. The Deserted Tomb is also a pretty ideal hiding spot. It even has "DESERTED" in its name! The tomb is armed with many traps to scare those who dare to venture inside. If Sid has taken up residence in the Deserted Tomb, it is unlikely that he'll be found any time soon.

2. The Temple of 1000 Tombs

If one tomb is a great hiding place, how about a thousand? 1000 tombs may be an understatement to how big this place is, and I'm sure those who participated in the Lost Desert Plot would agree that this might even be the best hiding place in all of Neopia. It sees almost no visitors, and even if someone was interested in exploring it, it'd be extremely unlikely to run into Sid with the millions of passages inside.

1. Keep Out Island

The number one place that Sid could be hiding is the KEEP OUT island off the coast of Krawk Island. First of all, we law- and sign-abiding Neopians can't even enter to explore what is on the island, so it's highly unlikely that anyone is going to spot him. Secondly, it had a much nicer scenery and plant life than dark, cold caves, so Sid would be much more comfortable in his hiding than other places. Even if some poor soul accidentally ended up on the island, Sid is definitely powerful enough that they would never dare expose his hiding location. It could be that Sid enjoyed staying on an island so much that he's basically taken a three year vacation there!

No one actually knows where Sid is hiding; these are just some guesses as to his whereabouts. They only thing we know is that many Neopians hope that he one days makes his way back into the Battledome, even after over three years of waiting.

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