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The Sweet Xweetok: Why We Love Them

by aleu1986


This year the Xweetok (along with yours truly) celebrate their 10th year in Neopia! In doing research for this article, I have asked people on the boards what their favourite things about Xweetoks are. I wanted to know users favourite Xweetok colours and wearables and generally what makes this species so popular. In the ten years since the discovery of this Neopet, they have truly risen to fame and stardom. They currently hold the impressive ranking of fifth (5th) most popular species based on Neopets created. By comparison, the two species that were introduced a couple of months later, Ogrin and Gnorbu, are quite literally at the other end of the scale, despite being around for just as long.

So what is it about Xweetoks that make them so special? Why are they so popular? What is it that people love about them?

Join me as we discover the sweetness of the Xweetok!

I had been playing Neopets for about six weeks when this new species was introduced. The Xweetok grabbed my attention immediatly. What made the Xweetok catch my eye, is naturally their beauty. They`re lovely Neopets with a feminine air to them. They look so graceful and sweet.

Due to the conversion not making any dramatic changes to their artwork, this species has retained much of its original appeal, in my personal opinion. Their present day design is nearly identical to their old happy pose, except now they hold one paw up so they`re able to graps staffs and swords or hold balloons or plushies. I must confess that I really miss the old circle pose, though. Their happy pose is really cute, but their circle pose was so unique!

Two users comment on old art versus new:

"Most of the artwork for Xweetoks doesn't seem to have changed all that much for customization, although I think the older art didn't seem as "stiff", if that makes sense. The lineart flowed better and their tails, for example, seemed more natural and bushy."

"Their tails lost a lot of charm with the conversion."

20 colours (not counting the basic 4) were released for the Xweetok before the conversion, but the only one to be grandfathered was the Faerie. UC Faerie Xweetoks (as well as the converted ones) are quite popular! Most of the pre-conversion Xweetok colours were pretty basic, such as White, Shadow, Starry and Fire, with a few of the more unique ones, like Baby, Mutant, Faerie and Pirate.

When asked which Xweetok colour were their favourites, users expressed many varied opinions. The most popular ones appear to be Faerie (both UC and converted) and the basic colours. Due to their beautiful simplicity they work well with customisation, which is a priority for many when choosing a Neopets species or colour.

Here are some users thoughts regarding Xweetok colours:

"I think the Faerie Xwee, both converted and unconverted is one of the most gorgeous pets that Neopets has ever created."

"My favorite Xweetok is the UC Faerie. I love the colors and the pose."

"Desert, Water and Faerie are my favorites. Before the conversion, I really wanted a Faerie Xweetok."

"I remember when they were first introduced. I knew I wanted to turn [petname] into one ASAP, especially after the Faerie Xweetok came along. I'm glad I got the points together to paint her before the conversion although I don't really mind how Xweetoks look now. I am sad the old Pirate Xweetok art didn't survive conversion. Those had so much personality."

"My favourite Xwee colour is Green. They look so good in basic colours, more than pretty much any other pet does."

"I like all their colours, even the basics (I even left one of mine Yellow instead of painting her), since they all have just enough variation to make their designs interesting but not too complicated. If I had to pick a fave I'd say Faerie since the colours go so well together on her."

"My very first Xweetok was a Red one, naturally with three numbers at the end of her name, because at that time I cared more about the colour of my pets than their names. She was simply Red for a while, she looked so pretty that way. I later painted her Baby, and several years later I created and painted a Royal Girl Xweetok."

"I am a big Xweetok fan. It's hard to find a Xweetok colour that is not to love."

Other members mentioned Mutant, Tyrannian, Chocolate, Maraquan, Pink and Pastel. My personal favourites that are not included in those already mentioned are Christmas and Brown.

I also asked users to specify what it is about Xweetoks that they love, in terms of their design. What is it about the species that appeals to us? Again there were many varied replies, there were one thing that many members pointed out. The Xweetoks eyes.

"My favourite thing about Xweetoks is their cuteness, especially their eyes."

    "Xwees aren't my favorite personally, but goodness they are cute. Their eyes are so pretty, and I love how they've got the different colored fur."

"My favorite thing about them is their big beautiful eyes!"

"In general their eyes. LOVE the eyes! And the smile."

"Xweetoks are so cute. I initially got an Acara but I changed my mind and morphed it into a Xweetok. Those big eyes are what got me." (This user was going to paint her Xweetok Baby).

"I think they are really cute, I love their big eyes, and the way they can hold things."

"The eyes are so perfectly shaped."

Unlike some other species, where their eye-colours don`t vary much (many Draiks have red eyes and many Eyries have yellow eyes) most Xweetoks have different eye colours to match their base colours. Only a few have red eyes (Red, Cloud, Brown and Desert) while the others have various eye colours.

The Xweetoks eyes are certainly big and beautiful, we can all agree on that. But what other things about their looks/design appeals to the users? When asked, several pointed out the fact that Xweetoks are rodents, and this appealed to them. Others appreciate how furry they are, or the fact that they`re forest dwellers. A couple also pointed out their slinky appearence.

"I was around when Xweetoks were introduced, and I immediately found myself liking them. I love rodents, so their chipmunk look appealed to me a lot."

"For me personally, I love how furry they are. Xweetoks look really soft, and seem to be the perfect size for you to pick them up and cuddle them."

"Xwees took over as my fave pet pretty quickly (it was Kougra before them). The main reason is because they're, well, fluffy and cute! But also because they're great for customization."

"I love and have one of the gold ruffed Xwees (my favorite). When I chose her for a new side account, a page showed two playing together. Chasing each other and flipping gracefully up into the air. They love the forest and so do I." (The page/image referred to here is the one that pops up when you click the Xweetok on the Pet Central page).

"I love their posture, unlike Kyriis, Kacheeks, Elephantes and Grundos who all have arms and legs similar to humans, Xweetoks are more natural with paws all positioned like an animal would sit."

"The glamourous Xweetok is one of the prettiest images Ive ever seen."

"They still look as soft as a mink, and you can see their pointy teeth sometimes so you have to beware! Like thorns on a rose, even the name, Xweetok, is charming with a hint of danger.

And that is my love of the Xwee."

Customisation and Wearables

When you`re customising this species, you may find it frustrating how the fur around their necks slightly cover up the clothing, but there is a solution to this. A great tip was provided to me on the Customisation board.

"Pro tip: Golden Key Necklace (NC) makes neck ruff disappear for greater customisation flexibility."

A couple of users expressed their agreement and validated the importance of being able to vary your Xweetoks looks more using this wearable.

"Golden keys for me, are definitely a must, when having Xweetoks!"

"I love that I can vary the look of a Xweetok so much by either using the fur collar or surpressing it with Golden Key Necklace."

This is however a matter of opinion:

"My favorite thing [about Xweetoks] is their cute little collar of fur. I really don't like items that hide their collar."

Using the Golden Key Necklace will suppress your Xweetoks neck ruff, meaning it will disappear (don`t worry, it comes back the second you remove the necklace!). The necklace will however always be displayed over the dress or jacket the pet is wearing, but it is the most discreet choice amongst the few wearables that achieve this effect. Scarves that suppress the mane are usually quite large, and so you would have to base the whole customisation around it to not make it clash completly or look out of place. With its warm, caramel colour the Urban Xweetok Scarf does a nice job of hiding the mane while also not stealing the focus. It`s also gender neutral. Jacket with Polkadot Scarf is a nice choice for the classic, stylish female, while Bundled Up Winter Scarf is fitting for both genders. There is also the NP wearable Easygoing Xweetok Scarf, which is slightly more on the feminine side. Laid Back Xweetok Vest also removes the neck ruff, the shirt with the same name (which also looks identical) does not, however.

There are several great clothing sets made especially for Xweetoks. Here we`ll be taking a look at the ones the users and myself have pointed out as their favourites. Based on popular opinion as well as my own, I`ve selected four complete sets, plus some selected wearables for Xweetoks that work great outside of their complete set.

As for which base colours are best for customisation, I suggest any of the basic colours plus Pink and Brown, which also both give you the brown fur. Chocolate and Desert provide darker and lighter brown shades respectivly. White goes with pretty much anything, then there`s Shadow and Skunk if you like black.


Set consists of dress, wig, gloves and fan.

This is definitly the most popular Xweetok clothing set, many users pointed it out. For this set, I personally recommend suppressing the neck ruff with the Golden Key Necklace; it allows the dress to shine. My single favourite item in this set is the wig, it`s absolutely gorgeous. I like how this outfit has a Shenkuu theme, but I think it can also work with Mystery Island/beach customisations.

This is what some users had to say about the Lotus Xweetok set.

"For dressing up converted Xwees, I think the Lotus Xweetok ensemble is one of the better species-specific outfits out there."

"I think they are super fun to dress. My personal fave wearable is the Xwee lotus set, it's so pretty."


Set consists of hat, robe, wig and staff.

This is easily my favourite Xweetok wearable set! TNT has got the right idea with modeling this set with a White Xweetok; I also suggest Royal Boy, Pirate, Eventide and Grey. if you want a more.. uhm, interesting combination, try putting this on your Tyrannian Xwee! It also looks great with the basic colours. This works well both with and without the beard (in case you want your Xweetok to look younger) and in this case I personally think it looks best if you let them keep their neck ruff. This set looks best with night/starry themed backgrounds.


Set consists of dress, hat, earrings and microphone.

Many like this clothing set, and it`s also a favourite of mine. For base colours, any of the basic ones (plus Chocolate, Desert and White) fits well. The hat and earrings are great to add separately to other outfits to spice them up a bit!


Set consists of spacesuit, helmet, boots and flag.

Any base colour looks good with this outfit as you only see parts of the Xweetoks face. I like this set because there are hardly any spacesuit sets that aren`t species specific. Those Alien Aishas can`t have all the fun! Now your Xwee can go to Kreludor and beyond too.

Space Gypsy Xweetok Dress (complete set also includes wig and gloves)

Speaking of space.. Several members mentioned this dress. It`s quite a beautiful and versatile wearable. It`s got rich, deep purple tones, it`s light and airy and decorated with sparkles! What`s not to love? You can use this dress in a number of different settings. Make your Xweetok look like a faerie, a goth, a witch, a princess, your imagination is the limit.

Snowy Xweetok Dress and Collar (complete set also includes hat and wand)

The Snowy Xweetok Dress was also mentioned by a few people as their favourite Xweetok wearable. I wanted to highlight the collar that comes with the set, because of how unique it is. The Snowy Collar replaces your Xwees regular neck ruff and makes it look white and blue to match the rest of the outfit. Perfect for the winter season! The dress looks more like a cape to me, so I think it fits both female and male pets equally. White is the best match for this outfit, Striped, Cloud and Ice work nicely as well.

Lace Tweed Xweetok Hat and Gloves (complete set also includes jacket, skirt and shoes)

You can even combine the hat and gloves with the aforementioned Snowy Dress and Collar for a great winter look.

The Lace Tweed Xweetok Hat (and wig) is so stunning and elegant! I like how simple it is, and the rosette makes it look like this Xweetok just won a beauty contest. The wig is gorgeous and the gloves just add a touch of elegance and style to any outfit.

One user mentioned that she has a set of these Lace Tweed Gloves for each of her Xweetoks!

This brings the article to a close. I think we can conclude that the Xweetok is a wonderful species with a wide appeal. Many appreciate their cuteness and are drawn to them simply in their basic form, others prefer the more unique Xweetoks, like Baby or Mutant. Still others appreciate how fun and easy they are to customise, and create Xweetoks so they`ll have Neopets that are easy to shop for. While some users may feel the Xweetok lost a little of their initial appeal after the conversion, it`s plainly evident that the numbers of Xweetoks in Neopia will just continue to grow. Their popularity is plain to see, and easy to understand.

A huge thank you to everyone on Charter, the HC and Customisation boards who expressed their opinions on Xweetoks, from designs to wearables and customisation tips!

Were you around when the Xweetok was first introduced to Neopia? What do you think of them?

Feel free to NeoMail me with any comments or questions, or check out my other articles!

Happy Xweetok Day!

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