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Neopia's Most Beloved Trophies

by sakurah_rabbit


Hundreds of games have been played since the discovery of Neopia seventeen years ago. Some have vanished into the depths of the Game Graveyard, never to be seen again, whereas others have become timeless classics, enjoyed by Neopians on a daily basis. Each game comes with a prize to the highest scorers – a unique trophy that captures the spirit and challenge of the game.

We will be taking a look at the game trophies that best represent the games they are awarded for, as well as tips on how to add these lovely trophies to your collection!

1. Extreme Potato Counter

A potato, its textured features clear no matter the gold, silver or bronze shade of the trophy. This solitary potato trophy is the perfect representation for this game, which is all about counting potatoes! As the title suggests, it is not as easy as counting each potato you see, as carrots and other vegetables seek to distract you from your goal. The feeling of acquiring Extreme Potato Counter's potato trophy after being sabotaged by other vegetables is immensely satisfying.

Game Tips:

Play the game on a small screen as it will help to reduce the area that you will have to look at to count potatoes. If you have trouble keeping count of the potatoes that appear on screen, use a calculator to keep track of the potatoes you have seen by pressing the same key e.g. 1, 2 or 3. This reduces the tally you need to keep mentally as well as allowing you to focus better on counting potatoes on the screen.

Final Note:

If you manage keep your eyes peeled and correctly count enough potatoes, you can also win yourself an avatar alongside the trophy!

2. Meerca Chase 2

There once was a Meerca that was determined to collect all the Neggs, especially the ultimate but rare Fish Negg! Meerca Chase 2 is a Neopian classic, being one of the most popular and well known games, and it is almost certain that you have played this game at least once. The shiny, smiling Negg trophy is a replica of the Neggs that you collect in the game, and is the ultimate Negg collectable for your trophy cabinet!

Game Tips:

The best mode to play this game in isn't in the main menu, but rather is only accessible through a secret code! Type in ‘super extra hyper gravity mode’ (with no spaces) at the main menu to unlock Gravity Mode. This mode's difficulty is Stop-N-Go (unlike the Easy, Medium and Hard from standard stages) because your Meerca is not in a constant state of motion. This makes it easier to control your Meerca and allows you to take your time collecting Neggs. Neggs on this stage are worth between 18 points (Yellow) to 900 points (Fish Negg), so even if you do not feel that good at the game, you can collect points rather quickly!

Final Note:

If you successfully avoid the walls, running into your own tail and the evil Red Neggs, you may also find yourself with a brand new avatar!

3. Maths Nightmare

Poor Imiya is having a hard time sleeping, as all she can think about are some pesky math questions! If she doesn't get them right in time, the alarm will go off. Fortunately, as a reward for helping her sleep, the Maths Nightmare trophy has Imiya sleeping peacefully, having successfully conquered the maths questions thrown at her! The book in the trophy is the perfect representation of the academic challenge passed, and who wouldn't want to sleep on a fluffy soft cloud after all that trouble?

Game Tips:

The best mode to play Maths Nightmare is Division in Brain Tree mode. Brain Tree multiplies your score by 3, and it is significantly easier to mentally calculate division than say multiplying 175 by 15. The divisions used throughout the game repeat, hence can be memorised over time. The letimiyasleep (let Imiya sleep) code will reset the clock once per game, and is best used around the Levels 10-12 stage!

Final Note:

Solving enough questions and scoring highly in this game will get you a very fluffy avatar to match the equally fluffy trophy!

4. NeoQuest 2

NeoQuest 2 is a unique adventure where you explore the world and defeat enemies in your path. The NeoQuest 2 trophy captures the growth that starting player Rohane makes throughout his quest, from starting alone and weak swordsman, to a powerful warrior who emerges victorious from a confrontation with King Terask! This trophy truly emphasises the heroism of the players who defeat this game.

Game Tips:

For all three modes (Normal, Evil, Insane) very detailed, step-by-step guides have been written up and are available on petpages as well as recommended fan sites. These guides will make the entire game significantly less overwhelming as abilities of each character you play as are explained as you play. As there is no time limit and the game only starts over if you die on Insane mode (by default the first time you play it is on Normal), all you need to get this trophy is continue playing NeoQuest 2 bit by bit until you finish!

Final Note:

Beating NeoQuest 2 will not just get you a shiny trophy, but also multiple avatars to celebrate your victory over enemies!

5. Ice Cream Machine

Adee the Chia loves ice cream, however in Ice Cream Machine she is under attack and needs to dodge them! To reflect the ultimate satisfaction in being able to eat some delicious ice cream as opposed to dodging it, the Ice Cream Machine trophy has Adee triumphantly eating a double scoop ice cream! You can just imagine the feeling of cool, sweet ice cream in your mouth and the explosion of flavour as you admire the Ice Cream Machine trophy.

Game Tips:

Being the absolutely delicious trophy it is, you will need a bit of luck to acquire it! Try to catch as many of the special scoops as you can, such as the cherry, fish and lives (pink with a heart) scoops. These scoops are worth more points than the other scoops, and can also give you extra lives! When controlling Adee, stay within the center region of the game screen to avoid accidentally getting cornered on one side by the incoming scoops! Finally, before starting the game, ensure you type in ‘strawberry vanilla chocolate’ (with no spaces), as this will give you an extra life before the game begins.

Final Note:

If you weren't hungry enough already at the idea of ice cream, you can also get yourself a deliciously messy avatar as well!

6. Nova Defender

Mechanova is out to destroy the Novas and you play as a lone Nova determined to save them all! The trophy is a perfect representation of the lone Nova's quest to save the rest of his kind, representing the victory felt when you defeat every challenge that Mechanova sends at you. Robot Novas are no match for the real thing and would never look as good as a trophy in your cabinet.

Game Tips:

First off, collecting gems in this game will give you more points if you collect them consecutively as opposed to leaving a few seconds between collecting. This does mean that you should avoid using the shield as it will break your consecutive chain. Leaving the sound on will give you immediate feedback if the gems you collect are in the same consecutive chain or not.

Try to get to Level 3 without losing a life, as repeating Level 3 multiple times (losing your remaining lives except for one) allows you to get some of the Nova power-ups, such as the 2-way shot (8000 gems) and the cannon shot (10000 gems) that make it much easier to pass the later levels. It also gives you practice to be able to easily distinguish the yellow Nova from enemy fire. Finally, lives come first in this game, so do not go for a gem if there is a risk of losing a life whilst getting it!

7. Hot Dog Hero

Hubert's gourmet hot dogs taste so good that his orders are constantly stolen! As the aim of the game is to safely deliver Hubert's hot dogs as quickly as possible, it makes perfect sense that the trophies are perfect replica of a hot dog. The detailing of the sausage and the sauce resting on a trophy makes you imagine the moment you pick up a fresh, piping hot hot dog and prepare to eat it. Please bear in mind that however appetising the trophy looks to eat, it is in fact inedible, so watch out before you eat!

Game Tips:

Just like in cooking where practice makes perfect, practice definitely helps in achieving this delicious trophy! Ensure you are familiar with the best path to collect all the extra points (stars) and pickle ammunition. You will need to be proficient in using your left hand to control the arrow keys and spacebar to shoot, and using your right hand to control the mouse and draw out the paths to guide your hot dog. Finally, be stingy with your food supplies! Ensure you only use mustard (not tomato or ketchup) to draw paths and try conserving as much as you can to get more points. Do not waste any pickles unnecessarily on enemies until the last level, as it is always best to avoid the enemy if possible.


Now that you understand the brilliance behind the design of these trophies and how well they capture the spirit of the game they are a reward for, what are you waiting for? It's time to add Neopia's most beloved trophies to your collection today!

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