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Eternal Diva

by orisasda


      It was night on the Tyrannia Plateau and even from miles away you could hear the noise from fans at the concert hall, screaming for their favourite bands and song artists. And in one of the dressing rooms, a striped Hissi with blond hair was getting ready for her own performance. Her name was Faith Handler, but her stage name was Whispered Faith. She was a singing diva and pop idol. She had many fans and she adored the crowds of people who came to listen to her. But she was always haunted by one thing, even though she was only 21 years old she still thought that she was getting old. She had been singing for her fans since she was 18 years old, first in a band called Impurity, then out on her own. But she hated that she would only ever get older and the older she got, the harder it would be to maintain her career. She stared at herself as her make up artist put on her signature heavy eye make up and sighed. She swore she could see wrinkles forming. Faith wished she could be young and beautiful forever. She was about to get that wish in the worse way imaginable.

      Whispered Faith glided onto the stage with microphone in one silk gloved hand.

      "Hello, people of Tyrannia and beyond! Are you ready to dance and shake with your favourite diva, me?" She said into it with a bubbly voice. Roars of agreement came from the massive crowd. Her devoted fans. "Alright then! Let's get this show started Faithlings!" Whispered Faith said, using the name her fans called themselves, Faithlings. Then the music started up and she began to sing. She was so caught up in giving her fans what they all wanted that she did not see a certain fan crawling up onto the stage until it was too late. Whispered Faith looked to see a fan with a crazed look in their eyes. They opened their mouth and she saw they had a pair of pointy vampire teeth and those same teeth sunk into her neck. She screamed and passed out on the stage as the concert hall's security rushed onto the stage to drag the vampire away.


      Faith felt very light-headed when she awoke and she realised that she was in a hospital in her hometown, Neovia. Her mother, a pink Hissi named Vilese was hovering over her.

      "Mom? What are you doing here?" Faith asked. She winced in annoyance as her voice came out all croaky.

      "Oh, my dear! You're alive! Well, alive may not be the right word..." Vilese said, her expression showing both relief but also sadness.

      "What do you mean, Mom? If I'm not mistaken, I have everything that tells me that I'm alive." Faith said. Vilese took out a mirror and handed it to Faith.

      "Look at your teeth, and you'll understand." Vilese said. Faith brought the mirror up to her face and shuddered at how pale she looked, then she slowly opened her mouth and froze in shock at what she saw. She had long pointed vampire teeth, she had become a vampire.

      "H-how?! How did this happen?!" Faith wailed. Then she remembered the fan that had climbed up onto the stage, they had been a vampire and they had bitten her. So they had turned her into a vampire. She was an undead creature. A gorgeous undead creature, but a creature none the less. "NO! My life is over! Give me some silver to drink, put a big stake through my heart, put me out into the sunlight to burn! I just wanna die!" Faith sobbed.

      "Oh, lovey. It's not all that bad. Weren't you just saying to me yesterday that you never wanted to get older and have your career end?" Vilese said to her. Faith continued to sob, but inside her head, the gears were turning. It was true that vampires never aged. She could continue her career and never quit until she wanted to. That was a definite upside. She stopped sobbing and began to smile. Perhaps being a vampire wasn't so bad.

      After a few weeks of rest at her family's home, Faith felt ready to return to her tour as Whispered Faith. But her manager, an electric Ogrin was the bearer of bad news. She came to the Handler residence to tell her that she could not continue her tour.

      "What do you mean I can't continue my tour?!" Faith asked angrily.

      "I'm sorry, Faith. But your fan base has been shrinking rather rapidly after what happened and so many are wanting refunds on their tickets. We're losing too much money for you to continue." Her manager said.

      "Wait. So people don't like me anymore because I am a vampire now?" Faith said, mortified.

      "I'm afraid so, Faith. You may have to find a new career for yourself." Her manager sighed.

      "But... I could be their diva, their idol forever and never grow old and wrinkly! If anything this should further my career! Not destroy it!" Faith said, clearly in distress. She took a few sips of the red liquid beside her in a wine glass. She needed blood to survive now.

      "Well, I'm sorry Faith. We can't convince the fans that you've lost to not be afraid of vampires. It may not be just a big deal here in Neovia as we have heaps living among us, but for the rest of Neopia, vampires are scary and pop idols can't be seen as scary by their fans." Her manager said. Faith could see the career that she'd put her all into for most of her life was falling apart and it was all because a stupid, blood crazy vampire had bitten her and turned her into one of them. She grit her teeth, feeling hatred fill her heart for the creatures who had single-handedly destroyed her career.

      "That vampire is going to pay to this." She said in a harsh whisper. She clenched her fists and pointed at one of the maids that worked in the family home.

      "You! Neomail the best vampire hunter in Neopia and tell him that Whispered Faith has a job for them! That vampire is going to die for what he did!" Faith screeched. The maid nodded and scurried off.

      "Now, Faith. Let's not be hasty. We could still bring back your fan base. We just need to release something new that will wow the target demographic." Her manager said.

      "But they might still hate me because I'm a vampire! Admit it! My career is ruined so I'm going to punish the one responsible. They will know my pain!" Faith roared at her manager with tears streamed down her face. Her make up was ruined, but Faith didn't care. She just wanted the vampire who ruined her career to be punished.


      In the end, the vampire was never found. Faith didn't get a good enough look at him and no one knew of the vampire that had bitten her. But Faith did not despair. She announced that she was taking a hiatus and turned her talent to a different place. She began to write and star in musicals and they were beginning to be wildly popular among all of Neopia. Faith saw that her fanbase was beginning to grow again. Soon. She thought. Soon, I'll be able to be Whispered Faith again. She still hated all vampires for what had happened to her career, but she would show them all that they would not get her down. Especially when she released her new single, Eternal Diva. For that's what she'd always be for Neopia. She'd be its eternal diva forever.

      The End.

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