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The Adventure in Krawk Island

by latizule


      "AI can feel the soft golden sand on my back and the bright sun shining in my eyes. I awaken at a Island lying in the sand near the docks, I am here with nothing but a small bag of dubloons. I seem to be at alone right now trying to find a treasure of some sort and my father's seem to have disappeared leaving a note "I'll be back soon", yet the ship is still here, not in great condition but able to sail to other places.

      Who am I you may ask; I am William the Shoyru. I enjoy the thrill of an adventure, you see; me and my father would always travel together all around Neopia exploring all new kinds of food and items. We would laugh, find great discoveries and explore. It is very fun and enjoyable to me, but the only thing that’s bothering me is that I can't find any treasures my father had mentioned.

      William had got up and had wandered to the Warf Wharf at this Island. "My lord, what a busy place this is" he said to himself. William walked towards the Tonu fishing, "excuse me sir, do you know where I can get a companion" (petpet).

      "At the Little Nippers" the Tonu said quietly.

      "Alright then... carry on with your nap" said William.

      William's eyed widen, "WOW!, look at all these critters." He pondered looking at each individual.

      The shopkeeper yelled "ARGGGGG!, how are ya today matey?"

      "Great" William said smiling.

      "How about you take that little critter" the shopkeeper suggested. "I think you and that petpet will get along just fine exploring Neopia."

      "Are you pointing to the Quadrapus?" William said questioning.

      "Yep, Quadrapus are quite loyal and are great helpers.

      William thought about it for a moment about the petpet, he wasn’t quite sure about buying it. He just looked it in the eyes for a few seconds and then said "you and I.... will make a great team."

      As soon as William paid for the Quadrapus, they set off to explore the Island. William and the Quadrapus knew this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship that will last for quite a while and be full of happiness.

      "Alright then my Quadrapus, we shall train to become stronger," William said in excitement.

      The Quadrapus nodded in agreement.

      Despite William being unable to find treasures, he always finds a way to make things better no matter what situation he is brought upon. Those two traveled to the Swashbuckling Academy in Krawk Island to train themselves. They wanted to be physically and mentally prepared to find the treasure in this Island, So they decided to stayed at the academy for one night.

      The next day...

      "I think we are prepared to find treasures," William said.

      So off they went to search the Island... they looked around the Governor's Mansion, The Golden Dubloon, Dubloon-O-Matic and Smugglers Cove but they didn't find the treasures. They tried asking around the people who live in this Island but no one had recalled seeing any at all treasures.

      Yet William doesn't even know where his father is and it was just three days ago when he was with him.

      Three days ago...

      "Dad, I finished packing some tropical fruits."

      "Good job William" his father said. "It is time to sail off to a new destination."

      "Where are we going?" William asked.

      "To Krawk Island" his father answered.

      William shouted "TO KRAWK ISLAND WE GO!"

      They sailed off in a ship, just the two of them. Traveling in the Ocean seeing many creature along the way. The smell of fresh air and cool breeze made everything seem to calming until the sky grew dark. Clouds formed until the warmth and light of the Sun was hidden. The waves grew stronger and stronger that the boat got push everywhere. Rain fell heavily and the wind was so strong that it blew their map away from their hands. They didn't know if they were still going in the right direction nor did they know where they are located. They had enough food and supplies to survive but they were sailing in the big blue ocean without a map.

      That very day, William was found lying in the sand with a note from his father. So His quest began to find the treasure he and his father are looking for.

      William and his Quadrapus had went back to the sand because they saw something suspicious sticking out of the sand. William pulled it out of the sand to see what it is. "It is a piece of a map, this can lead to treasures" William said. The two of them began digging everywhere in the sand, each time they found a piece of the map, they thought they are getting closer and closer to finding treasures. But out of nowhere, William's father appeared.

      "Where have to been?" William questioned.

      "Following you; I see you found most of the map" his father said.

      William jaw dropped, "You mean you planned this all along?"

      His father said "Yes I planned this hunt, but of course I didn't plan the weather, but it worked out perfectly."

      William was so shocked about this planned hunt that he had a hard time expressing how he felt. But he was glad that he had such an amazing adventure planned by his father.

      Soon after they finished talking, the Quadrapus found the last two pieces of the map and they slowly started to build it. A place started to appear as the map is being put together.

      "Do you realize where this is?" his father asked.

      "Ahh of course, this place is the Forgotten shore and you need to build a map to be granted access to this place." William said

      His father nodded his head up and down and said "that is correct my son."

      "I should have known earlier" said William.

      "But now we can go seek treasure together every once in a while since we found the nine pieces of the map" his father said joyfully.

      "Then to the coast we will go" William said.

      Together William, his father and his petpet the Quadrapus walked towards the direction of the Forgotten Shore. The Shore was along the far coast of Krawk Island and rare treasure can be found lying in the sand. As soon as they approached the shore, a pile of sand with a shovel sticking out was to be found. They were all thinking that they must have found something amazing. They dug that spot up and what they found surprised them.

      "What an exciting moment, my very first moment of finding a Pirate Draik Egg" William said to his father.

      "We should hatch this egg at the Draik Nest."

      William's eyes widen, "I never thought I would find something ultra rare."

      His father said to William, "now we can have a Draik as part of our family."

      "You're right!" William said. William began thinking about all the possible things and fun they can have, traveling Neopia, eating delicious food, playing games, making friends and much more. William couldn't wait until the Draik is hatched, so the whole groups decided to leave Krawk Island to go to the Draik Nest which is located in the Meridell. They walked all the way back to the ship and prepared to leave the island.

      "You know this was quite the adventure, don't you think my loyal Quadrapus?"

      The Quadrapus just smiled at William.

      The End.

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