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Catch Up on Autumn Reading with the Library Faerie!

by a_ramsell


With cooler weather quickly approaching, many Neopians will soon find themselves wanting to curl up in their cozy Neohomes with a Hot Cup of Borovan and a good book. And that, my friends, is why a chat with the Library Faerie ls long overdue! Please join us as Anderelli, a friendly Faerie Poogle with an insatiable appetite for books, interviews the Library Faerie about some book recommendations for the upcoming month of Collecting that will surely quench your Neopet’s thirst for knowledge.

Anderelli: Greetings, Ms. Library Faerie! Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me today to discuss some seasonal reading suggestions. I’m sure the Faerie Festival has kept you really busy lately, so I truly appreciate you sparing a few minutes for me.

Library Faerie: My pleasure, and thank you for having me! It’s true; the Faerie Festival has taken a huge chunk of my time recently, so it’s a good thing I wasn’t all booked up when you called! Haha, sorry, just have to get those book puns in whenever I can! Seriously though, I adore talking about books, so making time for this was something I knew I wanted to do!

Anderelli: Great! The Festival was a smashing success, by the way. We all appreciate the vast amount of hard work and dedication it takes to make the event fantastic! Okay, back to books. The month of Collecting is almost here, can you believe it? We all know it's a busy month, with five pet days, a petpet day, and, of course, Halloween. Let’s go in chronological order and start with Grarrl Day. Any reading suggestions for those who want to celebrate the day with a book?

Library Faerie: I would definitely recommend Grarrls are Great. It’s a must-read for any true Grarrl groupie! It’s a retired book, though, and a bit pricey. You’d have to see if you could locate one for sale at the Trading Post. If you’re looking for something a little more affordable, you can check out Grarrl Mythology for some fascinating Grarrl lore. You can pick up a copy at the Magical Bookshop.

Anderelli: Cool! I’ll definitely be adding those to my reading list. Next up is Eyrie Day. What are some suggestions for that?

Library Faerie: Everything Eyrie is an enchanting book that claims to have everything you could want to know about Eyries and more, and it definitely makes good on that claim! This book is perfect for any Eyrie enthusiast. It’s also at the Magical Bookshop, and is reasonably priced. Another great Eyrie-themed book is The Eyrie Guard. You’ll never guess what it’s about!

Anderelli: Um…an Eyrie Guard?

Library Faerie: Yes! How did you guess? Have you read it before? No matter...anyway, it’s an expensive book and you will likely need to purchase it from the Trading Post if you’re anxious to read it.

Anderelli: Thanks for the awesome suggestion! Now let’s hear your recommendations for Bori Day.

Library Faerie: Bori are such interesting creatures, aren’t they? Well, anyway, every Bori buff should definitely be sure to read The Bori Handbook. It’s written with Bori in mind as the audience, but Neopets of all species will likely find it an informative read. Another fantastic option is Claw of the Bori. Be warned, though; this book will be an eye-opener for anyone who thinks Bori are always peaceful, docile creatures.

Anderelli: Fascinating! There are so many books in Neopia these days that it can be really overwhelming. I’m sure your recommendations are going to help scores of Neopets discover new books! Now let’s talk about Jetsam. I personally think Jetsam get a bad rap and are seen as intimidating, and sometimes even downright scary. Do you have any reading suggestions that could dispel this notion?

Library Faerie: I certainly do! The Jovial Jetsam is a charming little story about a Jetsam who joined the circus because he loved to make people laugh. This hilarious page-turner will convert you to a Jetsam fan if you weren’t one before! Stop by the Magical Bookshop and pick up a copy!

Anderelli: This book sounds fantastic! Maybe I’ll suggest it for my next book club meeting. Any other Jetsam suggestions for the scholarly types?

Library Faerie: Actually, yes, I do have a second suggestion, and it’s quite an interesting one for reasons outside of just the book’s content. The book is simply called Jetsams, and this is noteworthy because the correct pluralization of Jetsam is, well, Jetsam. Make of it what you will, but it’s something for you to ponder! This book is retired, though, and could be hard to find.

Anderelli: Wow, what a fascinating piece of information! Okay, I have to admit that I’m really excited about hearing what suggestions you have for us about Symol Day! Symols are one of my favorite petpets, and I’m so happy they have their own day!

Library Faerie: There is a lovely book featuring Symols called Down the Symol Hole. It’s a fanciful tale full of twists and turns that will have readers on the edges of their seats! It’s so thrilling I don’t really recommend it for bedtime reading, though. However, The Golden Symol would be the perfect bedtime read. Book it to the Magical Bookshop to snag a copy of each! Haha, get it? “Book” it?

Anderelli: *chuckles weakly* Yeah, good one. Um…oh, right. Korbat Day! What can we read to celebrate those adorable little Korbats?

Library Faerie: Scary Korbat Tales is a truly terrifying tome that also falls under that not-to-be-read-at-bedtime category. It’s so spooky that it gave me nightmares for days! If you like that kind of thing, though, it’s a terrific read. If scary isn’t your cup of tea, you can pick up a copy of How to Keep Korbats Happy. It’s packed full of little-known Korbat facts that any Neopian could benefit from learning. I’d also like to suggest Korbat Halloween if you’re wanting something that’s a just little spooky, but it's far from terrifying.

Anderelli: That’s a perfect segue into our next topic, which is Halloween! What scary stories can you recommend to us?

Library Faerie: Mystery of Halloween is a must-read for any fan of this spooky holiday. Written by the Brain Tree himself, it reveals what he claims to be the truth behind Halloween. Another recommendation I have is for Halloween Defender, which is a neat twist on the typical Halloween story as it features the always-popular Defenders of Neopia. This book may be tricky (get it? Tricky, as in trick-or-treat?) to get your paws on, though, since it was only available through Neocash card redemption in Y12. A great book to complement that one would be Ylana Skyfire Saves Halloween, which was also only obtained through Neocash Card redemption in Y12 and thus not sold in Neopian shops.

Anderelli: Thank you so much for this amazing list of reading suggestions for the month of Collecting! Any other recommendations you’d like to make before we wrap this up?

Library Faerie: Oh, definitely! There are several wonderful books about autumn, but one of my favorites is Autumn in the Glade. It’s just a lovely book, and you can stop by and visit me in the Faerieland Bookshop to pick up a copy! And while you’re there you may as well pick up a copy of my amazing book, Library Tales. Oh, what? No plugs? Okay fine, scratch that last part. A couple other great autumn-themed books to consider are Tales of Autumn and Neopian Autumns. Both books paint beautiful pictures of Neopian autumn and are worth the read.

Anderelli: Thank you again so much for your time, Ms. Library Faerie. I can’t wait to get home and dig into all these new book suggestions!

Library Faerie: Anytime, Anderelli. I had a great time, and I look forward to seeing you again soon!

And there you have it, folks! The must-reads for the month of Collecting. Lots of amazing suggestions for you and your Neopet to enjoy together. Grab that Hot Cup of Borovan, wrap yourself in your favorite cozy quilt, and get to reading!

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