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Ten Perks of Owning a Skeith

by aisha_painter119


With Skeith Day almost upon us, Neopians everywhere are paying homage to the massive, gluttonous dragons that we love so much. Skeiths everywhere are being pampered by their owners and being fed King Skarl-worthy portions of gourmet delights in celebration of their special day. However, despite Skeiths being a very noteworthy species of Neopet – Kings Hagan and Skarl, the bank manager, and Gordos the Collector being famous members of this species, just to name a few – there are, at the time of writing this article, only 3,057,444 Skeiths in Neopia, according to the Neopets Popularity page, and are the 34th most popular species out of 55 species of Neopet! In honour of this awesome, seemingly sometimes overlooked species, I have compiled a list of ten perks of owning a Skeith, in the hope of convincing some of you non-Skeith owners out there to consider adopting one!

Perk #1 – “Feed Me” Avatar If you are an avatar collector, this is probably the most obvious reason to own a Skeith. If you haven’t already obtained it through pet lending, then creating or adopting a Skeith from the Neopian Pound can provide you with a nifty avatar. Just feed your Skeith any item with the word “Skeith” in its name. Skeith Juice Cocktail, Skeith Beach Ball, Island Skeith Plushie, Skeith Guard Inaction Figure, and Skeith Chocolate Dubloon are super cheap options that can each be obtained for less than 200 NP from players’ shops.

Perk #2 – Easy to Feed As indicated by the list of items at the end of the previous perk, Skeiths can eat absolutely any item in Neopia! Since they are not limited to eating food, you can keep their hunger satisfied by feeding them those junk items you win from Tombola or Underwater Fishing and save your real food items and neopoints for your other pets that do have to live off of food. When I was poor, I used to keep my Skeith on my side account well fed with Bits of Barbed wire that can be bought for 1 NP a piece!

Perk #3 – They Are Huge Skeiths are the largest species of Neopet, so if you need a boost up to that really high shelf in your Neohome, you could stand on your Skeith’s back! You could also probably use their powerful tail as a lift if they don’t feel like having someone stand on their shoulders (or you had trouble climbing up there in the first place).

Perk #4 – Huge is Intimidating Being “the largest inhabitants of Neopia” (as stated on the Neopets Popularity page), Skeiths can be very intimidating to the other, smaller species of Neopets. This means that you are less likely to be bothered by thieves and other villains of Neopia during your travels if you are accompanied by a Skeith. Even the Grundo Commander will think twice about stealing one of your items with your Skeith standing there glaring at him. All in all, Skeiths make excellent body guards!

Perk #5 – Intimidating Gets You Places If you don’t mind being rude, then you will never have to wait in line for anything, because your massive Skeith can push smaller, weaker Neopets out of the way! That puny Kacheek in front of you in the checkout line at the NC Mall will cower away from your Skeith and let you go ahead of him. (Of course, you raised your Skeith better than that, though, didn’t you?)

Perk #6 – Lazy But Relaxing In addition to being very large, Skeiths are also known for being very lazy and have a tendency to get smaller Neopets to do their bidding (hence why the kings of Meridell and Brightvale are Skeiths, I suppose?). However, lazy doesn’t have to be viewed as a negative thing. Lazy Neopets can be good for laid back owners because their low energy level will in turn keep their owner’s stress level to a minimum. If you find it taxing to look after young, hyper Neopets that are running around all the time and are constantly trying to get you to take them out to do things, you should seriously consider a Skeith as the next addition to your family. You and your Skeith can just chill all day long and not have to worry about anything (because if you have any responsibilities that need to be taken care of, your Skeith can just find a smaller Neopet to take care of them for you!).

Perk #7 – Good at Smashing Things Do you ever have trouble getting that jar of olives open? Or if you’re not a fan of olives, trouble opening a jar of some other kind of vegetable or fruit? Strain yourself no further – your Skeith, being really big and strong and whatnot, can open all of the jars for you!!! (But make sure you’re careful when you’re cleaning up the broken glass afterward!)

Perk #8 – Must-Have for Lizard Lovers If you are a fan of lizards and/or lizard-like creatures, then you probably already own a Techo. But do you own a Skeith? With Skeith Day taking place just two weeks after Techo Day, Skeiths are the other, more gigantic lizards of Neopia. If you’ve ever played NeoQuest and made it all the way to the Desert of Roo, then you have most likely encountered a Sand Skeith. The artwork of these NeoQuest Skeiths was inspired by the iguana, which is indicated by the early names of the items that the Sand Skeith drops – iguana eye and iguana spit – as well as the actual file name of the Sand Skeith image, asandiguana.gif (a sand iguana dot gif). Of course, Skeiths have clearly evolved beyond their earth-lizard counterparts, having become gigantic lizards with wings. (Note: Even though they are winged, Skeiths do not appear to be able to fly; they are too heavy, and their wings are too small to support their massive girth. Perhaps they could with a little faerie dust, though?)

Perk #9 – Also Must-Have for Dragon Lovers Draiks, Shoyrus, and Scorchios are all very popular pets, with Shoyrus being the number one most popular species in Neopia and Scorchios also being in the top twenty (17th). Draiks are much rarer due to being a limited edition species, but are heavily sought after. These Neopets are probably so popular among players because they are the dragons of Neopia, because who doesn’t love dragons, right? But if you were to ever have the urge to create a dragon themed account it would not be complete without a Skeith as your fourth pet. Skeiths are dragons, too, even though they don’t breathe fire. (But hey, Shoyrus don’t appear to breathe fire, either, do they?)

Perk #10 – Extreme Loyalty Despite being notoriously lazy and intimidating, Skeiths also have a strong sense of loyalty that is unmatched even by a Gelert. The ruler Skeiths of Neopia, King Skarl and King Hagan, as well as Gordos the Collector, one of the twelve rulers of Altador, have all demonstrated their Skeithy loyalty to their kingdoms through their many years of guiding their subjects and, in King Skarl’s case, leading their subjects through two Neopian wars! Though your Skeith probably won’t be the ruler of a kingdom, he or she will still be sure to stick with you through thick and thin and make a faithful, trustworthy friend and companion throughout your travels and adventures!

I hope this list helped you consider adopting a Skeith of your very own – and if not, I hope it at least showed you how awesome Skeiths are! Neopia would not be the same without them. :) Happy Skeith Day, and thank you for reading!

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