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Curious Creatures: Lab Ray Only Petpets

by _brainchild_


If you have access to the Petpet Laboratory (which can only be visited after completing the Secret Laboratory Map), then you have probably encountered a myriad of unique petpets formed by the mysterious light over the course of your zapping excursions. However, you might not have seen the ones that are specific to the Lab Ray only. There are a few unique species that can only be formed by the Lab Ray, and a few colors that only the ray can grant, not a petpet paint brush.

Here are the few species that are only obtainable by zapping:

Chiruck: This noisy nuisance consists of two heads, two attached bodies, two wings (one per body), and two feet (one per body). A very strange creature indeed, one side is purple and orange while the other is blue and yellow. Chirucks often cause trouble, usually because the two heads can't agree with each other. If it wasn't such an unusual species, I would definitely avoid it, but since it's so rare, I think it would be worth a try to teach the petpet some etiquette skills instead of re-zapping it. It might be receptive.

Floobix: This flying friend has a spherical green body with two large pink ears, two tiny yellow wings, and two long, slender tails, each adorned by a multi-hued feather at the end. This creature has big, brilliant blue eyes which will stare into your soul. They apparently enjoy the sunny breeze of Lutari Island—who doesn't? (Ok, Count Von Roo prefers the night.) In my opinion, the Floobix is beautiful and adorable, a pal very worthy of your pet's companionship.

Graffle: This startling fluffball also boasts a spherical body. Its limbs are tiny, and it is covered in shiny yellow-orange fur. Its reddish-orange eyes appear a bit unnerving. It enjoys lying in wait, then ambushing people by jumping up and snarling. It finds this process to be a hilarious practical joke. Therefore, if you are scared by a Graffle, you shouldn't be surprised afterward at the prank it played on you. Pets with a sense of humor might enjoy keeping this petpet, while others might find it to be quite obnoxious.

Pile of Snow/Pile of Soot: The appearance of these two petpets should be quite obvious. However, it is worth nothing that both of these petpets have adorable eyes. These petpets are only obtainable by the Petpet Lab Ray because they are caused by a "problem with the ray". It must've malfunctioned; the light is supposed to bestow a species that looks like an actual petpet, not a "Pile of Soot" which is comparable to the traditional pet rock from way back when. (Oh, wait. There is an actual petpet titled "Rock." Sorry, Rock.) These unusual petpets may be desirable to some pets and disliked by others.

Skindle: What... does this thing even look like? It's... a cream-colored BLOB! (Sorry, Blobikins. You're much cuter than this crazy creature.) The Skindle is a blob with tiny ears, arms, and legs, an ugly face, and a mouse's tail. It's downright HIDEOUS! It is also very bad-tempered. Your Neopet will probably be sobbing in the corner because its Skindle mistreated it. Unlike the Chiruck, this creature is beyond repair. Re-zap, anyone?

Snauberack: Some pets may find this pal to be very cute, while others may think it's unattractive. Either way, it's a cerulean-colored creature with huge ears and tiny wings, arms, legs, and a tail. It has relatively large beady eyes and a huge snout. (It's not a Snorkle, though, so no avatar for you. The Petpet Protection League will be on your case anyway.) Due to the enormous snout, Snauberacks have a very "acute sense of smell", meaning that it will be able to find a single piece from your Assorted Vandagyre Approved Nuts Package, lodged underneath the couch cushion, and from two rooms away. With this companion, your pet won't have to worry about dropping food anymore!

Tanamurx: It's... a giant bug. A feminine bug, that is. This incredible insect boasts a brilliant rosy shade, complete with eyelashes and six long legs. It uses these limbs to hang upside down from branches, ceilings, or any other surface it can adhere itself to. I don't know of very many pets who would enjoy this pal, since most female pets would yell, "Eww! A bug!" and stomp on it, while most male pets would not want to be seen with a pink petpet. If your pet does accept it, it is actually a very rare and intriguing creature.

Weebly: This fascinating friend is bright green with red fur and eyes. It also has large ears. Like the Floobix, it fancies Lutari Island, roaming in the mysterious jungles. It is tiny and timid, so don't be surprised if you find it to be very shy. Its favorite food is Lutango, so be sure to feed it that particular fruit very often! In my opinion, this pal is adorable and sweet. I think that most pets would love it.

Here are the few colors that are only obtainable by zapping:

Chocolate: These tasty creatures are anything but treats, so put your tongue back in your mouth. They boast an intricate appearance, adorned by cream puffs, sprinkles, and candy corn. However, they will melt in the sunlight. The species Babaa, Babyca, Bartamus, Doglefox, Kookith, Noil, Pile of Soot, Spardel, Spyder, and Warf are available in Chocolate.

Gold: Don't try to sell these petpets for Neopoints because they consist of a precious metal— they will return to their original form once they are removed from their pet. These pals boast a very shiny appearance which will attract a plethora of stares on the street. The species Babaa, Doglefox, Kookith, Noil, and Spardel can be zapped Gold.

Hoagie Kadoatie: Yes, you read right. HOAGIE Kadoatie! (A hoagie is a sandwich, for those who don't know.) Most Neopians have never even heard of this creature and would stare at you blankly if you mentioned it to them. Now that you know of it, don't take a bite. It is still a petpet, and therefore, eating it would be very cruel. (Again, you would be pursued by the Petpet Protection League.) This creature consists of a sandwich with a Kadoatie head sticking out of it. Very interesting! I find it to be cute.

Ice: These frozen friends are wintery wonders, entirely crystalline with icicles dangling from their body. Although they are beautiful, they will melt even faster than the aforementioned Chocolate petpets, so unless your Neopet plans on keeping his or her petpet in a freezer, I don't think that an Ice petpet would be a good choice. The species Eizzil and Kookith come in Ice.

Jelly: These petpets, despite consisting of jelly, should not be eaten, so put your fork down, or I'm telling the PPL. These pals are very shiny and reflect light well. However, they should not be subjected to extreme temperatures, or else they will melt like Chocolate and Ice petpets. If your pet ventures over to the Lost Desert, his or her Jelly petpet will have to stay at home. The species Babaa, Hasee, Kadoatie, Kookith, and Spyder are available in Jelly.

Strawberry: Again, stop trying to eat every petpet I mention! These pals have souls, so they are not food. These pretty petpets are very fragrant, just like the fruit they resemble. Their red bodies are decorated with green leaves and/or markings. The species Babaa, Doglefox, Kookith, and Spardel come in Strawberry.

Those are the unique species and colors that can only be obtained by using the Petpet Lab Ray. If you keep zapping, you may get lucky and obtain one of these curious creatures. However, please remember that they are not food! Eating a petpet is cruel, regardless of whether its color is food-related or not. If you are fortunate enough to receive one of these petpets, I hope your pet enjoys it. Until then, keep zapping!

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