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One Hundred Games - Part Two

by azienskieth


Welcome back. In case you missed my article last week, you should probably read that one before jumping into this, but to summarize what I said last time: these articles feature information on the first hundred games in the history of Neopets, including some that have been forgotten by most of the public. It's informative and, depending on how much you like history, entertaining, so sit down and get ready. Let's dive right in...

51. Neopets Wardrobe

You've probably heard of Fashion Fever... Well, this is what came before that. You could dress up Neopets in different types of clothes. There weren't any scores, it was just a way to spend fifteen minutes.

52. Tug-O-War

Tug-O-War is a game from the Lost Desert, featuring Brucey B, some Desert Neopets, a Jetsam, and one very big Grundo. Your job during each round is to make your opponent fall into the river; the game will tell you two keys to be pressed, and by hitting those two keys as quickly as you can, you can win the round. There is a remade version of this game, and it's almost the same as this one, but you can play the original in the Game Graveyard.

53. Destruct-O-Match

Like Meerca Chase, if you haven't heard of this game then you need to play more games. It's set in Tyrannia, where giant blocks have fallen out of the sky. You need to clear as many blocks as you can per round, by matching them in groups of two or more. As you go further into the game, more colours appear and you need to destroy more boulders per level to move on. There have been two remakes of this game: Destruct-O-Match II, which is in the Game Graveyard along with the original game, and Destruct-O-Match III.

54. Neggsweeper

In Neggsweeper, you're given a square made up of Neggs, some of which are explosive. It's your job to click on all of the Neggs that are safe, using the numbers that are revealed to determine where the explosives Neggs are. There are a few strategies, and if you find that you like this game, I'll leave it to you to figure them out. Neggsweeper is still available to play, but I'll tell you this: I didn't even know it existed until earlier this year. For an active game, it's a little obscure.

55. Snow Wars

Snow Wars is one of the most well-known games of them all, mostly due to the fact that its trophy is easily obtained. You are given a computer-operated opponent, and you catapult snowballs to their side while they catapult snowballs to your side. You each have various objects hidden to each other on your respective sides, and the winner is the one who hits all of their opponent's objects with snowballs.

56. JubJub Scramble

Remember those slide puzzles from about thirty games ago? Well, this is another one, featuring a JubJub once it's solved.

57. Ice Cream Factory

This retired game has two parts to it: one is identical to the current game Ice Cream Machine, where you are placed in front of a row of ice cream cones that randomly spit out ice cream scoops you have to dodge. The other part is a factory (get it? Ice Cream Factory?) with lots of crates that can be pushed north and east. You start at the south end and have to work your way to the north end, being careful not put crates in places that block off your route. It's fun, in a way, and it's in the Game Graveyard for your enjoyment.

58. The Neopian Lottery

The lottery is exactly what it sounds like: a lottery. Players buy up to twenty tickets each day, adding to the jackpot with each purchase. At the end of the day, six numbers are drawn, and the players who had the most matching numbers win a share of the jackpot. If only one person matched five or six numbers, then they got the whole jackpot to themselves. Different trophies are earned based on how big the jackpot is.

59. ?

Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything anywhere about this game ID. Sorry about that!

60. Chute

Chute is a game you've probably played under different names in other places, it's based on an old favourite. Differently shaped pieces of blocks rain down from the top of the screen, and you can rotate them and control where they land. When you get a full horizontal row, that row clears and you get points. Unfortunately, it's unavailable now.

61. Bumper Cars

In Bumper Cars, you control a car, and the objective is to crash into the other cars until they break down (or until you break down!). The more hits you get on the other cars, the higher your score will be. It's similar to the current game Ugga Smash. Bumper Cars can be found in the Game Graveyard.

62. Chia Bomber

Chia Bomber is an action game in which you control a Chia named Geoffrey. Chia bombers are attacking, armed with mud shooters, and you need to stop them with your water balloon shooter. Defeat all of the Chias in a level, and you move on to the next one. This game is harder than its newer version, Chia Bomber II, because there aren't any patterns to the enemies' movements. You can play it in the Game Graveyard.

63. Pterattack

If you haven't played this game or its remake (also named Pterattack, conveniently enough), then I'm not sure what games you have played. This game is a staple of the Games Room. You play as a Pteri, flying along in Tyrannia while flocks of pterodactyls fly towards you and enormous Grarrls stomp along behind you. If any of them hit you, you lose a life, which you don't have many of, so you need to avoid them while shooting at them with one of four different attacks to gain points. You can find this in the Game Graveyard.

64. Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch was a game found in the Haunted Woods, and it was very much like Techo Says. There were six pumpkins, and the game would give you a pattern of pumpkins to click. The more patterns you passed before losing, the higher your score would be. It's unavailable to play now.

65. Mutant Graveyard of DOOM

Apparently, lowercase letters weren't enough to express the doom featured in this game. You play as Albert the cursed Kacheek. You go through a graveyard, collecting food while avoiding Ghostkerchiefs, walking tombstones, and a "hideous tentacled eyeball beast". If that sounds familiar, you might be thinking of the sequel, Mutant Graveyard of Doom II, but the two games are very different (and the newer one isn't as much fun, in my opinion). You can play this game if you dare in the Game Graveyard.

66. Swarm

In Swarm, you control a Wocky in a tank. Giant bugs are attacking the Lost Desert, and you need to stop them. You're presented with a swarm of them, and once they've all been defeated, you're given a new swarm to take care of. They shoot at you, too, so you need to make use of the four walls that you're given in each level. It's available in the Game Graveyard, and there's a remake (called Swarm: The Bugs Strike Back) to be found in the Games Room.

67. Pyramids and 68. Pyramids Bonus

Pyramids is a card game where there is a pyramid of cards, and you have a deck of cards to draw from. Whatever card you draw determines what cards you can take from the pyramid: you can only take a card if its value is one higher or one lower than the card you drew. At the start of the game, you can only see the cards at the bottom of the pyramid, but as you clear more, more will be flipped over so you can remove them. There are two trophies: one for having an enormous score total from all of your games (seriously, some people have been accumulating their scores for over ten years!), and the other trophy is for winning a certain amount of games.

69. Scarab 21 Cumulative and 70. Scarab 21

Scarab 21 is another card game, but with a different gameplay. You have a deck of 52 cards and five columns. Each time you draw a card from the deck, you have to place it in one of those columns and draw another. If you can put the right cards in a column so that their numbers total 21 (like 3, 10, and 8), that column clears and you get points. A column's total can't go over 21, so if you have five columns with 20, and you draw a 2, your game is over. Once you go through an entire deck without losing, the deck reshuffles and you keep going. Again, there are two trophies: one for having a hefty score total, and another for getting a high score in a single game.

71. Mummy Maze

Mummy Maze was an action game featuring an adventurous Kyrii (seen in the trophy above). You controlled the Kyrii while exploring tombs with, you guessed it, mummies. You had ten swords, which were your only weapon. You could throw a sword, and if it hit an enemy, that enemy would be defeated and you would get your sword back. If you missed, you would lose that sword. Gems were scattered throughout the tombs for extra points. This game is no longer available, which is unfortunate because it sounds fun.

72. Cats and Dogs Trivia Game

This trivia game was made up of preset questions about the then-upcoming movie, Cats and Dogs. The more questions you got right (which were always the same), the more Neopoints you earned. It's not around anymore, but it wasn't really much fun anyway.

73. ?

Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything anywhere about this game ID. Sorry about that!

74. Nimmos Pond

In Nimmos Pond, you play as a Nimmo in a pond. (I wonder where they got the name, eh?) You're floating around on a lilypad, when suddenly, other lilypads start floating around and attacking you! So you shoot them with pellets until they go away, and then more of them appear for you to destroy, and this keeps going until you get hit by too many lilypads. It's fun, but it takes a long time to get a good score. You can find the original version in the Game Graveyard, or a remake (with the same name, the same Nimmo, and even the same trophy) in the Games Room.

75. Brain Tree Quest

The Brain Tree is an ancient tree who wants to know everything that there is to know. If you go to him, he will give you a quest to find out where and when a certain Neopian citizen died (don't worry, Herman Kacheek isn't someone you knew). If you succeed in completing his quest, he'll give you a special item and some Neopoints; the amount of Neopoints you get is your score for the quest, and if it's big enough you'll go on the high score table to possibly get a trophy.

76. Sakhmet Solitaire and 77. Sakhmet Solitaire Bonus

Sakhmet Solitaire is yet another card game. It's the same as ordinary Solitaire, where you have columns of cards and you can place cards in these columns in descending value, but the card colours have to alternate (it's simpler than it sounds, trust me). Your ultimate goal is to sort all of the cards into stacks in the corner based on suit and value; for example, you need to get an Ace of Spades before a 2 of Spades, and then a Three of Spades, and so on. It's frustratingly difficult to win because you only go through the deck of cards three times, drawing three cards at a time. I've never won a game, but then again, I haven't really tried very hard. Anyway, one trophy is for a cumulative score, and the other is for winning a certain amount of games.

78. Treasure Maps

Treasure Maps is an activity where you can redeem sets of map pieces to get a few prizes. When it was first released, it was an actual game in that you would get hints as to where you could find map pieces, and it was hard work finding them, but that feature was eventually removed. The most familiar map to most people is the Secret Laboratory Map, which when redeemed gives you access to the Lab Ray.

79. ?

Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything anywhere about this game ID. Sorry about that!

80. Krawps

Krawps is a dice game that, although still playable, isn't known by many. I didn't even know what it was until I started writing this. You have two dice and a variety of different types of bets that you can make; some are only slightly risky, and some of them have such bad odds that if you make them, you're practically begging to lose money. It's fairly complicated, so I won't go into a lot of detail, but you can go to Krawk Island to play if you wish.

81. Splat-A-Sloth

In Splat-A-Sloth, you control a rolled-up newspaper with your mouse. Two Grundos will release a sock puppet looking very similar to Dr. Sloth down a chute, and you click the screen to try and hit the puppet. The sooner you hit it, the more points you get, up to 500 points. The time it takes for the puppet to be sent down the chute is always random, so it's a reflex test.

82. Deckball and 83. Deckball Timed

Deckball is a game featuring a Pawkeet and a Mirgle (if you don't know what those are, refer to those two trophies). A ball is released on the deck of a ship, and you compete with your opponent to make goals on each other's side of the deck. There are a few different modes in the game: one is survival, which is the most recommended if you want a trophy, and another is timed, which used to give a different trophy but doesn't anymore. One interesting thing about this game is that it and Splat-A-Sloth are the only two Flash games in this entire list that are still playable for Neopoints and trophies. Better go get that trophy while you still can...

84. NeggSweeper Cumulative

I already talked about Neggsweeper earlier in this article, but to refresh your memory: there's a large grid filled with Neggs, and some of those Neggs are explosive. You need to click on all of the Neggs that are non-explosive. Anyway, this trophy is for cumulative scores. Like the three card games mentioned earlier that have two trophies, the cumulative scores for this game are insanely high. It would take a lot of time for a new player to get this trophy, or any of the other cumulative trophies.

85. Korbats Lab

In Korbats Lab, you control a paddle. You release a ball into Dr. Sloth's laboratory, intending to break as many boxes as you can. In each level, you send in the ball, and then use your paddle to keep it on the screen until you break all of the boxes and move to the next level. Some levels have boxes that can't be broken, or boxes that require multiple hits to break, and sometimes there are Spyders or Korbats that might block the path of your ball. You can find this game in the Game Graveyard or a remake in the Games Room.

86. Hot Wheels Micro Racers

This was a sponsor game long ago, where you raced a car around a track. The few people that I could find who remembered this game said they really didn't like it, so it didn't last very long.

87. Toucan Sam Chalenge

Another sponsor game, this time for a cereal brand. In Toucan Sam Challenge, Toucan Sam himself gave you questions to test your memory, and for each question you got right you earned a handful of Neopoints. It's unavailable to play now.

88. Food Club

Rule number one of Food Club: don't talk about Food Club. Okay, that's not entirely true. Food Club is a gambling game where you can bet some Neopoints on pirates in five arenas. What are you betting that they'll do, you ask? You're betting on who you think will eat the most. The game gives you all sorts of stats, such as allergies and favourite foods, and then gives you odds for each pirate (2:1, 13:1, etc.). It might sound complicated, but that's all right: most of the people who play don't know what they're doing, they just follow the bets of someone who knows what to do. The older your account is, the more Neopoints you can bet, the more Neopoints you can win, and the more likely it is that you'll get a trophy.

89. Diva Starz

Yet another sponsor game, this one is mostly the same as the current game Usuki Frenzy; if you've never heard of Usuki Frenzy, then I'll break it down further. You control a "Diva" and walk through a house collecting dolls. The game gives you a list of dolls that you need to find to move on, and if you grab an unwanted doll you have to find a shelf to put it on. The quicker you are in completing the level, the more Neopoints you get. You can't play Diva Starz anymore, but you can play Usuki Frenzy.

90. NeoQuest Race and 91. NeoQuest

NeoQuest is the most expansive game ever created on Neopets (except perhaps NeoQuest II...). You control a nameless Lupe through Ancient Neopia, fighting creatures, collecting items, and defeating major bosses until you get to the final temple to finish the final bosses. There are three modes of NeoQuest, each harder than the last: Normal, Evil, and InSaNe. NeoQuest is the main pastime of many users on the site, it has its own NeoBoard section devoted to it, and it basically remains to this day an important part of Neopets history.

Those top three trophies are from the NeoQuest Race, which was an event that took place when NeoQuest was first released. The first five people to complete each mode of the game received a trophy. Unfortunately, this happened fourteen years ago, and now only three people on the whole site have these trophies. If you're one of those three people, and you're reading this, I congratulate you.

92. Attack of the Plaque

A bit of a letdown after NeoQuest, but that's all right. This was a sponsor game where you cleaned a Grarrl's teeth with a giant toothbrush. The more teeth you cleaned before the timer ran out, the more Neopoints you earned. Like most sponsor games, this one isn't available anymore.

93. Kiko Match II

Kiko Match II was the very first game that was a remake of an earlier one. It was a lot like the original Kiko Match, except a timer was added, as well as multiple levels per game. Here's another fun fact: this is the only trophy that looks the same for three games (Kiko Match, this one, and the oddly named Kiko Match II that was released years after this one). This version is no longer playable, unfortunately.

94. Poogle Solitaire

Poogle Solitaire was a game where you were presented with an oddly shaped grid of Poogles, with one empty spot in the center. You clicked on a Poogle and then an empty spot two spots away to make it jump to that empty spot, which eliminated the Poogle in front of it. The fewer Poogles were left on the board by the time you couldn't make any more moves, the more Neopoints you earned. This game isn't available onsite anymore, but it's been recreated by the team at Jellyneo (a recommended fan site), so hop on over there to try it out!

95. Jelly Processing Plant

In this game, you control a Buzz who works in a factory. In that factory, three different jellies and various types of ice cream are produced and sent down to the Buzz on a conveyor belt. You need to put all of the jellies into their corresponding vat based on its colour, and let all of the ice cream go down to a very hungry Skeith. Each level goes a bit faster than the next, and you need to grab an increasing number of jellies per level. If you make too many mistakes, you lose. This game is in the Game Graveyard now, or you can play a remake called Hungry Skeith in the Games Room.

96. Snow Dogs

Snow Dogs (the only sponsor game on this list with a trophy) features a Techo who competes in sledding races with his team of faithful Gelerts. You need to make them go fast and avoid obstacles to win the race, answering sponsor trivia questions after each round to get a speed boost in the next one. This game is no longer around to play.

97. Fetch!

Fetch is still an active game, but I've only ever played it once or twice. You control a Blumaroo as you wander through a maze, looking for an item sought by your mysterious master. Once you find the item, you need to get back out, all the while hoping that you won't run out of steps. If you make it out successfully, you will be awarded points, and if you get enough victories in a row, you might be in the running for a trophy.

98. Kauvaras Potion Game and 99. Kauvaras Potion Cumulative

In this sadly inactive game, you had to find the right recipe to make the potion that Kauvara wanted. There were hundreds of different combinations, and it was fairly complicated, but unfortunately, I was unable to find what sorts of clues the game gave you. I guess that's what happens when a game hasn't been available for thirteen years. Anyway, if you got the recipe right you earned a few points, and if you played game upon game upon game, you might have been in the running for a cumulative trophy.

100. Caption Competition

That's right, the final game on this list isn't really a game. Nevertheless, this is the Caption Competition. TNT draws a picture (or takes a photograph featuring Neopets merchandise), and users submit captions for it. A staff member chooses their favourite captions, and then users can vote on the funniest captions out of those to win a trophy. It used to run twice a week, and then switched to once a week, and unfortunately, it isn't running right now. Hopefully TNT will get it back running soon, because although this wasn't a game it was still a pretty fun thing to do every week.

Well, did you enjoy these articles? Did any long-lost memories come back to you? If so, then that's good. I wrote these articles to raise awareness, and hopefully they did. Thanks for reading, and if I ever do another of these, I hope to see you again. Until then!

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