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A Grey Eyrie Day

by sparky1677_5


One day my blue Eyrie, Perseverance316, was searching for paint brushes in the Lost Desert. I was there with him, making sure he stayed plenty hydrated in the Lost Desert's heat. Suddenly, Perseverance316 found the handle of a paint brush stuck in the sand, on his way back to his Neohome. He brushed away some more of the sand with his paw, and nearly let out a screech of joy! It was a grey paint brush. Eagerly, he took it by the handle in his beak, and slipped it into his bag. He was so happy, that neither of us noticed that a dark, grey, menacing storm cloud had begun to form, and had flown off in pursuit of my Neopet. Now, just a little side note: Perseverance316 and I agreed that from now on, he would just call me Mom. Especially because you normally wouldn't call your mom by her name, unless you were introducing her to someone.

“Mom. Mom! MOM!”, screeched Perseverance316, as he almost flew right into me. I was at the food stall in Sakhmet, around the area where Perseverance316 had found the paint brush.

Then he showed me the Grey Paint Brush he had found, in the Lost Desert, just a few feet from where I had been shopping. We went to the Rainbow Pool, and used the paint brush, to paint my Eyrie grey. But then, he felt a weird sensation flowing through his body. He suddenly felt sadder and much more depressed. His head once held high, sank as low as his spirits were and his wings were almost dragging the ground, at his sides. It was only then that I noticed that a small, dark grey, malevolent looking storm cloud pouring rain and booming with loud thunder, floating ominously above his head. I sighed.

“What have I done?”, I asked myself.

Then I was about to scold my Eyrie for having picked up the paint brush, but then I remembered, that was only 1/3 of the blame. The other 2/3, rested on can-you-guess-who? That's right, me! His owner. I'm the one who encouraged him to use it earlier, instead of making him give it up and put it back where he had found it. I was the one who didn't check to see if it might have been cursed first, which would explain the dark, raining cloud looming over him, and only him.

But then I told myself, “Get a grip, woman! Yes it's 2/3 your fault, and only 1/3 your Neopet's fault. But you can fix this! There's got to be a way to cure this, at the Neopian Hospital!”.

So that's what I did next. I took my very reluctant Eyrie to the Neopian Hospital, to get him diagnosed. The doctors there determined some very bittersweet news.

“Well, I have good news for you, and I have bad news for you, sparky1677_5. Which do you want first?”, the Gelert doctor asked me.

“The good news first, if you please”, I replied.

Somehow I had a feeling that if I had asked for the bad news first, the good news wouldn't cheer me up from the bad news, all that well.

“The good news is, the paint brush your Eyrie used to paint himself, wasn't a cursed paint brush. It's a good thing he didn't pick up and use one of those enchanted Darigan paint brushes. If he had, then he'd be in a lot more serious trouble, than he is now. The bad news is, your poor grey Eyrie has a case of the NeoBlues”, said the doctor.

I almost fainted, when I heard the news. Maybe I should've had him tell me the BAD news FIRST, not the other way around. Oh well, it was too late for that. I knew what that meant. My poor grey Eyrie, had just come down with the absolute WORST disease, ever to exist in all Neopia. And the only cure for it, with no potential cures (treatments or alternate cures) was a yummy pie. Only problem is, the cost of that was about ten times more than I had Neopoints to spend. And 1,000 of them I was keeping aside, for when his Neohome was finally ready for him to pay for it, and move into it! I thanked the doctor, and my pet and I sadly left the hospital. We then rushed to the Neopian Pharmacy, to see if they had it. Sadly, and very inconveniently, they were sold out of everything! So off we went to the Healing Springs, to see if the Water Faerie there could heal my Eyrie. Earlier, we had somehow managed to get the Tasty Pie, and I didn't have to spend any Neopoints, at all! Turns out Leo, Perseverance316's red Kougra friend, had heard about the grey Eyrie, with one of the most bizarre cases of NeoBlues ever seen in Neopia. Luckily, he was a very rich Kougra, who has almost a million Neopoints in his account. He bought the tasty pie for us, and as soon as my Eyrie ate it, he was happy again! We both graciously thanked Leo for having helped us, and Perseverance316 said for him to let them know, if there was any act of kindness or favor we could do for him, to owe him back in the future. He kindly refused, saying for us to just make sure we paid it forward. We both agreed that we would, before he left for his Neohome.

The dark grey cloud was still looming over my Eyrie's head, though, for some reason. So off we went to the Healing Springs, to see if the Water Faerie there could cure my Eyrie further.

She sadly shook her head and said, “I'm sorry sparky1677_5. There's only one way that you can cure your Eyrie of the dark cloud above his head. Here (hands me a Rainbow Paint Brush). This is the best I can do for you. Paint your Eyrie rainbow at the Rainbow Pool, and the cloud will go away and dissipate forever. Then your Eyrie will be truly happy again. One last piece of advice, though, for the both of you. Try not to go grey again anytime soon, unless of course you happen to have both another tasty pie and another Rainbow Paint Brush, in your inventory or Safety Deposit Box”, replied the faerie.

We both graciously thanked her for all her help, and headed straight for the Rainbow Pool, back in Neopia Central. I painted my Eyrie rainbow with the brush and immediately, just like the Water Faerie had said, the storm cloud above my now-rainbow Eyrie's head disappeared completely, forever! My Eyrie celebrated with a very loud screech of joy. He thanked me with tears of joy in his eyes, wrapping his arms around me in a hug, for having done everything I could, to make everything all right again. I happily hugged my now very colorful pet again, acknowledging his thanks and giving him a kiss on the cheek. Then we went off to celebrate, by going all around Neopia, to show everybody that now Perseverance316 was cured!

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