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Doughnutfruits: The Techo's Tantalizing Treats

by _brainchild_


As Techo day approaches, the minds of Neopians everywhere turn to famous Techos across the globe, such as the Techo Master, Dr. Death, and that crazy Techo Fanatic who pierces everyone's poor eardrums at the Altador Cup. However, one Techo often overlooked is the Tropical Foods shopkeeper on Mystery Island. He takes immense pride in creating the most dazzling tropical dishes, sure to delight anyone's taste buds. This article discusses his most renowned confection, the Doughnutfruit.

This amazing edible comes in several flavors: Original, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Rainbow, Sponge, Icy, Silver, Golden, Checkered, Fiery, and the esteemed Fish. All of these varieties are r99, so you may have to wait for a while before one restocks, but the tantalizing treat will surely be worth it. The taste of each one is anything but obvious since the fruits are named by color instead of by flavor. Therefore, this article will tell you the taste of each individual food so you know exactly what to expect, as well as a rating of the quality of each one.

Original – This yummy edible, simply called "Doughnutfruit", is orange in color. It tastes of juicy, delicious oranges, freshly harvested from their sunny growing location. The fruit is semi-sweet and contains pulp, just like a real orange. If you were blindfolded, you would think you were eating an orange. 9/10

Yellow – This one tastes like a sweet lemon. The fruity taste is very strong, yet sugar is present at the same time so it isn't too sour for the common palate. If you are a fan of lemonade, you will love this tasty treat. I am particularly enthralled by it because it contains real sugar granules, just like homemade lemonade. My favorite. 10/10

Green – This one boasts a lime flavor. Although the fruity and sweet flavors are present, I find that the Green Doughnutfruit tastes somewhat watered-down, like the artificial candy that you find at the Chocolate Factory. However, the fruit is much healthier than those sugary alternatives, so that helps its rating a bit. 7/10

Blue – This one tastes like blueberries, a food which I have never been fond of. However, the sweet flavor is very strong, so I can tolerate this fruit. This one does not contain real sugar granules; the sweetness would be sickening if it did. I think that blueberry fans will enjoy this edible more than I did. 7/10

Purple – Here we have a delectable grape flavor, which is very strong, although the sugary taste is also present. It tastes a bit like grape candy, only more natural and much healthier. There are no real sugar granules in this one, or the flavor would resemble grape candy exactly. I found this one to be delicious. 10/10

Rainbow – This one contains a literal rainbow of flavors, meaning all the flavors known to fruit. The various vibrant hues correspond to the fruits they taste of. Red is cherry, orange is... orange, of course, yellow is lemon, green is lime, blue is blueberry, and purple is grape. I find that the flavors are very strong in this one, yet the sugary taste is still present. No real sugar granules are in this fruit, or else it would be ruined, in my opinion. It would taste way too sweet. Because this fruit contains two flavors I dislike (cherry and blueberry), I didn't appreciate this one as much as some of the others I tasted. 8/10

Sponge – This one tastes like lemon, only not nearly as strong as the Yellow Doughnutfruit. I found the lemon taste to be really watered-down, presumably because sponges retain a lot of water. Neither the lemon flavor nor the sweetness was adequately present. I felt like I was drinking a mixture of half water, half lemonade. 5/10

Icy – What a delightful Doughnufruit! This one tastes of sugar and mint mixed together. It is neither too light nor too overwhelming. I was particularly intrigued by this food because it showcases a crunch as you eat it, similar to ice cubes. It cools you down and cures bad breath. Very nice! 10/10

Silver – This one features a flavor of... pure sugar. There are no tastes besides cane sugar, which is awfully boring. Furthermore, it contains an excess of real sugar granules, which makes it far too sweet, at least for me. I didn't think this one was a winner. 4/10

Golden – This fruit tastes very strongly of banana, yet the sweetness is also present. There are no real sugar granules, which suits this edible well in my opinion because then the flavor would be overwhelming. I am not a fan of bananas, so I didn't enjoy this one. However, I think that others who like bananas will be delighted by the taste. 7/10

Checkered – The black squares feature a licorice flavor, while the white squares taste of white chocolate. This is a much healthier option for those who enjoy the aforementioned candies. This fruit has a very smooth, creamy texture, with no real sugar granules. I dislike licorice, so I wasn't too thrilled with this one. However, I believe that others will be enthralled. 7/10

Fiery – This one showcases a cinnamon taste. While I am a fan of cinnamon, this fruit was way too spicy for me! It really lives up to its name! My mouth was on fire for five hours after I took a bite. I felt like I was going to breathe flames like a Draik. If you really like spicy food, then you could try it, but I don't recommend it. 5/10

Fish – This one, albeit being a fruit, features the flavor and texture of a real fish. It tastes very much like salmon. This is great news for me because I am a vegetarian; I can enjoy the rich salmon taste without eating fish. This edible is even tastier with butter. A wonderful choice. 10/10

Those are my opinions about the various Doughnutfruits that the Techo sells. Please bear in mind that some people may in fact enjoy the flavors I disliked, so if you are a fan of bananas, then go for it! I hope you will be thrilled with the many Doughnutfruits that the Techo has to offer.

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