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Autumnal: Top Five Autumn Items Guide - Wigs

by sosunub


When people ask others what they like doing on Neopets or what things do they do that make them stay active and motivated, the common answers usually are avatar collecting, guilds, trophies, stamps, among others. My case is completely different, however. If I had to describe myself and explain what I do on this site, I'd basically say one word: Autumn. I just love this season so so much and Neopets knows how to represent it through all the wonderful Autumn themed items such as books, grooming and even the amazing NP and NC wearable items. I think this season is very well resembled on the site and I have dedicated all my time towards this season. Everything I do and talk about will always be related to it. Neopets and the Staff Team know exactly how to take the season to a whole new level. The wearable backgrounds they come up with are just stunning and the Fall Shop at the NC Mall is expected to get busy during the months of September, October and November - This season sure does draw attention! With these articles I want to put my thoughts and opinions on the items I think are the best among the over two thousand you can find all over Neopia. With these guides I hope I can motivate and inspire you to create wonderful and outstanding customizations for your pets! - Sit back, grab something to drink and enjoy the falling autumn leaves while reading this great article.

Part One: Wigs

The perfect outfit, especially for this season, wouldn't be completed without wigs. We all know that wigs are mainly worn by female pets and so this season has a few wigs to highlight and talk about. I tried to look through most of the wigs the site offers, especially those who maybe don't have the word "autumn" on their names but still gets to look as if it were made for it. Nevertheless, I tried to talk about the best autumn wigs specifically. I found several brown/chestnut wigs around the site that also had some leaves on it but they didn't appeal to all neopet species in general so I decided to make this top five of the most beautiful autumn wigs instead. If you are a wig lover, then we suggest you to read through the descriptions to find out what makes each wig be so special for us. Whether you are looking for a classic but yet lovely hairstyle or just a simply but still pretty look, find below the best wigs to wear during this season and if you didn't know, we have found the five wigs which will suit you the best in any occasion you are considering to wear them. No matter what you want to wear them for, they will always look gorgeous on you wherever you wear them!

1. Grand Autumn Harvest Wig

We were all waiting for the day TNT releases such an amazing, outstanding wig to honor this beautiful season. This is definitely the wig any autumn princess should wear. The hairstyle is so soft that it even looks great on any kind of neopet! This gorgeous tiara has three beautiful autumn leaves beautifully sculpted symbolizing how much Autumn truly means for those who wore the wig. The colours work simply great together and I couldn't ask for anything to be neither removed or added. If you were looking for the perfect outfit for Thanksgiving day and want to give a beautiful but not so exaggerated look, this is the perfect wig you should consider to wear. Lastly, we would suggest you not to use it while harvesting. It may seem this wig was mainly made for harvesting but I'd think twice if I were you. It is a lovely wig and it would get messy if you wear it while you harvest. Wouldn't it be a shame to lose that charm vibe it gives, would it?

2. Wheat Wreath Wig

And for some reason the autumn wonderful wigs do not seem to stop amazing me with their beauty. This is definitely another gorgeous wig for those who are looking for a simpler but yet charming hairstyle. Firstly, the hair length is simply the best and the indicated one. The loops fall in such a sophisticated way that make any neopet look so pretty when wearing it. Have I mentioned the beautiful additions you find at the top? The wheats with those little cherries pretty much complete this wig and there is no way it would look prettier than how it currently looks like. If you were looking for a warm wig with a really soft colour palette, this is the one you should consider the most.

3. Long Brown Autumn Wig

As the wig name states, this is a beautiful, long autumn wig. And when we say long we truly mean it so. The length is really long and for some reason it still makes most of the neopets look gorgeous when they wear it. We only suggest you to wear it if you are considerably tall, though. What we loved about this lovely wig is how the hair straightener was wonderfully executed and the fringe plus the headband details with these three beautiful autumn leaves complete the wig on its best expression. The dark-ish brown colour with those three leaves that somehow looks as if they were made of gold as they radiate a glow inexplicably beautiful and eye-catching makes the perfect combination. This is the perfect hairstyle to wear during those cold autumn evenings in which we do not want to overdo it wearing a fancy hairstyle but still desiring to look pretty when we wear it.

4. Side Ponytail Autumn Wig

We have to thank TNT for making such an usual, special wig for this season. I was truly amazed by the simplicity of this wig which yet manages to look so pretty when wearing it. As the wig name states, this is indeed a side ponytail wig and the way it looks when wearing it is such stunning. I think it was made in the right way and we couldn't really ask for anything else. However, I'm a bit sad that we couldn't find some lovely autumn leaves around but either way, it is a lovely wig to consider wearing in the first days of Autumn during those warm and sunny days. I can't stop staring at how well done the hairstyle is. I mean, the designer made such an amazing job displaying the hair in this way and still managing to make it look great. Kudos for that!

5. Autumn Windswept Wig

This may sound funny but when this wig first came out I quickly thought about spaghetti and meatballs. Not sure if I did because I was hungry back in that time but the hairstyle was definitely one of the best ones I have ever seen before. We have a few things to point out about this gorgeous wig and to start with, the way it look when your neopets wear them is fantastic. It looks like as if some kind of gust was softly trying to move that beautiful hair and as if those autumn leaves that you see on the wig had been casually stuck on it without notice. This would be the perfect autumn scene in which you are just walking on the street trying to deal with some strong winds and then, when you realized it, you have three beautiful leaves attached to your beautiful dark chestnut hair. The hair length is something to appreciate as well because when you wear it, with or without a gust happening in that moment, it looks even longer than what we were thinking about.

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