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Neopian 'Follow Me' Quiz - Special 700th Edition

by daughters_ofthe_moon


It's been quite a while since I've brought you a fiendishly mind bending quiz with a Neopian slant so what better time than now - in honour of the 700th edition of the Neopian times. I've wracked my brains to think about how this quiz could be different to any of my previous quizzes and with a little bit of Flaming Bomberry Krawkade to set my creative juices flowing it came to me. I don't know what this type of quiz is called so with a bit of artistic license I've decided to call it a 'Follow me' quiz.

Here are the rules.

I'm sure some of you are saying rules-shmules and just want to dive in and see what happens. If that's the case then scroll on down. Hopefully it won't be a disaster the like of which I haven't seen since my journey through the 1000 tombs in the Lost Desert. That was one time I definitely should have followed a map!

If you're the more cautious type like Finneus and like to have your books and resources ready before you even attempt your quizzes then read on.

The quiz is set into 3 sections. One for each digit of the number 700. You start at the red dot and solve the clue to find a Neopian species. You fill your answer in following a clockwise path around the number. Each answer, besides the first in each digit, starts with last letter of the answer before - hence 'Follow me'. The red line shows the end of one set of clues and the beginning of the next.

In case you're still not sure what to do, or my explanation was harder to follow than a Meerca's tail, then here's a quick example using a number 1.

Example Clues:

1. I am incredibly vain, spending hours each day combing my mane and admiring my reflection. One of my famous members was cursed to a monstrous form each night and was Prince Jazan's loyal companian. What species am I?

2. I originally come from Meridell and you'll hear my cloven feet when I prance around. One of the most famous members of my species created a puzzle that even today can stump the cleverest mind. What species am I?

The answer to the first clue is Uni so the next species must start with an I.

(The Nightsteed being the unforgettable Uni.)

The answer to the second clue is Ixi.

(Sinsi and her game Shape Shifter being the famous Ixi.)

Hint: The species pages let you know all about the different species if you get stuck. If you still need help there are always the Neopedia and Jellyneo's Book of Ages with a wealth of information about famous Neopians.

Some say it's harder than finding Hoban? Others have said you must be braver than Hannah to attempt it. Ready to tackle this task? Off you go ....

Here's the grid you can either print or fill in using paint.


For the seven:

1 - I'm prehistoric, yet rocking! One of the famous members of my species sells out the Tyrannian Concert Hall every month with his famous band. What species am I?

(This is neither here nor there since it's personal opinion but I think this is the cutest baby out there.)

2 - As a general rule I am curious and fun loving although there is a famous grump among our species. If you see him coming with a brush it's best to rush away! What species am I?

For the first zero:

1 - I appeared one day without much warning at all, I'm highly prized and you could say rare. I have awful trouble with people selling my young as a food. My species are often guardsmen and soldiers but every so often you'll see someone with a different talent like a glazier. What species am I?

2 - I'm famous for my night time flights and mischevious giggle. I love to bounce a ball around and flit around my lab. What species am I?

3 - I love to charge around and cause havoc. One of my more famous members is an archeolinguist and expert of ancient lore who set out to seek a Lost Isle. What species am I?

4 - I like to live in trees, I'm a loyal friend and often share the food I store with friends. My biggest claim to fame is the toy based on my species that collectors can't get enough of. They even have their own yearly -con. What species am I?

5. I'm highly intelligent and curious. I use my cunning to outwit others. I often ponder questions like ' Brothers and sisters I have none, But this Nimmo's father is my fathers son... ' What a conundrum. What species am I?

For the second zero:

1. I'm very quick as I dart through the ocean. Some say I can sense danger in the changing temperature of the water. One of our famous members was a master chef to the Maraquan Royal Family before it's fall. After that he washed up on the shores of a new land where he now serves food to the demi-god, Mumbo Pango. What species am I?

2. I am swift-footed and eager to help others. Some of us are cool, suave, and sophisticated, with nerves of steel, and the ability to hide even the most blatent of cheats beneath a stern poker face. What species am I?

3. I have a voracious appetite and will eat absolutely anything. If you don't keep me well-fed I'll eat anything I can get my hands on! Our most famous members are fighters and gladiators. We even boasted a leader of a stealthy Guild though after a fierce battle he is now presumed dead. What species am I?

4. I am brave and loyal, sometimes over confident, and enjoy adventuring in new territories with friends. At halloween, for some of us a strange mutation happens during the full of the moon. One of our most famous members is one of King Skarl's most trusted knights and is called upon whenever the safety of the land is at risk. He helped save Meridell from Lord Darigan's forces. What species am I?

So you think you're finished? The solution is right at the bottom so you can see if you've got the goods.

So how did you do?

I completed it in -

Less than 5 minutes - You're obviously someone who has wandered the lands of Neopia. You're as clever as Nabile! Nothing can stand in your way. Well Done.

Less than 10 minutes - You're smarter than Sutek, making matches quickly and deftly. Just a little more adventuring might be needed to let you reach the top of the pyramid.

Less than 20 minutes - You're going to want to head to Neoschool for a bit of a catch up session. Is that really the best you could do?

More than 30 minutes - You're bumbling around like Bruno after the mutation. You got there in the end but if you ever want to be the hero you're going to have to step it up.

Finished, what's that... - Have you ever been to Neopia? You might want to visit a little more before you try a puzzle of this magnitude again.

I hope you enjoyed this quiz, if you did try some of my other quizzes.

Happy 700th Neopian Times!


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