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70 Things to Improve Your Account

by kelly_d60


There are so many things you can do to improve your account. Everyone can do it, it might take a little bit of work, but every goal is within reach. So, it's time to get started! Perhaps you can even try to complete one a week?

1. Purchase or upgrade a battledome weapon

It's easy to get stuck with the same old weapons, but it isn't just training that will improve your performance in the battledome. Get yourself a better healer, or a weapon that deals more damage. The folks at the battledome chat are often happy to dish out advice on the best one to get.

2. Spend two hours restocking

Restocking does seem impossible at first, but it's one of the best ways to make neopoints. You'll build confidence up over time. Choose a few easy shops and just aim to make a small profit at first. Learn the ropes of choosing items and haggling before stepping into the faster shops. You'll be snagging the best items in less time than you may think. A great guide is http://www.neopets.com/~ayzire and you can use Jellyneo's item database to see what the profitable items are.

3, Join a guild

It is amazing what the right guild can do for your account. There is a guild to cover almost any interest, so you are sure to find one to suit you. In the right guild, you'll be motivated, make great friends and always have something to do. Whether it's earning a guild reward, chatting or participating in an activity, guilds are a true community in the neopets world.

4. Invest in the stock market for five days

It is easy to get started in stocks. Just purchase 1,000 stocks going at 15 neopoints each day. Then, wait and sell for a profit. Many players choose to sell at 60 or 100, but as long as the stock as higher than 15, any is fine. You can, of course, get much more involved, but even this casual daily will generate a slow profit.

5. Write 1,000 words towards a Neopian Times article or story

Whether or not you are a talented author, you can still write. Articles are a great option for the uncreative. Is there something on the site you are particularly good at? Write a guide on it to help others. Even then, you can research your way to a great article, and take an indepth look at a part of the site. If spelling isn't your strong suit, get a friend to proofread your work for you.

6.Feed a kad

Much like restocking, trying to feed those kadoaties can be pretty intimidating at first, but soon you'll be feeding like a pro. The kind folks on the timing keeping board (found on the game board) keep a track of the next time there may be a new group of kadoaties to feed. When the time comes, refresh for about a minute or so. If those unfed kadoaties show up, quickly highlight and copy the name of the item. Have the shop wizard ready in another tab to search. Once you've got the item, click the kad to feed her. Don't worry if you miss, it takes practice to get faster.

7. Enter a pet into the Beauty Contest

Whether it's old art or new, you can have a got at the Beauty Contest (provided you haven't won gold with that art before), and don't worry if your art isn't the best. There are categories such as draiks and blumaroos that are quite popular and therefore more difficult, but there are plenty of others, like skeiths and kikos, that are much easier. Don't forget to spend some on the art, spotlight and premium boards to advertise your entry and let your friends know.

8. Add five cards to your neodeck or spend 300k

A neodeck is quite easy to ignore, but it is yet another collection to add to. The cards start quite cheap, so it's easy to get started. If you are further along, you can even try to restock a few on the way to that trophy.

9. Paint or morph at pet

There is always that one pet we've been meaning to do something with. So, make a decision and just go out and do it! Set yourself a goal and start saving towards getting your pet just the way you want them. The perfect base can make customisation so much easier, or ties into a story or even allows your pet to complete a family.

10. Earn 10,000 experience in Neoquest I or II

Neoquest is an easy but slow and steady trophy. There are plenty of guides out there, which makes it pretty easy to complete. I often play Neoquest while restocking or kadding. It is a nice way to pass the time, while not getting too distracted. Plus, there's trophies, neopoints and items to earn.

11. +15 HSD for any pet

HSD is health, strength and defense. A highly stated pet is always impressive, and there are plenty of ways to get there. Whether it's the traditional way through the pirate academy and island school, or through the lab ray, faerie quests and a variety of dailies and items. Once you're paying about four or more codestones , it is often cheaper to then train straight to the ninja school.

12. Purchase the Secret Lab Map

If you haven't already, saving for the lab map is a great goal to start with. You can save up gradually for individual prices and get used to the whole process of making neopoints and saving them. It's always a boost to start achieving goals.

13. Increase your high score in five games

Sometimes, it's good to spread out and see what else is out there. Either you can try out a few new games or spend a bit of time on some familiar favourites. It is a great way to find some new games to try for trophies when you think you can't get any more as well. Try clicking on the 'random game' button in the corner and just going for the first game to come up.

14. Make or update a tradelist and/or wishlist

If you are a regular neocash trader, it's easy for your lists you get out of date, so it's good to now and again go through and either add or remove any necessary items. An updated list can make trading a lot smoother. If you are a restocker, creating a list of items you have to sell can help you keep track of what you have. A wishlist can be good for anyone, to keep track of what you are saving for next, and, crossing things off is always a good feeling.

15. Create an application for a pet

Quite often, users decide to move on, or are no longer inspired by a pet. Their pet can often go up for adoption, allowing you a chance to achieve a fantastic pet. Whether it's a well thought out neomail, or one of those incredible petpages, anyone can make an application. Pick a pet out and have a go, the only way to guarantee rejection to not try. http://www.neopets.com/~Applicant is a great guide.

16. Learn a new CSS or HTML talent

Whether you are a veteran coder or are new to coding, learning different coding talents is a great way to be able to make your pages unique and adapt them to be just what you want. It's pretty easy to get started, with a lot of easy to follow guides out there to great started. http://www.neopets.com/~orloz and http://www.neopets.com/~Sariyra are two good guides that talk you through creating a layout. Editing premade pages can teach you a lot as well.

17. Place food club bets every day for a week

The food club is one of my biggest neopoint earners. You won't win every day, but I am yet to hear of a regular bettor who has made an overall loss. There are plenty of pages of dailies bets to follow if you are new to betting. http://www.neopets.com/~hostia lists bet pages. If you are more confident in betting, why not have a go at making your own?

18. Try sniping for an hour

Sniping is much easier if you have the super shop wizard. Sniping involves searching for items to try and find ones for sale for less than the usual price. There are a few ways to go about sniping, whether by searching for specific items or searching random key words. Who knows, you may get lucky!

19. Upgrade a game trophy

Coming back to an old game to try for a better trophy can often be left in favour of achieving brand new trophies. But, having gold trophies is always impressive, so it is good to go back and see if you can't push yourself to go that bit better and gain the next trophy.

20. Add ten stamps or spend 300k

Whether you are trying to complete a single album or trying to increase your overall count, stamps are one of the most popular collections. While stamps do get very expensive, there are plenty of cheap ones to get. Plus, achieving a stamp avatar or trophy is an incredible achievement, and the only way is to get started.

21. Create an unique petlookup

If you have the talent, you can create the perfect lookup for your pet. But even if you can't, there are plenty of premades out there to tweak. Whether it's art, graphics or some writing, a petlookup is a fantastic place to show off your pets personality. You can either free up a petpage, or have your petlookup tie in with your pet's page, and either way your pet has a place to shine.

22. Earn a new trophy

The best time to try for trophies is reset day, the first of the month when the scores are reset and lower than usual. But, it's always good to have a bit of practice throughout the month. There are trophies to get mid month, so there is always something to try for. http://www.neopets.com/~emma_katie_k is a great guide to get started.

23. Create a portfolio

Alternatively, a project page to keep things simple. A portfolio detailing your goals, achievements and a place to keep notes, links, images or anything you like is a great resource to have. A portfolio keeps you organised, and tracks your progress towards a goal and is a place to let you shine.

24. Write a poem to enter into the Poetry Contest

Much shorter than writing for the Neopian Times, you don't have to be a fantastic poet to have a go at the poetry contest. If you can rhyme, you can have a go. It just takes a bit of work and consideration to get everything working. It's also good to base your entry off of an upcoming event to have a better chance of being accepted.

25. Read fifty books to a pet

The book award takes a fair bit of time to reach, but that is no reason to not get started. There are hundreds of cheap books to read and slowly build your way up towards that illustrious book award and increase your pet's intelligence. There's even a skirmish boon to build up their intelligence that much quicker.

26. Add ten items to your gallery or spend 300k

There are many gallery themes to create, with an organised gallery always being a delight to see. Scrolling through the items are they work together to create something impressive. You can even make a more practical gallery for your investments.

27. Feed ten gourmet foods to a pet

Gourmet feeding isn't incredibly popular, but it can get your pet a nice trophy. Gourmet foods are rarity 90 to 100 and, like any collection, start very cheap and gradually get more expensive. If you are looking to feed quickly, let your pet reach dying and then you will be able to feed every 75 minutes.

28. Fight and defeat fifty opponents in the battledome

As well as being a nice daily, offering neopoints and a variety of items including codestones and nerkmids, the battledome is a testament to your pets. Increasing your wins is a nice little statistic to work on, or you can try and beat every opponent. Or, you can just get into a habit of fighting in the battledome every day as one of your dailies.

29. Dress a pet in a new customisation

If you are a regular trader of neocash, your customisations probably change regularly. But, your pets may languish in the same old clothes for ages. Giving a pet a new look is like giving them a fresh coat of paint, and just makes them seem that much more impressive. If neocash is not your thing, there are plenty of neopoint items to dress you pet in. Have a look at the customisation spotlight for inspiration.

30. Full stock and price your shop

While your shop may be carefully maintained, many shops remain empty with only the occasional item tossed into them. But, a shop can be a great way to make some neopoints, so take the time to go through your SDB for all those items you'll never use. You may be surprised of the profit you'll make.

31. Earn and save 500k towards a collection

It's good to not just focus on the small items for your collections sometimes, and go for one of those big items. Those bigger items just make your collection seem that much more complete, plus it's a sense of accomplishment to see them. So, get started at chipping away.

32. Create new artwork for any pet

Most of us have a pet we've never drawn before, or just one that we haven't drawn in ages. So, take some time to sketch a portrait of your pet as yet another way of celebrating them. Whether you display it on their petpage, enter it into the beauty contest or just keep it to yourself, you'll get better with every attempt.

33. Read ten booktastic books to a pet or spend 300k

Reading booktastic books to your pet is a different goal to just reading books, but can still award your pet with a trophy that is much more accessible. A booktastic badge requires far fewer books (127 currently) and is still a fantastic goal for your pet to achieve. Booktastic books are those sold in the booktastic books shop.

34. Earn 50k from playing games

While a fairly slow way to make neopoints, games are nevertheless the great way to make some. There are plenty of guides out there, detailing the best games to play for neopoints (game ratios change monthly, so the best games to play also change.) But you'll soon find a few favourite games to play, and maybe even a new daily to add to your list.

35. Write five hundred words towards a pet

Whether it's a story, description or notes on their goals and achievements, spending some time writing for your pets can help you clarify their personality and goals. It doesn't matter if you are a great writer or not, just start writing and perhaps your pet will start forming before your eyes.

36. Purchase or paint a petpet

Yet another way to make your pets that much more impressive, a perfectly matched petpet compliments your pet. A petpet can add a new piece to your pet's story, or just be something beautiful on their lookup. Either way, a petpet does complete your pet.

37. Create an unique userlookup

Your userlookup should be a place for you to shine. Your accomplishments and your personality. There a plenty of premades to tweak to your style, and adding your own art, graphics and writing just personalises your account. A beautifully done userlookup is always impressive, and is a corner of Neopia that is uniquely yours.

38. Complete 20 employment agency jobs

Yet another little statistic for your pet, employment agency jobs can also turn over a profit. You can complete basic jobs for free, or use coupons for better profits - pink and purple are best. Complete three jobs at first, but then you'll have to wait a bit before completing four and then a bit more for five.

39. Fight twenty times in a skrimish

Take some time to sign up for a faction, and if you're lucky enough to pick the winning side, there's an avatar and some nice boons for your trouble. It can be frustrating to try and get those avatars, but just keep picking a side and they are sure to come out on top before long.

40. Try for a game avatar thirty times

Instead of simply aiming for an avatar, instead just aiming for a few attempts allows you to break what may seem to be an impossible goal down into easy goals. Spend a bit of time with a guide or two, and just start to practice. You'll slowly get better, and may even realise that the avatar really is in reach.

41. Create an unique neoboard font

There a many different fonts to create, whether it's a practical font to display your name or a link, or just something pretty to look at. There are plenty of premade fonts out there to tweak to your liking, so everyone always knows that it's you posting.

42. Complete the Altador Plot

If you haven't already, the Altador plot is always open to complete. While it does take a bit of time, there are plenty of guides to help you along. It's a nice goal to complete for the trophy as well as something to do inbetween plots.

43. Go fishing with your pet every day for five days

Fishing is a quiet little daily to complete, and really not difficult at all. But, there's a nice avatar and maybe even a few nice items if you stick with it long enough. Plus, a high fishing statistic just tell everyone about your dedication.

44. Add ten items to your neohome or spend 300k

Neohomes are probably the most overlooked aspect of the site. But, there's a nice spotlight for you if you manage to create the spiffiest neohome. There are heaps of items out there to place together, and you can get very creative with them. Have a look through previous spotlights for some inspiration.

45. Create a list of goals

Whether for a day, week, month or year, a list of goals can help keep you on track. It's a great idea to break your goals down into small steps that don't seem as intimidating, to help you achieve that big goal. Plus, being able to cross things off of your list is a great feeling.

46. Spend an hour pound surfing

Alternatively, spend an hour in the pound chat trying to find a trade. Often, the only path towards a dream pet is to slowly work towards it through trading. It can be a long process to get there, so persistence is key as you never know which pet will show up next.

47. Spend an hour auction sniping

Auction sniping involves looking for auctions priced at less that the usual value of the item. While it does take practice to get items, it can generate a nice profit. Auction sniping can also be a good option for when you can no longer restock.

48. Submit an entry for the Storytelling Contest

There's a new storytelling contest every week, so if you've got a talent for writing, there's sure to be something to tickle your imagination sooner or later. You don't even need to write a full story, just a small bit to carry the story along. Have a go at entering, and you may be lucky enough to be picked.

49. Collection fifty items towards a mass collection

A mass collection involves collecting as many copies of the same item as possible. A mass collection is often cheaper than a collection of various items as you can easily pick an item worth a single neopoint. The challenge is in tracking down perhaps thousands of them to collect, but it's still great to see that number go up.

50. Complete and submit a comic to the Neopian Times

A comic is a great piece to collaborate with a friend on. All you need is a friend with some artistic talent or a friend with a great idea, depending on which you've got. You could even have a go at drawing your own comic, as artistic perfection isn't necessary as long as it's funny.

51. Spend some time chatting on a board

While this may seem like it's not going to get you anywhere with your goals, friends are what makes Neopia go round. Friends can motivate you and generally make this site a great place to be. So, if you haven't already, put yourself out there and strike up a conversation.

52. Set up twenty personalised lottery links

The lottery offers up a trophy, avatar and a nice lot of neopoints for winning. But, it's easily missed as a daily and taking some time to set up links can help with ensuring it is done every day. http://www.neopets.com/~emma_katie_k#lottery is a great guide, even though it takes some time to maximise your picks by covering as many options as possible.

53. Create a new graphic

Whether it's a button, banner, icon or full layout, creating your very own graphics is another way of showing off your artistic talents. There's a heap of tutorials at http://www.neopets.com/~energid and all over Neopia to get started, and half the fun is playing around and seeing what you can come up with.

54. Restock five profitable items in the Igloo Garage Sale

The igloo garage sale is an easier alternative to restocking, offering up a variety of items and no haggling required. While there isn't a huge profit to be made, you can make a bit and it's a nice way to get started before stepping into restocking.

55. Upgrade your shop five times or spend 300k

Even if you don't regularly use your shop, it can be argued that having a large shop is still an impressive thing to own. But, if you do utilise your shop, fitting in more items does mean a larger profit, and you can even work towards the goal of getting your shop large enough to be in the main market.

56. Enter your pets into the Customisation Spotlight

Like any spotlight, all you can do is enter and see what happens. There are many beautiful combinations of clothing to create, from the cheap to the expensive. It's often said that the neopoints category is easier, as there is usually less competition, but just keep trying each week and you never know.

57. Spend two hours searching for the Mystery Picture

If you are anything like me, you'll regularly look at the new mystery picture and think that it looks familiar, but never take the time to look. But spending a bit of time actively searching for the image can mean a nice trophy and prize. It can take a while, and you won't always find it, but you might just stumble across it.

58. Add five new wearables to your closet

It's easy to get stuck using the same old items in every customisation. But, its good to now and again branch out to new looks and revitalising your closet with a few new pieces is a great way. Whether it's neopoint or neocash, there's so many options out there that you are sure to find something.

59. Earn 500k in any way

Everyone has their own way of earning neopoints, so spend some time just working on what works best for you. You may be surprised at how quickly the neopoints can start flowing once you focus and get into a habit. So, pick any method you like and stick with it for a while.

60. Brainstorm five ideas for a story or article

Whether it's ideas for the Neopian Times, a pet story or anything else, sitting down to consider and dream up a few ideas is a great way to get your creative juices flowing and possibly think of something completely different. You might even think of a bunch of ideas for the next milestone issue!

61. Spend an hour advertising for an avatar lend

There are some kind folks on the avatar board who are willing to lend you their pets and items to allow you a chance at some lovely avatars. But, you'll need to spend some time advertising and have at least a reasonable account. So, put yourself out there and ask for a lend - you never know who might be around.

62. Try for a random avatar thirty times

Whether it's Edna's quests or the lever of doom, getting those avatars can be frustrating. So, sit down and dedicate yourself to trying for a set amount of time. You just have to get lucky sooner of later, and finally cross that pesky avatar off your list.

63. Play a non-flash game thirty times

There are a bunch of non-flash games out there, such as Pyramids and Neggsweeper. A lot of them offer trophies that don't require you to be on a high score board, and some even have a cu.mulative trophy if you're mad enough. They are easy to forget, though. So, take the time to play a few rounds and you may walk away with a nice trophy for yourself.

64. Spend two hours on a petpage

Whether you code, write or create some art, take some time on your petpages, no matter what you use it for. A well thought out and executed petpage is a lovely thing to see, whether it organises you, proudly shows off a pet or is a fantastic site. So spend a bit of time either creating or polishing up a petpage to be proud of.

65. Decide on a major goal and create a plan

Something that's going to take you a year or more. Something that you may think is out of reach. Finally decide on what it is exactly that you want to achieve and then create a plan of how you'll get there. Break it down into easy daily goals and soon you'll be on your way to a goal you never thought you'd achieve.

66. Spend an hour on a side account

We so often forget to put a little love into our side accounts, and just let them languish bare. So, take some time to spruce your side account up. Give it a nice layout, customise your pets and generally sort things out. It's nice to have your items and pets organised. Also, linking your sides to your main can make things easier!

67. Draw an entry for the Art Gallery

Effort matters more than talent, so put some time into a piece and you never know. You'll have a better chance by focusing your entry on an upcoming event. You might not get in first time, but keep practicing and you'll get better.

68. Do you dailies every day for a week

If you are in the habit, you probably do your dailies every day without fail. But, it's easy to get into the habit of forgetting as well, so make a list of dailies (or used one of the premade lists) and get started. You can get some amazing items, avatars and even trophies from dailies, so they are well worth it.

69. Spend 100k on a luck and chance game

Though luck and chance game trophies can be a pain to get. So, commit yourself. The best time is reset day if you are going for a trophy, so use the rest of the month to save up and pick a game and then go for it on the first. Hopefully you are lucky enough for that trophy.

70. Read the new features and the Neopian Times

While it may seem simple, reading these helps keep you up to date in what's happening in Neopia, and alerts you to any events and changes going on. Also, you've been working hard on your account! So, take some time out to read this very special 700th edition of the Neopian Times (:

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