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Do YOU Do Anything Backwards?

by indulgences


Did you ever chance upon a species outfit that made you gape with wonder? Did you spot that perfect Acara Festival Gown or Sweet Purple Lenny Wig that made you seriously contemplate adopting a pet just to dress it up in its species clothes?

Well, you're not alone! I too am often enamored of various species clothes. For instance, the Xweetok Popstar outfit was the first wearable outfit I ever fell in love with, and I still dream of owning a Faerie Xweetok someday just to dress her up in the Popstar clothes. I'm not even a fan of Xweetoks, but the Popstar outfit is so beautiful that I would readily adopt a Faerie Xweetok just to clothe her!

My mind is wired the wrong way round! Most people create or adopt their favorite pet species on their accounts, and THEN dress them up. My mind works oppositely! I love the species clothes so much that I'd rather pick a species outfit that I love, and THEN create or adopt the pet to go with it!

Wondering if I was the only weirdo who did things backwards on Neopets, and thinking this would make for an amusing Neopian Times article, I decided to wander over to the Neoboards and ask them what things THEY did backwards!

Many players admitted that they had similar addictions to mine! The most popular consensus was that the backgrounds on this site are gorgeous and amazing, so much so that the players try to brainstorm a pet species and color to go with the backgrounds, instead of the other way around. Trust the TNT artists to create such beautiful backgrounds to inspire and awe us! I never thought a person would create a Yellow Gnorbu just because it would correspond with a terrific background…yet that's what people do!

One player admitted that he has two computers, one brand new ultra-fast laptop, and a dated and antiquated desktop computer from the late 90's. He admits that he plays Neopets only on the dated desktop computer because games are slightly slower and easier to play on it, such as Ice Cream Machine. Only on Neopets would having a "bad" computer be considered to be an asset! I had to laugh and give him a virtual high five!

Another player admitted that she always keeps her pet miserable! I have to admit, that seems quite sad and backwards! Only on Neopets is the artwork of a sad pet so amazing that it's better to have a sad pet than a happy one. Thanks, TNT artists, for bringing so much life and character to our beloved pets!

One player had an incredible stamp and shell collection that literally made me gasp. She admitted that she wants to get an avatar for each completed page, even though there are only a handful of stamp avatars available right now, and no shell avatars at all. I thought this was amazing! She's doing everything the wrong way round, since most people would only complete their stamp collections for the avatars that have already been released, and not complete their collections in anticipation of new avatars that don't yet exist. She admitted that she's spent hundreds of millions of Neopoints on her collection, and I had to applaud her determination!

One player that I spoke to has a completed Fountain Faerie quest, but she refuses to use it. She's saving it in case TNT rolls out with a new pet color. I thought this was quite unique, and even a little backwards! Most people have dozens of dream pets and would use their FFQ right away, not save it for future pets whose new colors might take months, even years to arrive. She's saving her FFQ for pet colors that don't exist yet, and I had to applaud her ambition!

One player openly admitted that he's quite backwards when it comes to earning money, because he earns massive amounts through Stock Market and then keeps a huge sum at hand. He wants the Tax Beast to take away a huge chunk of his Neopoints. Apparently you land on a high score list if he takes away enough! That's quite backwards, considering most people are AFRAID of the Tax Beast!

One aspect of the Neopets website that we all deplore is the lamentable inability to remove Paint Brush clothes from our Closets. As a player with 81 Paint Brush clothes from years and years of Lab Ray zapping, I'm pretty desperate to give them away to people with correspondingly painted pets. You'd think I'd love having such a huge collection of Paint Brush clothes, but the truth is, I'm rather backwards. I'd rather get rid of the clothes and customize my pets using the NC Mall.

One player admitted that she strives to create themed accounts. By this, she meant that she plans to have an 8-Bit account with an 8-Bit themed user lookup and 8-Bit themed gallery and pets. She loves the idea of 8-Bit so much that she created her lookup first, and is now striving to adopt 8-Bit pets from other players. This is quite unusual! Most people adopt the pets first, and THEN edit their user lookups to correspond with the pets. But I totally understand where she's coming from. When I adopted my Pea Chia, it inspired me to create a side account totally composed of Neopets' tiniest creatures. I gave the side account a cute lookup and adopted a Grape Chia to keep my Pea Chia company, and I'm so proud of the result!

Several months ago, I created an Orange Koi just because I wanted to enter her in the Beauty Contest. Not only did I earn a gold trophy, I developed a zeal for drawing Kois! This is quite backwards, I must admit! People usually draw their favorite pets, not create new pets just to draw them. I entered my new Koi in the contest because I knew Kois were rarely entered (and therefore, had less competition), but now I'm so in love with my Koi that I plan to keep her and enter her again in the near future! I met many players who had similar ambitions. One player said that he doesn't even like Unis, but he has one Uni that he enters into the Beauty Contest just because Unis are easy to draw. After seeing his collection of gold and silver trophies, I had to heartily congratulate his (backwards) zeal!

I must admit, when I first started playing Neopets, my brand new Neofriend recommended that I get the Secret Laboratory Ray as soon as possible and start zapping my pet, since I didn't want to go through the effort of training my pet. This was really good advice! But I must admit, my pet ambitions must seem backwards to some. I created the pet without caring about its species and color, but with the goal of achieving 1000 hit points and an eventual Lutari. Most people create their Lutaris and then train it manually, using Codestones and Dubloons.

One player admitted that she has the weird habit of collecting Petpets, but not pets. She has 36 Petpets in her Safety Deposit Box, and can't find a good pet match for any of them! I had to grin and agree that this was quite backwards! I've never met anyone like her, and I had to wish her much luck with finding future pets that will match her treasured collection of Petpets!

One player said that she would stock up on common Job Agency items before going and accepting jobs. And several players all admitted that they stock up on common Kadoatery foods before visiting the Kadoatery. This might seem backwards to some, but as a previous Kadoatery feeder, I had to nod and smile! I loaded my own inventory with fifty Kad foods a long time ago, and it made getting the Kadoatery avatar so much easier!

Some players mentioned that TNT is fond of releasing new colors, yet those colors don't correspond to any Neopian countries. For instance, we have a Faerieland and a Darigan Citadel, but no 8-Bit or Pastel Land. This is quite backwards, I had to agree! Why release colors that don't have any basis in Neopia? I would LOVE to visit an Eventide Land someday!

So this was my article containing all the backwards things we do on this site! Even TNT wasn't immune. Is anyone else still hoping for an 8-Bit Land to appear someday? I sure am!

Thanks for reading this article, my fellow players! I'm glad to have met so many unusual and unique players on the Neoboards! Stay tuned for more articles from yours truly, and have an amazing week!

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