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Hints & Tips When You're Coming Back to Neopets

by alyndasgallery


It's common knowledge that Neopets has been around for quite a while now. As a player who joined in the early years, it's really exciting to see that it's still thriving all this time later. With that said, there have been several periods where I've taken a break from the site; when life gets busy, the time just gets away from you!

Over fourteen years later and I've never left for good though - that's pretty exciting. In that time, I've developed a bit of a strategy to ensure that coming back to Neopets is as painless as possible. Here are some hints & tips that might be useful for you too, as you navigate your way through the site.

Save your password

It sounds simple - but it's all too easy to forget the little things when you've been away for a while. I don't like saving on my devices (for security purposes) but I recommend writing it down or saving it somewhere that is easily accessible should you need a reminder, but safe from sneaky eyes.

Look at the New Features page

By far, the quickest and easiest way to see what's current here at Neopets, is to visit the New Features page. You can even skip back a few weeks/months if you need to, so you can see what events, or plots, have been taking place recently. The only downside to this can be seeing all of the awesome things that have gone on that you'll wish you had stayed for! Ah, hindsight.

Invest in the Stock Market

While you're actively playing and enjoying yourself, make use of the daily stocks. If you put a little of your Neopoints into the stock market now, it can become passive income in the future, should you decide to take a break. Be warned though; stocks go up and down, so your points could go either way! Chances are though, you'll find that some of them have blossomed, leaving you with a nice surprise.

Make use of the NeoLodge

If you know you're going away on holidays or will be away from the site for a set amount of time, make sure you put your Neopets into the NeoLodge. It's a simple step that ensures they will be hungry and happy, and you'll have less chance of them getting sick or turning blue while you're away.

Don't forget your dailies

An easy way to get back into the swing of things if you've recently resumed your Neopets experience, is to go ahead and get back to your daily activities. Visiting sites such as the Fruit Machine, Tombola, Forgotten Shore & others, will hopefully help you with gaining some quick Neopoints and maybe even finding a rare item or two!

Get busy playing games

Desperate for a few quick Neopoints to get you going again? Go play your old favourites - and be sure to explore the new games that have likely popped up in your absence. Remember, the featured game will give out bonus Neopoints, so that one is always worth playing.

Raid your Safety Deposit Box

Depending on how long you've been away from Neopets, some of your items stashed away in your Safety Deposit Box may have drastically increased in price. New quests, new avatars; all these things can suddenly boost the going rate of your items. You'll need to visit the Shop Wiz, and hopefully the Trading Post, to put a new price on your items - but it's worth it, especially if you end up with more Neopoints in your bank account.

Check your Shop Till

Maybe you had a full shop the last time you were playing Neopets, and simply forgot about it? Your shop till might surprise you! Check out your history and see if you had some other Neopians visiting your store and keeping it active while you were busy. Don't forget to restock it with goodies too, so that you can keep on keeping on in the weeks and months to come!

Visit the NeoBoards

I like to keep myself up to date on what's changed since I've been away by visiting the boards. For example, I only recently discovered that the Kadoatery feeding times have changed slightly since I was last active, and I had no idea that the Trading Post had increased it's Neopoint allowance. It's the little things which might have slipped through the cracks, that will be sure to bring you back up to speed.

Meet some new people

There are lots of people like yourself who have come and gone from the Neopets website over the years - it's not just you, I promise. While some of your old NeoFriends may have long disappeared, you might be pleasantly happy to see some still remain active to this day. And if you don't see any familiar faces, there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people and make new friends around the site. Pick a hobby, or help out at the Quests boards, and start chatting; the possibilities to meet new people are endless here. Best of all, you're all here to enjoy the same thing - spending time on the Neopets website!

Go exploring!

Depending on how long it's been since you've been away, there might be a few small changes to the site, or there might be some HUGE new things to discover. Restock a few shops, visit new worlds, try some new dailies that have become available, update your avatar collection - there are so many things to see and do, you only need to find them. I've recently become quite addicted to finishing some of my collections, and while some prices have gone up, others have gone down - it's all relative. See what new things you can find, and bookmark them so that you remember to check back on them later.

And there you have it! My hints and tips for coming back to Neopets - and having a great time doing it! I hope this gives you some great ideas on where to go next, and I look forward to hearing about any other activities that could be added to this list.

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