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A Guide to Misunderstood Neopians

by aquariuschick30


A Guide to Misunderstood Neopians

by aquariuschick30

We've all done it: Unfairly judged a fellow Neopian. Sometimes it's unintentional, but it's hard not to when often only one side of the story is shown. That is the case for many unfortunate, misunderstood Neopians whose names are slandered on a daily basis. Some of them are in the Gallery of Evil, some even have their own games, and some just mind their own business, still somehow receiving criticism from their fellow Neopians. Perhaps seeing another side to their story will convince you that looks can be deceiving, and that there are two sides to every story.

The Snowager:

Many of us have been blasted by the Snowager - a very large creature that lies atop an endless pile of treasure in the Ice Caves. Many Neopians sneak into his lair at least once a day for a chance to steal one of his items. But is this creature as bad as it seems? For one, it lives in a cave that can barely contain its enormous size, so it is living in uncomfortable conditions, which are bound to make it grumpy. Secondly, it only gets three hours of sleep a day because it must stay awake most of the day guarding its treasure from greedy Neopians. Sleep deprivation makes even the best of us cranky. Thirdly, coincidence or not, the Snowager bears a striking resemblance to the Snowickle. Now, every Snowickle loves shiny things and becomes attached to them. Is it then fair to hold the Snowager's hoarding problem against it when it is a trait shared by Snowickles? Lastly, some food for thought: How would you like it if someone came into your Neohome and stole your favorite things?

Ghost Lupe:

Probably the Neopian least deserving of his entry in the Gallery of Evil. Sure, the Ghost Lupe is kind of a grump and scares you when he sneaks up to yell at you to stay away from Mystery Island, but there is a perfectly good reason for that. Neopian scholars believe that this is the ghost of a Lupe by the name of Sylva, who was aboard a boat that had come to colonize Mystery Island. Tragic events unfolded, beginning with a storm that capsized the boat and stranded the remaining crew on Mystery Island. According to Sylva's journal, his bride was kidnapped by natives and Sylva went after her. This is the last known record of both Sylva and his bride. It is said that he still wanders the jungles of Mystery Island, whether it be to continue to look for his bride, or to keep the natives away from the booming tourist attractions, no one knows. Either way, he is pretty harmless.

Tax Beast:

Another Neopian in the Gallery of Evil, the Tax Beast is just doing his job, which happens to be collecting your money for the general upkeep of Neopia. Sometimes you need to see past the inconvenience of 10% (or 25% depending on his mood) of your Neopoints on-hand being taken by him, and look at the bigger picture: A beautiful, fun Neopia. Who knew the Tax Beast played such a big role? Sometimes jobs make you angry though, and it is no different for the Tax Beast. If you want to avoid him altogether (shame on you for evading your taxes!), only keep the absolute minimum amount of Neopoints on-hand that you will need to get through the day. If you like to live a riskier life, take a heap of Neopoints from your bank account and see if he'll visit. You could even get a trophy out of it!

Count von Roo:

The third Neopian on this list in the Gallery of Evil, Count von Roo's only vice is gambling. Though he is a vampire, he can't help what he is anymore than anyone else can. A long time ago, he was cast out from society for being what he was. He never sought revenge, but instead settled on Roo Island and learned of his love of gambling in the form of Deadly Dice. He even gives you the opportunity to raise your pet's level by winning against him in a match. If you tie and then win on the next roll, he gives you an avatar! Sounds like a pretty decent Blumaroo. Beware that if you lose, your pet will lose a level (or more, if you have tied beforehand), but those are the stakes (pun intended)!


Florg is a Mutant Chia who was created by Dr. Sloth. Not much is known about his past, but it can probably be assumed that he was an innocent Chia, before being mutated and made by Dr. Sloth to do his bidding, which eat petpets? Be that as it may, he is far from the only Neopet to eat a petpet (I'm looking at you Skeiths, Jetsams, and Grarrls), so why is it that he gets so much criticism for doing it? Likewise, while the Turmaculus gives you rewards every once in a while for waking him, he can also eat your petpets, which no one seems to mind! In fact, people visit him every day in hopes of getting their petpet eaten for his avatar. Well, guess what? Florg can give you an avatar for helping him eat petpets! In his game, which is aptly named Feed Florg, the petpets are doomed either way: Fall off the table or be eaten by Florg. Might as well feed a hungry Chia, in that case. Feed him enough, and get the avatar!

Dr. Frank Sloth:

Only kidding! He actually is evil. Nothing can justify enslaved Grundos and his efforts of Neopian domination or destruction.

So next time you raid the Snowager, get a startling random event, or play an upsetting game, try to remember that these Neopians are not quite as they seem. While some Neopians have earned their place in the Gallery of Evil by doing some truly horrendous things, those Neopians listed here are either not included in the Gallery at all, or if they are, they are not really deserving of their place there. They are not evil, but not quite good. They simply are, and that is alright.

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