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The Background for the Chocolate Ball

by aleu1986


When the Annual Chocolate Ball is arranged, there is also an issue of the Neopian Times dedicated to... you guessed it, Chocolate! As with other special issues of the NT, the Chocolate Ball one has a unique background featuring different kinds of chocolate items. If you`ve ever wondered what these items are, their names and what they`re made of, this list will give you all the answers. There are eighteen different items, so let`s dive in and check out these tasty treats!

Bar Of Chocolate


Yummy indeed, this is one of the most common chocolate treats in Neopia. It`s a milk chocolate bar that can easily be broken up into ten pieces, to nibble on all to yourself, or you can share with your friends if you`re not too greedy. The wrapper keeps it fresh if you don`t finish it all in one day, and at about 900 NP it`s practically a steal. (Not that you should actually steal from the Chocolate Factory or any other place!)

Mint Chocolate Chia

This minty chocolate Neopet treat is rarer and more expensive than the normal chocolate version (and also tastier!)

This chocolate item has been around since the very early days of Neopia. Don`t let the simplicity fool you, the Mint Chocolate Chia is actually a Gourmet Food, albeit a very affordable one. This is a nice reward for your Neopet if they like mint. If not, you can just eat it yourself.

White Chocolate Nova

Oddly enough this plain white chocolate Nova is very hard to get hold of.

Released in Y5, the White Chocolate Nova was probably difficult to come by at first, but after many years, there are many of them in circulation, so you should have no problem getting one. It`s made from creamy white chocolate, and similarly to the aforementioned chocolate, this is also a Gourmet Food.

Chocolate Apple

Don`t worry... any worms you find are also made of chocolate.

The Chocolate Apple is made from solid milk chocolate, expertly fashioned to look like a real apple, right down to the realistic details of the stem and a little leaf. It`s even the size of a proper apple, making this a hefty treat that is best shared with your friends or Neopets. Oh, and if you do find any worms in this apple, chocolate or not, feed them to your Pteri.

Chocolate Bush

The entire thing is edible, but it doesnt grow back.

Having a Chocolate Bush in your garden is not adviseable if you live in the hotter regions of Neopia (you`d end up with a chocolate pond instead!) but otherwise this makes a stunning conversational piece and a delicious meal for those not worried about cavaties. Everything on the bush is chocolate, from the milk chocolate leaves, to the dark chocolate roses and even the roots are made from white chocolate! The leaves and roses sadly won`t grow back if you eat them, though. So it`s up to you if you want to gather your friends and gobble this up, or if you can resist temptation and have this beautiful bush as part of your NeoGarden.

Gilded Flow Chocolate Fountain

The most expensive chocolate fountain money can buy.

This is a large fountain beautifully decorated with two gilded Gulpers, a stunning addition to your garden. Why not buy one and arrange your own little Chocolate Ball for your friends? You`ll get plenty of envy and admiration when they see you`ve added this gorgeous fountain to your lawn. Don`t let the description fool you, this fountain is not unbuyable.

Chocolate Chia Jam

Filled with chocolate for sundaes, cookies and gracklebugs.

Ooh who can resist creamy, rich, delicous chocolate jam? Scoop it out of the jar and smear it cold on bread or cookies, or heat it up and pour it over a big bowl of ice cream. Like the item description says, you can use it on gracklebugs too, if that`s part of your diet.

And don`t worry, the Chia in the name is just from the shape and face on the bottle, this jam is not actually made from Chocolate Chias. (Unless the cook that made it was a Lupe..)

Chocolate Chip Biscuits

Warm chocolate chip biscuits are a yummy treat for any pet.

Now that autumn has begun, it`s time to cuddle up in the sofa with good books and some yummy treats that will warm you up. Some prefer hot cocoa, while others swear to baked goods. These Chocolate Chip Biscuits can be picked up fresh and hot at the Bakery, or you can make some yourself. These are also available with white chocolate chips.

Chocolate Elephante Sundae

A little cherry tops off your Elephantes headpiece on this cute little sundae.

From a hot treat to a cold one. Chocolate comes in many shapes and forms, and one that is a favourite amongst many young Neopets is ice cream. Chocolate is one of the most common and popular flavours, and here you`re served a nice helping of ice cream shaped like an Elephantes head, with a banana serving as the tusks. There`s even a little cherry on top! You better dig in before it melts! (Serves one).

Chocolate Faerie Mallows

Strawberry filled marshmallows dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with a little faerie dust!

Here is an exotic and special treat from the beautiful Faerieland! These are great for anyone who likes marshmallows, though they are obviously not meant to be roasted on a fire. There is strawberry cream inside, and they`ve been dipped in chocolate, making them scrumptious little mouthfuls. These marshmallows have also had faerie dust sprinkled on them, which explains the pink wings and their tendency to flutter away before they can be consumed. Note also the delicate detail of the faerie wings symbol painted with dark chocolate on each one. A lot of love and care goes into crafting these little mallows, so make sure you savour them!

Chocolate Orange Doughnut

A fresh baked doughnut smothered with a thick layer of dark orange flavoured chocolate.

The combination of dark chocolate and orange is not something everybody appreciates, but for those that do enjoy it, this is a nice snack. It`s also a good choice for someone who is a chocolate "light-weight," which is to say they can`t eat a whole bowl of chocolate ice cream or chomp down a whole chocolate bar in a few minutes without feeling queezy. This is a nice alternative for those who like chocolate, but isn`t crazy about it. (Yes, people like that do actually exist).

Chocolate Sprinkle Doughnut Hat

Mmm... this hat may be fun, but it is also quite tasty!

Now we come to the only wearable on this list. This is not the type of hat that lends your Neopet an air of elegance and style – it certainly won`t help them land an invitaion to the Chocolate Ball. But who cares, you can still eat the doughnut! Mmmm... hat doughnut.

Chocolate Scallop Shell

This chocolate is shaped to look like a shell.

This gourmet chocolate comes out of Kiko Lake, not Maraqua or Mystery Island, as some would think at first glance. This unique looking sweet is made from the richest, creamist milk chocolate, carefully carved to look exactly like a scallop shell, there are even light chocolate swirls going across it. The shell is not massive chocolate, it is in fact hollow. It`s possible to gingerly pry it apart without breaking it.

Chocolate Milkshake

A tasty Kau Kau Farm Milkshake can be a filling addition to any meal.

Whether you choose to have this as a dessert, with a meal or just as a way to cool down, a Chocolate Milkshake is always a good choice. It`s made from fresh Kau milk and rich chocolate ice cream, ready for you or your Neopet to enjoy. If Chocolate isn`t your favourite milkshake flavour, there are plenty of others to choose from. They range from the standard: Vanilla, Strawberry and Banana, to the more unusual: Kiwi, Raspberry and Coffee. Kau Kau Farms have milkshakes to soothe every kind of pallet. (This has been an advertisement for Kau Kau Farms, brought to you by: Kau Kau Farms).

Codestone Truffle

This rather spectacular chocolate was unveiled at the Annual Chocolate Ball in Year 7.

Ten years ago, the Codestone Truffle was shown to the lucky few who got an invitation to the Chocolate Ball. This stunning creation reaped plenty of applause, and when the lucky attendants of the ball had their first taste of this truffle, they were amazed. While a Gourmet Food, the Codestone Truffle is quite affordable, so why not get one to share with your Neopet? The symbol on the cake is that of the Mau Codestone, and the truffle is also decorated with stripes of white chocolate. Irresistable!

Chocolate Man

Hmmm what a strange shape, wonder what its meant to be? It tastes good though!

The final and most iconic item is the Chocolate Man. Released in Y3, this item is also the subject of a much coveted avatar, awarded only to those most skilled at restocking at the Chocolate Factory. The shape is strange indeed, bearing the resemblance of a Jinjah. It`s not made all from chocolate, it`s actually a cookie smothered in a thick layer of dark chocolate. The Chocolate Man is decorated with pink gumdrop buttons and a sweet smile made of lemon flavoured icing.

This concludes the list of items featured in the Chocolate Ball NT background, I hope you enjoyed it and perhaps found some new treats and Gourmet Foods for your Neopet to try. Feel free to check out my other articles, and NeoMail me with any comments or questions.

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