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Owning an Edible Pet

by i_love_cute_neos


Have you seen a Chakoto Chia you absolutely loved? A Chocolate Chomby you can’t imagine your life without? Or, maybe, you’re crazy about those ever elusive Jelly Jubjubs? Maybe, just maybe, your heart is set on it but something is just holding you back. After all, owning a food-colored pet can seem like quite a daunting task.

There’s a lot you want to keep in mind when you choose the huge undertaking of food-based pets. There’s some care rules that vary greatly from your regularly pets. And, these rules also vary slightly from one food-based pet to the other!

But, don’t worry. Here’s some base rules and tips for caring for you newest dream pet. They aren’t complicated and are fairly simple to follow. All you have to do is think about it!

First, and probably most importantly, be aware of your temperatures! Of course, this goes for any pets you may have and for yourself as well. You don’t want to be outside for too long on a hot day and you certainly don’t want to let your special friends get carried away having fun and spend too long outdoors, either.

However, it may not be as obvious with your food-based pets. Even cooler weather can be too much for a chocolate pet if the sun is out and shining too brightly. Shade will be their best friend and sticking around indoors may not be a terrible idea in the dog-days of summer. Limit their time in that baking Lost Desert as well.

They’re also like to get stiffer quicker than your other pets if it’s too cold outside. Make sure to bundle them up carefully. You don’t want to hold in too much heat either!

Second, you have to deal with the very, well, appreciating looks your pet may get. They look delicious. That is the easy and simple truth. Even more than that, they smell delicious. All the time. You’re likely to get a little hungry yourself hanging around a beautiful Chocolate Aisha.

Of course you won’t take a taste of your friend! We all know that. And, while the looks of hunger can be off putting for both you and your pet, it’s highly unlikely that anyone else is going to come up and try and take a chomp out of them as well. Most people, and pets, have far more restraint than that. Yes, even including Grarrl’s.

Where the danger comes in is with our favorite little companions for our pets. Petpets have far more trouble with controlling themselves around delicious smells. And, honestly, how can we blame them! If your pet is going to want a smaller companion to keep them company, they’ll have to assume all responsibility and make sure they’re well fed. Otherwise, who could resist a little taste?

Third, while we know you won’t actually eat your pet, you should still be careful of what you eat around them. No one expects you not to enjoy chocolate or jelly just because you have pets painted those colors. That would be asking way too much and even our pets know that. Honestly, sometimes, these pets like the foods they’re painted after occasionally, too.

However, you should still be careful with the amount and enthusiasm you put into eating these dishes. You can see why a Pea Chia would be a little uncomfortable with you eating four bowls of pea in front of them. That would be enough to make anyone nervous! So, limit your intake in front of your friends. If you have to eat three bags of chocolates, wait until they’re in the next room!

Fourth, being made of chocolate or jelly or any food can get a little messy. You’ll have to do laundry regularly and sometimes those stains just won’t come out. Even if they do, there’s only so much extensive washing one garment can take before it’s faded or falling to pieces! It may start to run a little pricey having to buy new clothes for your friend so regularly. However, they next most fashionable shirt won’t be far from release anyways and it makes the perfect excuse to go ahead and buy it.

You also have to worry about your Neohome. You might find crumbs and colors and some juice here and there from our fruity friends. You’ll have to be on top of your house care to keep the place spick and span. Not to mention to keep out any unwanted guests who would like nothing more than to snack on that mess. It might not even be the worst idea to go ahead and hire a maid or some kind of daily house cleaning service before you get your new pet. And, like with clothes, be prepared for replacing furniture to get a little pricey. Unless, of course, you want to go with the never out-of-style plastic covered furniture look inside your home.

The biggest thing that food-based pets need is the same as any other pet. They need your time, love and friendship. You have to play games with them. You have to read books to them. They may want to train. They’ll want to eat. They’ll want to spend time with you and talk to you. You just have to be there for them like you would any of your other pets. Now, that’s not too much to ask.

Having a food-based pet isn’t as hard or scary as it may seem at first. You only have to follow a few basic rules which, in the end, are really only related to remembering what kind of pet you have. They’re very simple and very obvious when you simply think it through.

And, in the end, having a food-based pet can be an extremely rewarding experience. They’re ridiculously cute. They’re extremely stylish. And, they take great pictures. Plus, and probably most importantly, if it’s a pet you really, really want… You’ve got it with nothing holding you back!

Don’t be afraid. Take the leap. Morph. Paint. Adopt!

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