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Top Ten Summer Activites

by parceltongue


Need somewhere to rest your head this August? Or are you simply eager for adventure? Fear not! By the end of this guide you will be set.

• Head down to the Beach

For as long as I can remember, the beach has been the prime location to rela, catch a spot of nice weather and take some time off from everyday Neopian life. Here, you can spend the day building sandcastles, paddling in the cool ocean waters and sharing ice-cream with your beloved pets – all for the cost of zero Neopoints! A word to the wise vacationer: don’t forget to bring your own towel as those pesky Jubjubs have gotten into the habit of stealing them and leaving tourists stranded and covered in sand.

• Take a hike through the Lost Desert

Is the beach a tad too relaxing? The Lost Desert is your choice. Another prime location with golden sand baking under the scorching hot sun, the Lost Desert is well-loved throughout Neopia for its hilly landscape and wonderfully scenic view. Your pets will love hiking through the beautiful dunes and this adventure will be sure to leave you wanting a summer snooze at journey’s end. If you’re feeling lucky during your sojourn in the Lost Desert, be sure to visit Coltzan’s Shrine, where old Coltzan has been rumoured to bestow rare prizes and Neopoints on the dedicated traveller. Venture a little futher into the Desert and you will encounter the little town of Sakhmet, famous for its Lucky Scratchcards and the local favourite pasttime, Sakhmet Solitaire. Put on your game faces and prepare yourself to snag a shiny new trophy! I advise your strongest sun cream for your trip to the Lost Desert.

• Spend an afternoon at the Rainbow Fountain

Many Neopians consider the Rainbow Fountain a makeover spot for when their pets need a new coat of paint. I’m here to tell you the Rainbow Fountain is much more than that. A beautifully serene fountain presided over by the Fountain Faerie, Naia, feel free to head down for the day and enjoy some time by the lovely cool waters while chatting with the friendly and gentle faerie. Remember to take your own packed lunch as Naia has forbidden Hubert from selling his prized hot dogs in the vicinity after his bitter rivalry with her friend the Battle Faerie, Aethia. Should you crave a dip in the magical waters of the Rainbow Fountain, you might get lucky and have Naia send you on a quest, where the successful completion of said quest will earn your pet a makeover of their choice. Many a lucky pet has chosen the gorgeous Ice or Stealthy colours as a gift from Naia.

• A day at the Poogle Races

Off to the races! Whether you’re an avid gambler or simply enjoy watching the cutest Poogles hard at work on the race tracks, Poogle racing is a sport adored by many Neopians. It’s always a good time to visit as there are new races every 15 minutes, and remember to place your bets of not more than 300NP each! Don’t forget to cheer for your favourite Poogle and give them a special snack beforehand to encourage their performance. Who knows? You might make a head start in your personal race to opening an Ultimate Riches bank account too. A bit of friendly advice: Poogles sometimes take ill before a race, and Hoochie Coochies is often contagious especially in the warmer summer months. Time to make sure your pet has had his vitamins!

• Get a Summer job at the Faerieland Employment Agency

A lazy day in the sun not your thing? The Faerieland Employment Agency is a good choice for any diligent or business-minded Neopian. Each job taken at the Employment Agency is more experience, and increases your pets’ chances of further employment. Every time your pet completes a job, their job ranking within the Employment Agency increases – your pet will definitely have something to boast about among their friends. Jobs within the agency range from seeking out tasty milkshakes to hunting down bargain cosmetics. Please remember that you will need a Job Coupon for jobs that are not Basic Jobs.

• Have a relaxing break and the Neo Lodge

The Neolodge is a large hotel operating within Neopia Central. Hugely popular with a myriad selection of rooms, you never need to worry about making a reservation and can simply walk through the doors and check your pet in. A room at the Cockroach Towers is the cheapest at 5NP a night, but as the name might suggest, your pet might be spending a fretful night combatting pests rather than relaxing. Feel like pampering your pet in the lap of luxury? The Astro Villa is the priciest of all options at 500NP per night, but your pet will be sure to feel like a king or queen in the beautifully-furnished rooms. The Neolodge also provides a wide range of amenities such as Tennis Courts, Laundry facilities and Maid Service. Only the best for your adorable pets, right?

• Make a wish at The Wishing Well

In a time where we are told that we must work hard for what we want, the Wishing Well is a magical anomaly where a donation amount at least 21NP might grant you your heart’s desire. Many Neopians have wished for items such as a Bag of Peanuts, the fearsome Count Von Roo Contacts and even goodie bags of years gone by, and opening them for a surprise treat. Each Neopian can make a maximum of 7 wishes a day, so it’s worth tossing your spare Neopoints into the well and keeping your fingers crossed!

• Stock up for September at School Supplies

At the tail-end of every summer vacation, the thought of the approaching school term in September looms over us all. Be well-prepared and beat the back-to-school rush by stocking up at School Supplies. From pencil cases to back packs, nothing is out of reach for the customers of this helpful little shop. If you decide to visit, you will be waiting in line with other Neopian students, writers and artists there to replenish their own stationery stashes. Only the most studious of Neopians will be so keen to start school again after a wonderful summer holiday, so it definitely helps to provide some motivation in the form of adorable new school supplies.

• Take some stale food items to feed the poor Kadoaties

My goodness, what’s that horrible sound? The crying of Kadoaties echoes throughout the Neopian Plaza as the Kadoaties wail endlessly until they are fed by the next kind Neopian. The Kadoatery is a specialised hotel for Kadoaties whose owners are away on vacation. If you visit at the correct times and are quick on your feet, you will be able to feed the Kadoatie of your choice a tasty little snack. However, be aware as these Kadoaties are fussy little critters who will demand specific food items at any one time. In spite of their hungry little ways, many Neopians adore the creatures and have dedicated hours of their time catering to their every whim with offers of food at any time of day.

• Have lunch at Grundos Cafe

If you’ve had enough of strutting around Neopia, blast off to outer space and have lunch at Grundos Café. Located within the Virtupets Space Station, this small outfit is run by the local Grundo who will not only serve you your food, but will gladly chat about the latest news and problems within the Station. Many visitors to the café also stop by the local facilities such as the Spell or Starve game, or the Lever of Doom, which hopeful Neopians continuously pull in hopes for the illusive avatar. At 100NP a pull, make sure you have enough coin jangling in your pockets!

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