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The Comprehensive Guide to Premium Collectibles

by painted_dreams87


In January of 2013, The Neopets Team (TNT) added an additional perk to being a premium subscriber. This perk awarded every premium subscriber with a free Neocash item around the 15th of every month. What item they award is random with anything from an accessory to a wearable to a background, though often times, the item ties in with the season or holiday of that month. In this guide, I will discuss every premium Neocash item that has been awarded so far in detail as well as give it a one to five star rating with five stars being the best.

January 15, 2013 - Taelia Handheld Plushie: 3/5 stars

Not only was the Taelia Handheld Plushie the first ever premium Neocash item rewarded, but it also started the theme of awarding items that tie in with the season or holiday of that month. It was fitting to receive a doll of the Snow Faerie during what is usually the snowiest month of the year for many players. The doll couldn't possibly be any cuter or cuddlier with her bright blue eyes and winter apparel. She rests nicely in two-legged pets' right arm, and she sits on the ground somewhere in between the center and right side of four-legged pets (depending on the species). She's the perfect addition to any winter customization and could potentially be used in holiday customizations as well, however, her use is limited to just that time of the year, which is why I give this collectible three out of five stars.

February 16, 2013 - Opalescent Wig: 2/5 stars

The Opalescent Wig, neither fully silver nor pink, sweeps and flows across the heads of pets. It's a beautiful and eye-catching wig, but it's a difficult one to customize with. If your customization needs a silver wig to be complete, this one isn't quite it. Alternatively, if you need a pink wig, even just a subtle one, this one doesn't do the trick. While it looks decently nice on species such as the Aisha and Blumaroo, it doesn't sit right at all on species as the Draik and Kacheek. For the right customization on the right species, this wig can be stunning, however since it's hard to pull off and doesn't work on many of the popular species, this wig receives two out of five stars.

March 15, 2013 - Sparkling Floral Vine Staff: 4/5 stars

With its intricate swirling design, sparkling effects, and less is more approach to flowers, the Sparkling Floral Vine Staff is gorgeous. It's a highly versatile item, perfect for a number of different customizations. If your pet is in a garden surrounded by flowers, this staff will fit right in. If your pet is a fairytale character in some enchanted woods, this staff could easily pass for a magical one. If your pet is going to a ball, dressed in her finest gown, this staff would be the perfect accessory. The staff fits just right in two-legged pets' left hand. When worn on four-legged pets, an additional flower and some leaves are added to the bottom of the staff, which sits on the ground to the left of the pet. Since the staff looks great on most species and is so versatile, I give it four out of five stars.

April 15, 2013 - Peaceful Water Fountain Background: 4/5 stars

The Peaceful Water Fountain Background was surprisingly the only premium Neocash background awarded in 2013, a trend that changed during 2014 and 2015. The background features a stone Swabby on top of a water fountain with a long stream of water falling from it, a tall and circular stone wall decorated with moss, a cloudy sky with a few tall trees behind the wall, a small pond with a few small lily pads floating in it, and some plants in the foreground. When worn, the pet stands on a stone base with the plants in front of them and everything else behind them. Despite having so much going on, the background feels minimalist. Nothing is overdone, and the background allows your pet to stand out in it. The background is fitting for a wide variety of customizations, and it could easily be used for a princess, a casual summertime day, or anything in between. My only complaint about the background is that the animation for the water flowing from the fountain could be smoother. Overall, I give this background four out of five stars.

May 15, 2013 - Red Gingham Top: 2/5 stars

With its fun pattern, ruffled sleeves, collared neck, large buttons, and tied bottom, this top has the power to be either an adorable summertime must-have or something your pet should never be seen in it. It really comes down to which species is wearing it. On species such as Blumaroo and Draik, the top fits wonderfully and could be just what you need to complete a sunny day outfit. However, on species such as Koi and Wocky, it looks downright silly. While the shirt could possibly work for certain other customizations, it's clearly meant to shine in your summertime designs, making its use limited. For this reason along with how it doesn't work on so many species, I give it two out of five stars.

June 15, 2013 - Radiant Flower String Lights: 5/5 stars

With glowing flowers that produce a faded shower and tangling vines, the Radiant Flower String Lights add a lot to so many customizations. When used on lighter backgrounds, the flowers are a nice touch, complimenting existing gardens and spring days. When used on darker backgrounds, the glow of the flowers stands out in a beautiful way. Many would see these lights and jump to the conclusion that they're for your springtime designs, and they would be right. However, these lights are also perfect in some indoor backgrounds as well. For example, adding them to The Big Dance Background adds to the atmosphere. The lights blend in as if they are simply decorations at the dance. With these string lights being one of, if not the best, floral string lights, I give them five out of five stars.

July 15, 2013 - Sunny Day Skirt: 3/5 stars

While wearing the Sunny Day Skirt, your pet is sure to stand out from the crowd. With its vibrant colors and heavy floral pattern, this skirt is definitely meant to be flaunted on warm sunny days. Finding a top to match the intensity of the skirt can be challenging, but I found two that matched quite nicely. The Floral Summer Top is a near perfect match, even going with the floral pattern on the skirt. Alternatively, the Cute Yellow Spring Blouse also ties in well and has a flower on it. The skirt fits most species fairly well, however since it lacks versatility both in terms of tops to wear with it and seasons it can be worn during, I give it three out of five stars.

August 15, 2013 - Summer Flower Tree: 1/5 stars

With detailed leaves, baskets filled with pretty flowers, and a cute orange ribbon around it, the Summer Flower Tree could have been a nice addition to many spring and summer customizations. However, the patch of grass on the bottom of the foreground as well as the large blurry leaf in the bottom left corner make this foreground nearly unusable. When playing around with this item, I had a hard time finding more than a few backgrounds that work well with it since matching the grass in the foreground to the ground in the background was a challenge. Even when I found the right combinations, I was so distracted by the large blurry leaf that I ended up choosing not to use the Summer Flower Tree in my customization. For these reasons, I give it one out of five stars.

September 15, 2015 - Pretty Chocolate Bodice: 1/5 stars

My first impression upon receiving the Pretty Chocolate Bodice was confusion. The ruffled collar that's completed with a bow and cherry, the ruffled bottom, and the pattern make it a nice-looking item. However, it's essentially a sleeveless chocolate shirt, and the description tells you to avoid the sun due to it being made of real chocolate. Everything about it screams Valentine's Day customization to me, but since it's sleeveless, it seems like an odd choice for such a cold month. Overall, I've only used this shirt in indoor Valentine's customizations since that's the only use for it that makes sense to me. The shirt does look decent on multiple different species, but since I can only see a use for this item in one customization each year, I give it one out of five stars.

October 15, 2013 - Spiky Black Lace Cape: 5/5 stars

The Spiky Black Lace Cape is an excellent example of TNT releasing premium Neocash items that fit with a holiday since this one arrived just before Halloween and couldn't be more perfect for spooky customizations. With its ghostly transparent color and black swirls complete with a red gem to tie it together at the neck and subtle spikes at the bottom, this cape looks amazing over so many different dresses and outfits. Perhaps the best thing about it is that it fits nearly every species perfectly. While it's clearly ideal for any Halloween or spooky customization, it's not overdone and could be used in other customizations, such as outdoor winter, as well. Overall, this is one of the better premium Neocash wearables, which is why I give it five out of five stars.

November 15, 2013 - Sturdy Work Boots: 1/5 stars

As far as premium Neocash collectibles go, the Sturdy Work Boots were a disappointment. With their tan color, plaid-patterned flaps, and heavy-looking appearance, they definitely appear to be durable shoes. For the right customizations, they may be perfect. However, they pale in comparison to other the available alternatives. The Autumn Lace Boots and Adventure in Pastel Boots are adorable choices to give your feminine pet a durable shoe choice. For winter wear, the Brown Fleece Lined Boots are the perfect choice for a warm, sturdy-looking boot. On top of there being better alternatives, the Sturdy Work Boots leave much to be desired on most species. For these reasons, I give them one out of five stars.

December 15, 2013 - Knitted Shirt and Tie: 2/5 stars

The Knitted Shirt and Tie was a great idea in theory, but the actual item is a bit of a mess. It has a bright blue collar, grey-blue tie with a swirling pattern on it, and red suspenders with bright yellow clasps all on top of an light olive green striped shirt with dark olive cuffed sleeves. Simply put, there's just too much going on in this shirt. However, it does provide a fun and unique shirt for your pet to wear. It has a charming quality to it when worn on certain species, such as the Grarrl, and I could easily see it being used a tacky holiday shirt or a shirt for the office. Despite its tacky appearance, this shirt does have a time and place, and I give it two out of five stars.

January 16, 2014 - Heart Contacts: 5/5 stars

Released in time for Valentine's Day customizations, the Heart Contacts were an instant hit among customizers. When worn, they change the eyes of your pet to a light pink color with bright pink hearts for pupils. They added a nice finishing touch to your Valentine's Day outfit or to give the appearance of being in love, which gives them year-round use. The contacts are lovely on nearly every species, and I think there's something adorable about the way they look on Quiggles. Since they are a versatile item that looks wonderful on so many species, I give the contacts five out of five stars.

February 15, 2014 - Lighted Tree House Background: 5/5 stars

The Lighted Tree House Background is the perfect mesh of having a lot going on in a background without it being overdone. With the sweeping wooden platform and stairs, multiple lit-up tree houses, and gently blowing trees and bushes, this background is stunning and has endless possibilities. As is, it's perfect for any spring or summer customization or add a foreground or background to make the background work for your autumn customizations. The earthy tones make your pet stand out as the star of any customization featuring this background, and it's a perfect opportunity to use your wearables that don't necessarily fit well with other customizations. For all the reasons I've already stated, I give it five out of five stars.

March 15, 2014 - Overgrown Clover Umbrella: 3/5 stars

The Overgrown Clover Umbrella provides us with an item for a time of year that we're currently lacking items for , St. Patrick's Day. Astonishingly, there are very few clover wearables in existence. It's nice to receive a clover item that can serve both in our St. Patrick's Day customizations as well as our spring ones, since it's both a clover and an umbrella. The vibrant green colors as well as the detailed leaf pattern are gorgeous. My big problem with this item is that it loses its appeal when worn on four-legged pets since the placement seems a bit off, leaving much of the clover covered by the pet. Overall, I give it three out of five stars.

April 15, 2014 - Blonde Anchor Wig: 2/5 stars

The curled ends, pointed bangs, side braid, and blue streaks come together to make this one adorable blonde wig. Unfortunately, the large blue anchor that hangs from the braid takes away from the wig, making it incredibly difficult to use in customizations. When the item was released, many expressed their disappointment at seeing what could have been such a cute wig ruined by adding an unnecessary anchor to it. When paired with the Fancy Sailor Dress, the two come together to create something special, but the use of the wig is pretty limited beyond that. For that reason, I give this wig two out of five stars.

May 15, 2014 - Oversized Flower Rug: 2/5 stars

The Oversized Flower Rug has petals that are in various shades of purple as well as a pastel yellow center. It looks so soft and warm that you can't help but wish that you could curl up and take on a nap on it. It looks nice with the right background, but the issue is finding the right background since the rug sits too high on many of them. Two examples of a background that works with the rug are Grassy Meadow Background and Toy Room Background, which brings me to my next point, babies. This rug looks absolutely adorable on any baby pet, so cute that it's easy to look beyond how difficult it can be to customize with. My other issue with the rug is that it's so oversized that the petals are cut off on both sides and the bottom, and it would have been even cuter had we been able to see the entire flower. Overall, I give this rug two out of five stars due to how limited its use is and the flower not being complete.

June 15, 2014 - Glowing Contacts: 3/5 stars

With a neon green glow and swirls radiating out, the Glowing Contacts can be the right touch for your magical customizations. When paired with items such as the Charming Witch Dress and Decorated Witch Hat and Wig, they create a sense of magic in your pet's appearance. They look great on many species, but the contacts simply don't work on certain species, such as the Aisha. While the contacts are perfect for your Halloween and spooky customizations, they don't work for much outside of them, which is why I gave these contacts three out of five stars.

July 16, 2014 - Birthday Tent Background: 4/5 stars

The Birthday Tent Background gives a unique perspective of our pet as we are on the outside of the tent looking to him or her sitting inside of it. This background has a lot going on with a small path in the bottom left corner, an overhang near the top, and a large opening that's decorated with various objects, including a big blue bow. That's just what we see on the outside. As we peek inside of the tent, there are decorations, a chair, balloons, and gifts, and we can safely assume that a birthday party is taking place. Despite already having so many different birthday backgrounds available, this one shines through as one of the most unique, and it's perfect for any warm-weathered customizations. I give this collectible four out of five stars.

August 15, 2014 - Sunflower Fields Background: 5/5 stars

The simple beauty of the sunflower field, the gently turning windmill, and the rolling hills in the far back, complete with a bright blue sky filled with clouds and a shining sun make the Sunflower Fields Background the perfect choice for your spring and summer customizations. Everything about this background is understated and wonderfully done. Small touches, such as the sun extending rays down on to the hills and flowers, really tie everything together. This background is easily five out of five stars.

September 15, 2014 - Flared Riding Jacket: 1/5 stars

At first sight, the Flared Riding Jacket is a stylish and adorable choice for your pet. However, as you begin to put together an outfit with it, you soon realize how difficult it is to work with. Unfortunately, something feels off with the layering of the jacket. Most dresses and tops stick out behind the jacket in strange places, such as behind the neck or beyond the bottom sides. The problem seems to be even worse on four-legged pets. I wish I could love this jacket since it had so much promise, but sadly I can only give it one out of five stars.

October 15, 2014 - Spooky Brightvale Library Background: 2/5 stars

While having a haunted library was an awesome idea in theory, it didn't work quite as well in execution. The Spooky Brightvale Library Background has an abundance of candles all over the floors and on the books, various shelves filled with tilting books, a touch of Brightvale colors, and a window with a view of a haunting red moon. For me, the combination of Brightvale and spooky library just didn't work. The green and gold colors seem thrown in there, but they don't fit with the rest of the background. The moon is easily the best part of the background, but it also distracts from everything else. It seems like this creepy library is missing one obvious touch, spider webs. Nearly every library has spider webs, so you would expect a haunted one to be full of them. Since this background doesn't quite work for me, I give it two out of five stars.

November 15, 2014 - Whimsical Fall Hood and Wig: 1/5 stars

With its dark green knitted hat, long dark blonde hair, brown leaves, red berries, and orange flowers, this wig is truly unique. Unfortunately, something about the colors on it seem off. Rather than reminding me of autumn, they come across as muted and lackluster. When paired with the majority of autumn-themed wearables, the wig doesn't work. However, it pairs nicely with the Autumn Festival Dress. The wig looks particularly nice on Draiks but also works decently well on most other species. If the wig wasn't so limited in use (even within the season it was intended for) and had a more autumn-inspired color scheme, I would have rated it higher, but for the reasons I already mentioned, I give it one out of five stars.

December 15, 2014 - Holiday Boat Ride Background: 5/5 stars

The Holiday Boat Ride Background is a unique and absolutely stunning item that surely became a staple in many premium users' closets as the most popular premium Neocash item released to date. When worn, your pet is sitting at the edge of a boat surrounded by holiday lights that subtly change from multi-colored to white, purple ribbons, bells, and holiday wreaths. Behind your pet, there is a tree with glowing lights, the silhouette of a city with hints of lights, shining water, and a deep blue night sky. While this background was obviously meant to be used in holiday customizations, the holiday touches are so beautifully understated that this background could easily work any time of the year. I give this background an easy five out of five stars.

January 15, 2015 - Heart in the Clouds Garland: 4/5 stars

A bright pink sky, heart-shaped fluffy white clouds, a hint of sparkle, and a bright shine in the center combine for the lovely Heart in the Clouds Garland. The garland manages to transform many different backgrounds into a perfect Valentine's Day wearable. For example, adding it to The Big Dance Background instantly transforms it into a Valentine's Day dance. Being a versatile item, it's not limited to just your Valentine's Day customizations. Since it's not over-the-top, it can be used to add a feminine or love-struck touch to your year-round designs. For these reasons, I give this garland four out of five stars.

February 15, 2015 - Valentine Glade Background: 4/5 stars

With deep red, heart-shaped leaves in a somewhat dark forest, the Valentine Glade Background is certainly unique. If it were a neopoint item, I would probably love it. However, I feel that it leaves something to be desired as a Neocash item since there are no animations or anything that makes it stand out as a Neocash item. Looking beyond that, it's admittedly a hauntingly beautiful location for your pet, and it can be used in a variety of ways since the holiday aspect of it is so understated. Overall, I give this background four out of five stars.

March 15, 2015 - Lucky Emerald Carriage: 1/5 stars

The Lucky Emerald Carriage offers a fun St. Patrick's Day-themed wearable for your pet complete with pots of gold and sparkling rainbows. On its own, it's actually quite a pretty item. Unfortunately, when you try to use it in customizations, it simply doesn't work. The carriage sits too high, leaving it floating on so many of the backgrounds you would typically use for your St. Patrick's Day customizations. In fact, I couldn't find a single one that it sat correctly on without blocking so much of the background since it's quite a large item for a trinket. I have to give this carriage one out of five stars.

April 15, 2015 - Lovely Lilac Stairs Background: 5/5 stars

The item description lists the Lovely Lilac Stairs Background as a simply enchanting flower-covered staircase, and that couldn't be truer. Everything about this background is magical and draws you in. The lilacs are a gorgeous bright purple, and there's just the right amount of them to create a garden look without being too much. The gentle sway of the flowers leaves you the hint of a light breeze and ties this background together. This item is perfect for all of your warm-weathered customizations, and it looks especially wonderful with purple wearables, such as the Lovely Layered Lilac Dress or Purple Pastel Gingham Dress. I give it five out of five stars.

May 15, 2015 - Stone Bridge Foreground: 5/5 stars

The Stone Bridge Foreground is the perfect item to add depth and character to any background. When paired with a fitting background, this foreground raises your pet off of the ground and puts him or her on to a stone bridge complete with a stream flowing beneath it. Most notably, this bridge looks amazing with the Stunning Moon View Background. The stream connects well with the water already in the background for a seamless transition. It also works well with a number of other backgrounds, such as the 15th Birthday Kiko Lake Background and the Romantic Lake Background. For its ability to transform a background, I give this collectible five out of five stars.

June 15, 2015 - Flowering Bicycle: 3/5 stars

With delicate flowers covering every spoke and bar along with a basket full of flowers, the Flowering Bicycle provides a sweet touch to your customization. When compared to the other wearable bicycles currently available, the Flowering Bicycle stands out as the simplest and most realistic one. It adds an elegant touch to any spring customization but could work well in certain summer customizations too. I give this bicycle three out of four stars.

July 15, 2015 - Entryway to Summer Background: 3/5 stars

The Entryway to Summer Background provides a nice outdoor setting for our pets. With pink walls, a pink building, a stone path, and plants, this background feels like summer. The worn areas on the pink walls and building along with the swaying leaves are great details to add some realism to the scene. My only issue with this background is that the walls and building are pink. Don't get me wrong, pink is one of my favorite colors. I just think this background would have been much nicer with a more neutral tone, such as white or tan. A neutral tone would have allowed for more flexibility with your pet's outfit since the pink can clash with other colors. Overall, I give this background three out of five stars.

This concludes my comprehensive guide to premium collectibles. We've had a chance to enjoy a wide variety of premium Neocash items through the past two and a half years, though oddly enough, we've never received a dress or gown. I hope you enjoyed this guide and found some useful information. I look forward to seeing what TNT brings us next month!

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