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by fourin

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The Pirate King Files: A Defender's Mission
A hand caught the Ogrin's arm and helped her stand. The Ogrin saw a Neopet she did not recognize standing beside her. The Neopet was a female pink Aisha, wearing a bright yellow and pink costume emblazoned with the symbol of a white lotus. The Aisha wore a yellow mask and had a pink capelet draped over her shoulders.

by ezel68


Do YOU Do Anything Backwards?
Did you ever chance upon a species outfit that made you gape with wonder? Did you spot that perfect Acara Festival Gown or Sweet Purple Lenny Wig that made you seriously contemplate adopting a pet just to dress it up in its species clothes?

Well, you're not alone!

by indulgences


Aurora's Assessment: Part Two
As the tunnel started veering off to the right, I kept my right paw on the wall. The light faded quickly and soon it seemed like I was barely inching along. I had my left paw out in front of my face so that I wouldn't accidentally brain myself on a stalactite. I probably already had a concussion from the fall earlier, no need to make it worse

by bittersweet52


Getting Bored? Six Fun Things To Try
With Neopets in its seventeeth year, I’ve seen many players complaining that they’re getting bored of the same old activities, and feel they have run out of things to do on the site. As someone who has been a member of Neopets for more than half my lifetime, I can say I definitely know this feeling! However I’m always trying to find fun new things to do to re-ignite my interest in the site. If you’re feeling the same, I’ve complied a list of a few things you can try!

by neo_kid_851

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