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The Warrior Princss: The Coronation: Part Five

by purplbrooke


      Clarity replied a little too loudly,” What! How is Stephanie even related to you?”

      Terrence grimaced and continued.” Mara is my step-mom. She was always very kind and caring to us. Stephanie and I got along okay and we were a happy family. My dad never saw her betrayal coming, but I suspected something was up when she began to act in a strange manner. She became jumpy and nervous. One night, I got up for some water when I heard Stephanie and Mara talking. Mara was leaving her favorite amulet in Stephanie’s possession. At the time, Stephanie was a white zafara, but still the spitting image of her mom.

      “Mara told Stephanie if she didn’t return home for a long time, to activate the amulet. Basically, Mara is controlling Stephanie because deep down, Mara knew she would be caught and put where her powers were null. If she programmed an amulet, she could control Stephanie without magic. I didn't recognize her at first since she was shadow, but then I realized it was her. I didn't tell you because I was afraid you would be mad at me.”

      Clarity took a deep breath. All this information was important to the case. Stephanie could be an innocent girl for all they knew. Clarity said,” That information is important. You need to tell the investigator. He may find out on his own and when he knows you knew the information all along, you could be in big trouble.”

      Terrence nodded and went back toward the interrogation room. H estopped and turned to say," Are you mad at me? If you are, I understand."

      Clarity shook her head and said," No, because you aren't evil. You've been helping me through this. Now go tell the detective or else things may get worse."

      Clarity turned and continued to walk down the hall to see if her parents had heard any news of Delilah. Clarity reached the throne room, but inside was a shadow zafara, accompanied by Clarity’s family, all tied up and with tape over their mouths.

      The shadow zafara said,” How nice of you to join us, Clarity. My mom spoke of you before. I a, here to make sure your family discontinues the reign you have on the kingdom. Now, any last words?”

      Clarity frowned and replied angrily,” Who sent you to do such a horrible act?”

      Clarity knew the truth, but wanted to hear it from Stephanie herself.

      Stephanie replied without a second thought,” My mother. She gave me an amulet and now I have the power to take over this despicable kingdom. Now, if you cooperate, I might allow you and your family to live. Of course, if you work on my terms."

      Clarity said,” Were you making me have nightmares of the war?”

      Stephanie smiled evilly and replied proudly,” Why yes, I was. Now, if you really want to allow your family to live, I guess you should allow me to enslave you.”

      Clarity looked at her family, Cole shook his head no. The king and queen looked terrified. Clarity cared for them more than anything.

      “Fine, I will be your slave.”

      Stephanie rubbed her hands together, but suddenly fell unconscious. Clarity saw the amulet she had had around her neck was broken into shards and in her place was Terrence. He had a look of relief on his face and there was light emanating from his hands.

      Clarity smiled and said,” You never told me you had magic.”

      “You never asked.”


      Two weeks later…

      “It is with great pleasure and honor, that I call my son, Prince Cole, to come up here and accept the crown. First, he has a speech.”

      Cole climbed the steps to the stage in the ballroom. He stared out at everyone. Clarity and Terrence watched. Cole and Terrence patched things up. Maya looked proud to see Cole up there. Clarity was proud, too.

      Cole said,” About a year ago, my family came upon a mage who was bent on destroying us. You all know the story, so I won’t go into so much detail. However, I knew it was coming time for my reign as king. I was nervous and scared because a question played in my head. Would I die to protect my kingdom? My sister would and I couldn’t answer that question. So, I asked a professor to help me. He did just that. I am going to declare New Leader Law. My sister shall take my place as your queen and I will lose all of my privileges. Thank you all for bring kind to me and showing support, but I can’t rule a village when I can’t answer my loyalty. Now I will read the full law.”

      King John looked furious, but Cole motioned for Clarity to come upon the stage as he read the law out to the village. Clarity was shocked, but Elli and Terrence gently pushed her toward her brother. Cole took the crown off of his head and put it on Clarity.

      “I give you your new queen! Now, she must go through some tests due to her age, but I completely trust her."

      Everyone cheered and Clarity smiled and waved. King John hugged her; despite his anger at the fact his son would no longer have a chance to be king. Queen Clarissa was somewhat shocked, but smiled nonetheless.

      Elli gave Clarity two thumbs up and Maya ran up to hug Clarity, then Cole.

      Clarity looked out at the people there. They were happy to have her as queen. Clarity may not have known Cole was going to do this, but she was glad he did. She would do her best to keep the kingdom safe. She knew her brother was right. She would die to protect this kingdom. She loved the kingdom and everyone in it. She knew things would work out.

      ~* Epilogue *~

      Clarity took ruling the kingdom seriously. She was still young and wanted to focus her attention on the kingdom, so Professor Wells was helping her graduate early from her studies. The work was intense, but she knew if she was to focus on her kingdom, she needed to work hard. You can't obtain anything in life if you don't work hard for it.

      King John and Queen Clarissa decided they would stay to guide Clarity until she turned eighteen. After that, they would take their retirement and go live on Mystery Island when they weren't traveling the world. Cole began his travels again. He traveled around often and would send postcards to Clarity from every destination he was at.

      Clarity and Terrence became really great friends. Ivy finally warmed up to him, but she was still very aware of his sarcastic behavior and often complained to Clarity about it, but they were all good friends.

      Clarity was happy to have a wonderful family and friends by her side. She knew they would be there for her no mater what she went through.

      Two years later…

      “If no one objects, I now declare you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

      Clarity smiled and clapped with everyone as Cole and Maya waved to everyone. Cole had proposed to Maya about a year ago and they decided to get married in Alkuu. Terrence sat next to Clarity. He was clapping and smiling. Cole and him had finally patched things up when Cole realized Terrence wasn’t leaving Clarity’s life anytime soon. Clarity was glad they were friends again, or at least on speaking terms.

      Clarity said,” I thought they were so cute together. He used to get really defensive when I teased him. Which, in turn, made me tease him a lot.”

      Terrence nodded and added,” Yeah, I would tease him, too. They make a good couple, plus they both love to travel, so that’s something else they have in common.”

      Some people walked up and congratulated the happy couple or handed them gifts. Clarity knew Cole very fond of this attention, but he looked so happy to me married to the love of his life. Maya looked equally happy and would hug everyone that came up, since she was a hugger.

      Terrence excused himself and walked up to them, telling them congratulations. Clarity had already told them congratulations so many times that Cole threatened to duct tape her mouth shut until the day was over, so she knew better than to go up there again.

      Terrence returned and said," They were so giddy that I thought they explode. Are you going to congratulate them?"

      Clarity told Terrence the funny comment Cole had made earlier and he laughed, shaking his head. Someone said it was time to move to the dining hall inside the castle, which was a short walk away.

      Cole and Maya walked to the carriage that said “Just Married” on the back. They got inside and the guests followed them in a parade-like fashion

      Clarity smiled, happy that her brother was enjoying his special day, a one day no one would forget.

      One Day.

      The End

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