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5 Super Easy Game Avatars

by yashasvika


Those exclusive game avatars. Most people wait until the end to get those because they are stereotyped as being the most difficult to obtain. Well here are some easy games that will let you get the avatar in no time. Fair warning though, just because these games are “Easy” does not mean that you can get the avatar in 5 minutes. On average some of these games took me half an hour to obtain because it takes a long time to get enough points.

Kass Basher

While this once seemed unattainable to me, once I got the hang of it, I regularly score over 950. The biggest thing of course is to have a wind speed of 9. While some people are pretty good with a wind speed of 8, I personally find it much easier to score higher with a 9. As soon as you hit the Kass you want to press and hold the spacebar/left mouse button until the Kass is completely horizontal and then let go. This allows the Kass to fold its wings causing it to pick up more speed. If you can hit the Kass above the clouds you are in good shape and will have a good score. Now the tricky part is when the Kass lands on the ground. To maximize distance you want to use the same technique and press space every time it goes in the air and then release as soon as it lands.

The Tricky Part: You need to unlock the bat to get a high score. Every time you switch computers you will need to unlock the bat again.

Required Score: 850+

Advert Attack

Once you read a guide to this game it is super easy. Are you going for the teeny tiny X’s? Well if you are you need to stop! There is a much easier way. Instead of closing all of the popups, only close the ones that are on the bottom of the screen and directly in your playing field. If it’s mostly off to the side, ignore it. I know it’s annoying just sitting there but it’s not really bothering your gameplay, so forget about it. What you need to do instead is know your popups. The popups all have different optimal ways of closing them. For some of them you can press the x. However as the levels progress, the x becomes smaller and it gets harder to close them. For some of them you can click on the popup itself and press OK or NO. DO NOT PRESS YES, as this will open up more popups. While these are all tricks to close the popups, your best bet will be to just move them out of your way and don’t even worry about closing them.

The Tricky Part: A wrong click can lead to a screen full of popups.

Required Score: 700+


This game depends on luck! So if you’re lucking you can get the score in one turn. If you’re like me you might have to play for a while. The basic strategy is to aim low for the first two rocks (this lets you hit the boosts and hopefully the patch of dirt). And then for the last turn aim high and use your Grundo boosts to make it to the ship. If you do not have a score of over 3500 by the end of the first round, start over. Optimize your score earlier rather than later. After the first level you get a 2000 point bonus, 3500 for level two, and 5000 for level three. If you can get a score of 8000 by the end of round two you are golden for the avatar. If you’re in the 6000s range aim low for the first two and hopefully you get your score up to 8500.

The Tricky Part: purely luck based so it can take a while to get a good score.

Required Score: 13500+

Magax II

This game is actually super easy just very time consuming. But you can take breaks if you need to in between levels. The only way you can die is if you touch Nox or your health completely diminishes. The way to avoid that is simple. The arrows are your friend. They tell you where the Scorchios and Cybunnies are going to appear. The trick is to keep them just on the edge of the screen and shoot at the arrows instead of the actual ghosts. This prevents the Cybunnies from turning into Hubrid Nox and from losing health points. Speaking of health, if your health bar is completely full, don’t grab the skulls. Just fly past them so if your health is lower in the future you can go back and refill your health. You will need to go all the way up to level 10 to get the score that you need

The Tricky Part: Touching Nox causes an instant game over

Required Score: 3500+

Sutek’s Tomb

This game depends on luck and on your skills. If you’ve played Ghoul Catchers, you know the game. The best way to score points is to play on hard to maximize the points you obtain. You have 3 pauses per game. My strategy is to keep finding pairs instead of going for the glamourous combos. When you are continuously making pairs, your time doesn’t run out as quickly because you gain a few seconds of time which is worth more than a few extra points from a combo.

The Tricky Part: There is a bit of the luck factor because you can have good skills and find pairs easily or you could just have a board with few pairs or pairs that do not give you good combos

Required Score:2000+

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