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The Best Food Items Under 100 Neopoints

by shyslice


Are you pets tired of eating jelly and omelettes everyday? Do you want to treat them to something without wasting all of your neopoints? Then you've come to the right place! Here you will be reading about a variety of cheap cheap but delicious Neopet delicacies, all (or most of them) 100 Neopoints or less!

20: Caramel Creams

Who doesn't love caramel? It's soft and sweet and creamy and chewy! What more could you possibly want? There's even a sugary cream filling on the inside. This item goes for under 50 Neopoints on The Shop Wizard! It is sure to at least somewhat extinguish your Neopet's hunger.

19: Salted Seaweed

Do you smell that? It smells like... the ocean. Oh wait, ew, it's just seaweed! Dried up, salted seaweed, to be exact! Seaweed is actually very appetizing, and if your Neopet is Maraquan, they're sure to love this meal! Selling for under 100 on The Shop Wizard!

18: Oatmeal Raisin Biscuit

Oatmeal Raisin... Biscuits? They look like chocolate chips, right? You could totally fool people into thinking they're chocolate chip cookies! Unless of course they see the item name, then nevermind... These sell for about 10 on The Shop Wizard and any of your sweet-loving Neopets will love this! Great for food and pranks.

17: Fried Noodles

Noodles are probably the best creation ever, period. And this dish isn't too unhealthy! It has... broccoli? This plate of noodles (and broccoli) is selling on The Shop Wizard for about 15 Neopoints! What are you waiting for? Go buy them! There's broccoli!

16: Apple-Free Apple cobbler

What about all those anti-vegetarian Neopets out there? What if they don't want to eat any of that fruity apple-y goodness? Here is the platter for them! It's apple cobbler, okay, but without the apple. It's foolproof! This unfruity fruit dish sells for around 50 Neopoints on The Shop Wizard! Cheap, right?

15: Marshmallows With Borovan Dipping Sauce

What IS Borovan, you ask? Just pretend it's chocolate and you'll be fine. It's mostly chocolate, anyway. Who doesn't love some yummy marshmallows? And that bonus: Borovan Sauce! I mean, chocolate sauce... BONUS: These marshmallows aren't smiling at you creepily like all the others, and they're cheap! Selling or about 100 Neopoints on The Shop Wizard!

14: Chocolate Cherry Bundt Cake

Everyone loves chocolate, and if they don't, they probably ADORE cherries, right? Right! This cake has a cute bundt shape and sits on a pretty blue plate! Doesn't that borovan sauce on top look appetizing? I mean, it's probably chocolate... Who knows? This sells for about 10 Neopoints on The Shop Wizard. It's also great for a cheap but delectable birthday cake!

13: Sugarbunny Surprise

This nifty pink bag has some adorable sugarbunnies inside. You only get a few, but they're super sugary and filling! Like bunnies? Here you go! Crave sugar? Right here! Pink? You got it! They can rid of your neopet's sweet craving for an entire day (or more). These sell on The Shop Wizard for about 10 Neopoints! Yum...

12: Corn Balls

They're not Popcorn Balls, they're Corn Balls! Corn rolled up into a nice little ball, stuck together with... something. A ball that tastes JUST like corn. Sweet. If your neopet doesn't like it, they can always play with it. Corn Ball Bowling! I can see it now... This sells on The Shop Wizard for only 5 neopoints! Such a bargain! They're yellow and round and corny, what is there not to like about them?

11: Banana Faellie Cake

Aww... How cute! You almost don't want to eat it. Everyone loves Faellies, those adorable things. And who doesn't love a nice, soft banana flavor? Don't forget that banana icing on top! And it's in this cute little wrapper. You could buy it and not even eat it, it's just so cute! This is selling for an interesting 5 Neopoints! Why does something so CUTE go for so low...?

10: Tooth Fairy Ice Lolly

This looks so nice, don't you think? Perfect for a faerie loving neopet! It's so white and icy looking, it hurts. It looks soft, it feels soft, it's soft in your pockets! This popsicle sells on The Shop Wizard for only about 60 Neopoints, wow!

9: Starry Crunch

No, sadly this does not make your Neopets starry if they eat it, it's just cereal. But it looks like it flew all across the cosmos, maybe with the help of The Space Faerie, never leaving it's bowl! Cool, right? It's blue with typical yellow stars, makes me think of wizards. Perhaps your magic-involved pets will like this bowl? It sells for a VERY cheap 1 Neopoint on The Shop Wizard! Go go go!

8: Qando Pita

It's fruit, it's a pita, with fruit in it! Odd, right? Wrong! It's called originality! And originality sells! Your bold and brave Neopets may wind up liking this pita! After all, it's unique, it's original, and it's... Qando Pita. It sells for about five neopoints on The Shop Wizard.

7: Uni Rainbow Cake

It's another scrumptious cakey item! With all seven colors of the rainbow and some dashing wings placed on top, this cake is looking good! This is also great for a birthday cake! This item is a bit more expensive than the others, but not by much. Besides, it's worth it. Rainbow? Wings? Uni? Cake? Buy it. This sells for about 200 Neopoints on The Shop Wizard!

6: Drym Shaped Frosted Cookie

Its an adorable sugar cookie shaped like a Dyrm, frosted with some delicious looking pink icing! Everyone loves pink. I know I do. And everyone LOVES sugar. It's a fact of life, okay? This treat sells for about 5 Neopoints on The Shop Wizard!

6: Triple Tier Space Faerie Cake

Three whole layers of spacey, starry goodness! Once again, sadly, this does not make your neopet become starry. But hey, it's a delicious cake! The hungriest of all neopets can eat this and be satisfied. It's iced in blue and red, with yellow star and moon candy on top, edible! And don't forget those candy wings in the back. What flavor is the cake, you may ask? Buy to find out. This cake is only about 5 neopoints via The Shop Wizard! Wow! Go buy this now, or I'll buy it for you.

4: Up For Grabs Lunch Leftovers

Who cares if it's yours? It's food. This box is filled up with a yummy looking slice of pepperoni pizza (extra cheese), some slices of sliced bread (who doesn't love bread?), and some... salad, maybe? I don't know. This meal is balanced out perfectly! You've got your starch, your dairy, your fruity-vegetabaly side, and your meat (well pepperoni). This sells for about 20 neopoints on The Shop Wizard!

3: Grumblebug Pie

A delicious tin filled to the brim with your everyday pie! What? No, no, those are NOT wings, okay? They're... tears. CANDY tears! ...Okay, they're wings, but they're totally edible candy wings. Anyway... This pie has the face of a grumblebug, cute, right? It sells for about 5 Neopoints on The Shop Wizard.

2: White Chocolate Ghosts

Look at these cuties! They have eyes this time, tch. Not something you'd want, how unoriginal! But they look gourmet, eh? Delectable white chocolate with a green candy center, where's the flaw? Not to mention, their adorable little ghostie shape, aww... These sell for about 15 neopoints on The Shop Wizard, nice!

1: Whole Chilli Deluxe Pizza

Probably one of the BEST pizza items and food items in all of Neopia! You get a giant pizza with delicious toasted bread, covered in spicy chilli sauce, and topped with painfully hot jalapenos and chilli flavored hot dogs! Yum! Okay, maybe SOME pets won't like it, but get this: This pizza has six ENTIRE slices. Stock up on a few of these and your pets will never go hungry again. They may just get sick of pizza after a while. But don't fret! This comes in a few MORE cheap pizza flavors. This sells for an inexpensive 50 neopoints on The Shop Wizard! Crazy, right?

Okay, maybe this list didn't have MUCH variety, but every neopet loves sweets! You can probably look around Neopet's User Shops for even MORE cheap deals, too. Instead of putting your pets in the NeoLodge you can feed them all on your own. They'll be completely happy and it'll be almost free. I hope you enjoyed this list, because I sure enjoyed making it!

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