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The Warrior Princess: The War for Alkuu

by purplbrooke



     rincess Clarity looked around as she walked through what used to be her home. The village houses were in shambles and the only plant life was the forbidden forest. Clarity sighed. It was the dead of the night and everyone was asleep. Clarity and her friends were walking in the village to see if any of the villagers would join their cause of defeating that horrid witch, Mara.

     Mara had taken over the kingdom and did a poor job taking care of it. Clarity had already gotten five villagers to get some supplies. They were trying to stay in the cloak of darkness so they wouldn’t wake Mara up. Doing so could be fatal.

     Clarity saw Ivy, Elli, Nancy, and Aqua walking to different houses. Ivy was an earth mage who was good with medicine as well and other earthly items. Elli was Clarity’s cousin. Elli was a light mage who had the idea to gather mages of all kinds to defeat Mara. Nancy was a dark mage, but she was kind and caring, unlike Mara. Aqua was a water mage from Maraqua. She was sweet and caring, but also tough and stern when she needed to be.

     Clarity walked to Elli and said,” You guys keep it up. I’m going to see if my brother is in his room so we can bring him back.”

     Elli nodded and said,” Be careful.”

     Clarity rushed to the castle, but walked the perimeter. No guards were outside. Obviously, the witch was a little too confident in her powers. Clarity stood under her brother’s tower and used a levitation spell. She reached the balcony and landed gently on the concrete. She opened the door and saw someone sitting on the bed. Clarity stood over the figure’s shoulder. It was Cole, her brother.

     Cole was looking down at some pictures. Some were of the whole family and others were just of Clarity and him. Clarity said,” Miss me?”

     Cole jumped up and turned, ready to fight. He saw his sister’s figure and said confusedly,” Clarity? No, it can’t be you. Mara told me you were found dead. I must be dreaming.”

     Clarity shook her head,” It’s me. I promise. Why did Mara think I was dead?”

     Cole shrugged, but said,” Because you are. If I’ m not dreaming, you’re a ghost. I miss you, Clarity.”

     Clarity hugged her brother.” I’m not a ghost. I’m alive. I can prove it, but you have to come with me.”

     Cole shook his head and backed away. “This must be a test. Mara is testing me. Go away. You’re just one of her shape shifters.”

     Clarity sighed.” I can prove I’m me. You have a secret tickle spot on your arm and only I know of it.”

     Cole looked shocked and happy. He rushed to his sister and hugged her. Clarity smiled and said,” I missed you, too, Cole.”

     Cole backed up and said,” Why did you want me to come with you?”

     Clarity motioned for him to follow. They levitated off the balcony and Cole said,” How did you do that? You’re devoid of magic.”

     Clarity replied,” I’ll explain everything when we get to the base. Follow me.”

     Clarity and Cole arrived at the meeting point. The other mages and some villagers were setting up tents. Many villagers were putting weapons in some of the tents. Others put tired children inside so they could continue their sleep.

     Elli came up and hugged Cole.” I’m your cousin, Elli Thomson. I hear you have fire magic.”

     Cole shrugged.” A little bit.”

     Clarity shook her head.” Mom and Dad lied to protect you. You are very powerful.”

     Clarity saw all the tents were set, then said,” All the villagers, please go into a tent. We will put the invisibility spell on the area now.”

     Clarity explained that part of the plan to Cole and he helped the mages get the spell just right. After the area was invisible, the mages entered the camp. Clarity explained the full plan to the villagers. They understood and began to help.

     Clarity, the mages, and the villagers that volunteered to fight stormed the castle. Clarity shouted,” Mara, come out here and fight.”

     The witch appeared at the door and laughed an evil, cackling laugh.” You think you can defeat me? Think again.”

     Mara shot a blast of dark magic. Before anyone could react, the blast hit Clarity and she soared backwards. She landed on a produce stand and fell unconscious. Ivy and Cole rushed to her. Cole picked her up and Ivy led him to the medical tent she had prepared. Clarity was laid on to the mat for injured patients.

     Ivy said to Cole,” I will heal her. You need to go back out and help stall Mara.”

     Cole left, but reluctantly. Ivy began applying a salve to Clarity’s left arm, the injured one. Clarity awoke and said groggily,” Did we win?”

     Ivy replied grimly,” No. You were hurt. I am healing you. We’ll figure out something else.”

     Clarity said,” Is there any way I can return to add my magic to the large blast we were going to make?”

     Ivy looked hesitant, but said,” If I put all this salve on your arm, you would be able to have one chance.”

     “Good. That’s what we’ll do,” Clarity replied happily, despite the searing pain in her arm.

     Ivy held up her hand and said,” You didn’t let me finish. After, you will lose all your magic and most likely will not be able to use your arm very much for the rest of your life.”

     Clarity frowned. She though it over, then said bravely,” Do it. I would die to protect this kingdom.”

     Ivy frowned, but did what Clarity said. Ivy was reluctant, but followed Clarity back to the battle field. Clarity saw a lot of fighting between the guards and the villagers.

     Clarity saw her friends and said,” Proceed as planned.”

     They all held up their hands and shot the witch. Mara had no time to act and crumpled to the ground from contact of the magic. The guards were awakened from their hypnotic state and Clarity asked the villagers to cease fighting.

     Cole said to the guards,” Guards, take this evil witch to the dungeons and put her in the power nullifying cell, then release my parents.”

     The guards moved to do what they were told and everyone began to celebrate. Clarity, however, was in so much pain; she fell to the ground unconscious.



     Clarity awoke and noticed she was not in her room, but the castle hospital. The walls were a boring white and she was in the hospital bed. The white sheets covered her. She had a white wrap on her whole left arm and she remembered what had happened.

     A moment later, a doctor came in and said, “Good. You’re awake. I was beginning to worry.”

     Clarity tried to sit up, but cried in pain. The doctor helped ease her back down and said,” You must rest, Your Highness. You won the battle. Now you must rest your weary body.”

     Clarity said,” How long have I been out?”

     The doctor said,” You’ve been out for about five days. Any longer and I would have had to tell your parents that chances for you to wake up would be very slim and I didn’t want that to happen.”

     Clarity relaxed into her pillow and the doctor continued,” I do have to check your vitals and such, but it looks like you are well, aside your arm.”

     The doctor took her stethoscope and began checking Clarity’s heartbeat and other vital signs. After checking for what felt like forever, the doctor finally stopped and said,” Looks good. I’ll get your family to come see you. You just rest for a little while.”

     Clarity relaxed and felt herself drift off to a light nap.



     Clarity opened her eyes to see her family was in the hospital room. They all hugged her upon seeing her awake.

     Queen Clarissa let a few tears of happiness fall from her eyes. She smiled and said,” Twice, I thought you would leave me forever. Please, don’t scare us like this again.”

     Clarity hugged her mom and dad tightly. Cole hung back, trying to look calm and collected, but he was truly excited inside. Clarity smiled with excitement. She was alive, the witch was caught, and her family was together. It was what she had wanted for so long. Her dream day had come.



     Clarity sat with her family. They ate in a comfortable silence. Elli had stayed for a little while and decided to visit her cousins whenever she could. Nancy returned to Meridell and taught how to control dark magic for good reasons. Ivy studied under the castle doctor and became a nurse for the castle. Aqua returned to Maraqua, but promised to visit soon. Cole went on adventures around Neopia and even met an island xweetok named Maya, with whom he became good friends with.

     Life was wonderful after the year of pain the family had suffered. The days had become the one day Clarity dreamt of.

     One Day.

The End.

Author’s note: Hello, Everyone. I decided this would be a good time to tell you that I did make a mistake in my last couple submissions on Elli’s last name. I’m not perfect and I don’t like proofreading. I do proofread, but I forgot I gave her a last name in my second submission and changed it in the third. Her name is Elli Thomas. I apologize for any confusion I gave you. I plan on writing another story with the same characters here. It will be their life after the war. Thank you to all who take your time to read my stories and I hope to improve and get better. Thank you all and have a lovely day (or night. Depends on when you are reading this.)

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