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Top Ten Summer Fashions: Neopoint Edition

by sugarycupcakes


With the summer season fast upon us, it’s time to take off those wintery customizations (unless, of course, you live on Terror Mountain.) Summer is the time you and your pets have all been waiting for – and now it’s time to dress them appropriately for the season. You can’t have your poor pet running around in a winter jacket and a pair of boots in the heat of the summer, after all, so this guide will help direct you to some of the best summer fashion looks for your pet!

As an added bonus, this guide will list multi-species Neopoints wearables only, so they are appropriate for every pet, regardless of species or color! Sometimes Mutants can be tricky (rumor has it that they don’t like the summer very much) but you can dress most of your pets in a way that screams “summer” perfectly fine with these top ten summer customization items!

10. Tropical Island Paradise Background

Estimated Cost at the time of this article: 3,000 Neopoints.

Ah, tropical paradise… you can almost hear the Carmarillers floating around the flowers and hear the waves touching the shore with this background. If you’re looking to set your pet up for the perfect summer we all wish we could have, then this background is the perfect choice for you! Regardless of species or color, your pet will be at the center of a tropical island scene with the lush flowers and trees of the island surrounding them. At such an affordable cost, this background is a perfect choice for the quick summer customization.

9. Idyllic Nature Scene

Estimated Cost at the time of this article: 15,000 Neopoints.

Maybe you want to step away from the beach and go for a different look. The Idyllic Nature Scene is described as “the perfect place for a picnic,” and it’s great for that alternate summer look. With its earthy tones, it’s especially perfect for a Woodland or Brown customization, where your pet will match the colors of the background perfectly (and feel at home in such a forest scene). This is another budget friendly background that, when accompanied with the perfect foreground, will give your pet the perfect “day by the lake” customization.

8. Island Leaves and Flowers Foreground

Estimated Cost at the time of this article: 100 Neopoints.

At barely 100 Neopoints, the Island Leaves and Flowers Foreground is a steal! They perfectly resemble the scenic flowers you’d see if you took a walk down the shores of Mystery Island, and with bright green and pink colors, these flowers add the perfect summery look to your customization. Whether paired with the Tropical Island Paradise Background or a different background altogether, this foreground is both inexpensive and the perfect way to complete that summer customization by adding one of the things we all love most about summer: nature.

7. Tranquil Steam Foreground

Estimated Cost at the time of this article: 3,500 Neopoints.

Another perfect summery foreground. Instead of being at the beach surrounded by flowers, your pet will be surrounded by a tranquil stream. This foreground best fits a wooded or forest customization, as it looks like a stream you would find in the forest. Whether you use it with the Idyllic Nature Scene or a different background of your choice, this affordable background is the perfect way to complete that summer customization without breaking the bank. Your pet is placed right behind the stream as it flows off screen, and with the water, rocks, and moss in the foreground, it really feels like your pet is out in the middle of the forest enjoying a nice summer day.

6. Shenkuu-Inspired Paper Parasol

Estimated Cost at the time of this article: 400,000 Neopoints.

The summer weather can be temperamental, and whether it’s to keep the sun out of your pet’s face or to keep the rain from making them wet, this parasol is the perfect touch to any summer customization. While this parasol is a little more on the expensive side, it is extravagant and looks just like the traditional Shenkuu parasols. It is light tan with a floral design, which makes it the perfect summer accessory for your pet’s customization, whether they’re on the beach with the sun beating down on them or in the forest by the lake.

5. Flowing Air Faerie Skirt

Estimated Cost at the time of this article: 50,000 Neopoints.

This light blue skirt is perfect for completing that summer look. Matched with a white or blue top, this cute skirt is a great addition to any outfit. It is described as “feeling lighter than air” and it’s perfect for those warm summer days when the sun is beating down. Whether your pet is hanging out by the beach or in the park for a picnic, this light flowy skirt is the best summer addition to any wardrobe (and unfortunately, this is one of those items that can’t be worn by Maraquan, Mutant, and Baby pets).

4. Romantic Sunrise Background

Estimated Cost at the time of this article: 3,750 Neopoints.

What a beautiful time to walk down the beach! Before it gets too hot and the beach gets too crowded, this sunrise background is another option for your pet’s summer customization. This background features different shades of orange and brown and illustrates the sunrise beautifully, so for barely 4,000 Neopoints, this background is another great option to consider.

3. Shell Hair Clip

Estimated Cost at the time of this article: 5,000 Neopoints.

Even the smallest accessories can make the most out of a customization. This shell hair clip looks great in your pet’s mane or tucked behind their ear. The shell is made from real seashells by the Maraquan shore, and it’s the perfect touch to any summer themed customization.

2. Peaceful Branches

Estimated Cost at the time of this article: 14,000 Neopoints.

These gorgeous, emerald-colored branches make a lovely, subtle addition to any outdoor and/or summer customization, and are a nice touch on an area that is often hard to fill with the perfect garland. They're still rather new, but without a huge price-tag, so check them out!

1. Round Paper Lantern String Lights

Estimated Cost at the time of this article: 1,300 Neopoints.

While you might not immediately think of adding these string lights to your summer customization, they add the perfect touch when the top of your background looks empty. Whether a night time beach background or out in Shenkuu, these lights are affordable and garlands are a great way to keep your customization from looking flat and empty.

There you have it, Neopia. Ten of the best summer themed items to help you complete that perfect summer customization before the season is over. Have fun customizing, and don’t forget that there are plenty of other options out there! If you still feel like something is missing, keep looking, or ask the folks on the Customization boards for advice.

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