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How to Plan a Vacation Disaster

by frostyweather


    Since the first day of school in September, my brothers, sister and I woke up at six in the morning to eat breakfast, sneak in unfinished assignments, and to all try to take a shower before all of the hot water ran out. After overwhelming chaos in the morning, we all tried to relax after we ate breakfast, which was the usual cup of chocolate milk on the side of a glorious stack of Chococherry pancakes. Then, chaos would again ensue as we would all scour the laundry room and our bedrooms in an attempt to find socks without holes on the toes (Thank you, Rodigner!), school skirts and pants that didn’t have ink stains from our Inky Erasers and Pens (I still can’t remember why I would buy these useless school supplies in the first place), and finally our book bags that we all toss into random rooms of our Neohome after we return from a long day of school.

     This daily routine that we’ve been following for the past nine months was finally over. School was finally over and we were all crowded into the living room where our mother was waiting for us.

     “Mom, it’s finally over!” Rodigner signed as he slipped into the big comfy chair in the corner of the room. He hiked his feet up onto coffee table and received a disapproving look from our mother.

     “Feet off the table, and,” she said as she passed out our favorite after school snacks of Dogglefox Cookies and Goldy Crackers, “what is it you plan to do now that you’re out? I hope nothing too crazy!”

     And this was a very good question. Last year we all took a trip from our home in Neopia Central to a wonderful vacation at Terror Mountain. It was a great trip! We spent a few days at the Top of the Mountain where we played with some very interesting Grundos and tasted some awesome Chia Pops and Snow covered pizza. The great trip didn’t last very long, though. We were convinced that the avalanche that buried the Slushie Shop happened because we were running and screaming in the Ice Caves. We spent a while trying to help dig him out, but I don’t think we’ll ever be invited back to Terror Mountain...

     With a mouth filled with Goldy Crackers, Toushiroue responded, “Wew, we’rew gowi’ to da bweach!” We all stared at him in confusion. As he stared back, he raised a brow, and finally realized why we were all confused. He gulped down his snack. “We’re going to the beach, right guys?” He explained again happily, punching Rodigner in the arm. “We were talking about a vacation to Mystery Island, right?” He exclaimed.

     We were all nodding in agreement and looking to our mother for approval. “Well,” she began to explain, looking at us with her eyes squinted, “How bout we go to Koi Lake and see how you all can prove you won’t destroy the town like you did at Terror Mountain?”

     We all laughed together and finished our snack. As I thought about it, a trip to Koi Lake would be an amazing idea! It’s close by, and there’s a really lovely beach, rides, and tons of activities to do there with my family.

     I decided I wanted to plan our entire trip there. It would be easy enough, right? “Guys,” I exclaimed, “we’re going to Koi Lake!”

     My brothers and sisters all clapped and hollered happily. My mother rubbed my head in approval. I’m already convinced we’re going to have a great trip.



     Two weeks passed and we were almost all ready to head off to Koi Lake. I had our whole week planed out. On our First day, we were going to spend some time on the Glass Bottom Boat Tour to check out what Koi Lake has to offer. After that, we’ll spend a little bit of time on our own. The following days, we’re going to take Koi Lake by storm! We’ll hit Kiko Pop a couple times, followed by daily trips to Kiko Lake Treats to taste some of their famous rock stick and slice candies. I hope they have fudge in stock when we get there! I know we’re going to take a lot of snacks home along with us!

     This is my “Guide to plaining an awesome vacation 101”, isn’t it? So, I’ll tell you what we’re bringing on our trip and why we are. First, I had asked Felicity what she wanted to bring.

         “I need so many things!” She cried as she ran around her glaringly pink room. I saw her dive underneath her bed, and soon after, she emerged, pushing a large box out from underneath. The box was labeled Usuki. I put my hand to my temple and tapped my foot. This was going to be a long day.

     “You’re bringing an entire box of Usuki to the beach?” I sighed. Felicity has a major Usuki hoarding problem.

     “No, silly! I’m bringing my Beach fun Usuki! And,” she rummaged through the box, and pulled out a pink box, “my Usuki Campground Play Set!”

     I went to raise my hand to warn her not to bring too many toys.

     “And my Usuki Sandcastle Set! Oh! And my Usuki Shipwreck Set!” She interrupted. “I shouldn’t forget my Usuki Surf Board Set, either, right?”

     I stared at my sister in awe. There was no way I was going to interrupt her long enough to tell her what it was okay to bring and wasn’t okay to bring. There was no reason to, anyways. She would still bring it. I began to step backwards out of her room, as she was still rummaging through her bin, explaining what she was taking along.

     “Oh! I found my Usuki Summer Fun Set! And my Usuki Surfing Play set!” She continued as I was out of her room. The last think I could hear her say was something along the lines of, “I really should bring my whole box with me...”

     Up next was my youngest brother, Toushiroue. He gets into tons of trouble with my other brother, Rodigner. If anybody had planned the Terror Mountain incident, it would have had to be Toushiroue. If he’s not causing trouble, he would probably be cooking, surprisingly. Toushiroue is a great chef. Our mother likes taking him to some of the great restaurants around Neopia. But, this hobby only adds to his terror. Once, he made a Queela Torte for my birthday. It looked amazing. Too bad it was one of the spiciest food I’ve ever eaten in my entire life, and he knew he made it that way! I found a bottle of Chili Chia Hot Sauce in the garbage bin the next day. He’ll never let me live that birthday down. Anyways, I still had to see what he was bringing along to Koi Lake.

     “Tou,” I eyed his room suspiciously for any gags or tricks, “do you have your things for Koi Lake together?” Before I could call his name out again, I had stepped forward into what seems to be… Barf? I screamed, falling to the floor and almost hitting my head on his dresser.

     I heard an uproar of laughter coming from behind his bed. “We got her, man! We got her!” From behind the bed two heads emerged, two of which belonged to Toushiroue and Rodigner. The boys high-fived each other and jumped over the bed. Almost in unison, the two bent over to help me up, and then to pick up the slab of barf that was just lying on the floor. “Fake barf,” Toushiroue waved in front of my face, “classic prank!”

     I shook my head and gave them both a disapproving glare. “I just want to know if you have your stuff together! I want this trip to be as perfect as it possible can be and I don’t need you two clowns messing it up for me!” I began tapping my foot impatiently.

     Toushiroue nodded and pulled out his suitcase, along with a smug look. “I was done hours ago, old lady! You know what you need?” He began to snort, trying to hold in a laugh, “a ‘Get Off My Lawn’ Paint Brush!” They both roared in laughter. I smirked a little bit, because it was pretty funny, but I knew as the eldest, I couldn’t show weakness!

     “Well… If a paint brush is what I need, then I think you two deserve to have Swamp Gas Paint Brushes!” I nodded my head, crossed my arms and was ready for them to be disgusted.

     “Boo.” They said together. I’m not the best at jokes, but I still thought it was pretty clever.

     Rodigner shrugged and grabbed the bag that was placed next to Toushiroue’s. “We’re both ready for this trip. “Here, check!”

     I had to be suspicious of this bag, I mean, I just stepped in a pile of fake barf! So, I peeked over at the bed. It looked normal, clothes, a few sand toys, a beach towel, and… a really pretty sun flower? “What’s this,” I asked as I stepped closer, my face hovering right above the bag. “Who puts flowe-“and almost immediately, a splash of water hit my face, going up into my nose. I fell backwards, once again, but this time, covered in water. “Hey!” I yelped.

     The boys were laughing again, rolling on the floor beside me after revealing that it was indeed a prank flower, and they had gotten the best of me for the second time within 10 minutes.

     I couldn’t take it anymore! I got up on my feet once again, and wiped the water off of my face. “When you’re complaining about something missing when we’re at Koi Lake, don’t cry to me about it!” As I left the room, they were still laughing, poking fun at me, and probably planning more trouble for our trip.

     I was the last one who needed to get prepared, I didn’t need anybody to ask me or remind me what I was bringing on the trip beca- ACHOOOO! I shook my head in confusion. “Wait. No.” I sniffled, rubbing my nose. “I can’t get sick now. This is only the third week of sum- another sneeze hit me. I couldn’t believe it. I was going on vacation in a couple hours. We were leaving soon, and I’m sick?

     I turned to the mirror hanging on the wall and looked at my reflection. As I touched my hand to my forehead, I noticed instantly that I was warm, my eyes looked a little watery and red, and it suddenly clear to me. I’m sick. I fell backwards onto my bed, grasping onto my Faerie Backpack that held onto the few books and toys that I planned on brining to Koi Lake. My trip wouldn’t’ to Koi Lake, but It would be to the Pharmacy located in Neopia Central and then to the Hospital.

     “Children!” I heard from the hall way, “Please come to the living room so we can get ready to leave!” I shook my head once again, sniffled, and began gathering my bags. I met my siblings in the hall way. Felicity couldn’t have held any more Usuki in her arms. Behind her was her book bag, filled with what could only be the dozens of Usuki Play sets. Around her hips was the Toy Hoop that she was trying to hold onto, but as soon as the Hula Girl Usuki that she was trying to hold on to with her teeth fell out of her mouth, many of her other dolls followed. There had to be at least a dozen toys scattered on the stairs.

     Rodigner and Toushiroue weren’t paying attention what was going and because of this, Toushiroue tripped over one of Felicities prized dolls, which caused a distressed cry from our youngest sister and also caused Toushiroue to tumble all the way down the stairs. Now two people were crying, but things still got worse from here.

     “Mom! I’m sick!” I cried, trying to run downstairs to the loving hug she had waiting for me, but Rodigner, who was in the process of trying to help Toushiroue up from the ground, had accidently stuck his legs foot out a little too far back and there I was, right on the floor next to my younger brother.

     I think everybody was crying at this point. Felicity because her precious Usuki were hurt, Toushiroue because he fell down the stairs, Rodigner because I hard hurt his foot in the process of getting hurt, and finally me, because I was sick, because I thought I ruined our vacation.



     The story didn’t end there. Of course at the end of the day, planning our trip turned out to be a disaster. Nobody packed anything reasonable, and we either sick or hurt. After a trip to the hospital, and a stop at Usukiland, we went home and got ready all together.

     We had an amazing trip to Koi Lake! We took a tour, we played a whole lot of Kiko Pop, and we have enough sweets from Kiko Lake Treats to last until at least Halloween. But, the trip only lasted for about half a week until my brothers managed to overturn the only boat in operation at Koi Lake. It’s safe to say the people there were maybe a little bit more than angry with us for that. So, when we returned home again, we pretended our pool was the lake, and our sandbox was the beach.

     I advise you to take my story and remember: don’t plan your vacation this way unless you’re looking for a disaster.


The End.

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