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The Unknown Faerie Princesses: Part 2

by puddydog


Last week, dear readers, I started my expose on the secret sisters of the Faerie Queen, Fyora. I revealled to you that the unassuming bookworm we know as the Library Faerie is actually the youngest sister of the Faerieland monarch. This revelation has led to an outpour of response from readers of The Neopian Times, some staunchly denying any royal coverup, most thanking me for making the truth public at last.

Since that time, however, my investigation into the unknown Faerie Princesses has taken a more sinister turn. I write this article on the back of toilet paper in a prison cell, with hopes that it will be successfully smuggled out and published. The truth must be heard, so here it is.

The middle sister of the Faerieland royals, and heir to Queen Fyora’s crown is…the Aethia, the Battle Faerie.

Point the First: Looks

The family resemblence between Queen Fyora and Princess Aethia is striking. Whilst the elder has violet eyes and the middle sister has emerald, the facial structure of each faerie shows family traits; the small nose, pouty lips and angular jaw line were also found in the Library Faerie. Additionally, the purple pilary of each is styled in much the same fashion, save for Fyora’s fringing highlights.

Point the Second: Colouring

Whilst Aethia clearly opts for more battle-friendly waredrobe choices, she pays homage to the family’s royal colour of purple through the trimming of her armour, as well as her wings. It is interesting to note that between the three faerie Princesses, each has fondness for a different shade of purple. Aethia’s bright and boldpurple speaks to her headstrong, brave and outgoing personality.

Point the Third: Skill

Last week we established that Fyora has a balance of the physical and mental, while little sis the Library Faerie sticks to the book smarts. It comes as no surprise that Aethia, middle sister, is dominant in anything physical. Moreover, being the Battle Faerie has meant that Aethia’s skills as a leader are sharply honed, as she is accustomed to making decisions for the best outcome of her troops. This has not only assisted in times of need for the people of Faerieland and greater Neopia, but also helped prepare Aethia for if anything unfortunate were to ever happen to Queen Fyora. As the next in line for the Faerie Crown, Aethia’s developed skills in leadership mean that Fyora’s legacy would live on in safe hands.

Point the Fourth: Secrecy

Any attempts to track down the birth and family records for Aethia were, as with the Library Faerie, met with dead ends. I reiterate that this strongly suggests she is of royal birth, as their records are kept hidden from the public. The Neopia entry detailing her rise to the title of Battle Faerie lists her mother as a “Dreeana”, but all efforts to find information on such a faerie were also for nought. Whether this mysterious Dreeana is the mother to all three of the princesses, Queen Fyora included, or whether the inclusion of her name was a red herring put into the neopedia to prevent curiousity is as yet unknown.

After last week’s article, I continued my quest for the truth of these faerie princesses. My first port of call, Aethia’s Faerie Weapon Shop in Faerieland City, yielded no results. The armour-clad apprentice manning the counter explained that Aethia was currently out of town on a training exercise, and was unavailable for an interview. Unpeturbed by this, I decided that the apprentice herself may be able to shed some light on the situation. Refusing to go on the record, I managed to get a brief recording of our conversation. Make of it what you will...

ME: Have you heard the rumours about Aethia and the Library Faerie actually being the younger siblings of Queen Fyora? What do you make of them?

HER: Oh no, you’re that Cybunny? The one who wrote the so-called expose? I don’t want to get in trouble. My boss...she doesn’t like anyone talking about her family.

ME: Why is that, do you think? Is there a royal conspiracy going on?

HER: No comment! You reporters think that someone being in the public eye gives you the right to pry into their personal business. Leave them alone, ok?

ME: So there is a “them”?

HER: Wait, no, that’s not what I meant! Guards? Guards!

As you can clearly see, she refers to the 3 princesses as a collective, but tries to backpedal when she realises her slip-up. Unfortunately before I was able to get any more juicy tidbits from her, she called the Royal Guard (who conveniently just happened to be nearby, I’m sure) and I was thrown into prison for being a “public nuisance”, code for prisoner for the truth. So here I am, writing on toilet paper and hoping it’ll somehow make it to the publishers of the Neopian Times.

Money and power may be able to buy a lot of things in this life, but they will never silence the truth from this reporter! It’s up to you, my dear readers, to spread the word. Do not let them quash this knowledge, do not stop seeking answers. They might be able to keep me locked up in this cell, but you are many, and with that there is power. We the people must demand honesty from Queen Fyora. If Neopia really does have Fairy Princesses, we deserve to be able to love them for who they truly are. This story is now my legacy. I hope it will survive. The truth is in your hands now.

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