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The Fortunes You Didn’t Know You Had

by yellowpagebeatdown


You could be a neomillionaire! That’s right—you! You might just not know it yet. There may be treasures hidden away in your safety deposit box worth hundreds of thousands of Neopoints, just collecting dust! But I know what you’re thinking: how do I find these gems hidden amidst the ocean of junk I’ve accumulated from site events over the years? By reading this NT article, of course! Here are 5 types of items that could be in your SDB that are worth a small fortune today:

#1: Trick or Treat Bags

Did you go trick or treating around Neopia last year? Well, you should have! Because there were some awesome trick or treat bags given away. But, did you know that some of those bags are worth over 100,000 NP now? Items that open up and give more items are always a bit of a gamble. But when those prizes include limited edition stamps worth just under a million Neopoints? The gamble just might be worth it! If you hung on to your Little Nippers Trick-or-Treat Bag from last year, you’re in luck! Those are selling for 120,000! Or what about the bags given out a couple more Halloweens ago at the Haunted Fair in Y12? That Space Station Trick-or-Treat Bag will make you a quick 200,000 NP! There’s no arguing that these definitely fall under the ‘treat’ category!

Other valuable trick or treat bags: Halloween Y14 Goodie Bag, Happy Halloween Bag, Krawk Island Trick-or-Treat Bag

#2: Daily Dare Prizes

Know what the worst part of no Daily Dare last year was? No r101 prizes! Daily Dare is great because it dishes out tons of unique items that retire after the event concludes. Retired = valuable! And retired books = super valuable! I hope you found a neofriend to complete the team challenges during the last DD, because that means you got your mitts on a copy of Jazan and Nabiles Memory Book! The asking price for these books is 450,000 NP on the Trading Post right now! Those are some expensive memories. Team Challenge prizes are usually more valuable than others. Seems like Neopians need to be more friendly, doesn’t it? Besides retired books, you know what else is valuable? Retired wearables. Especially when they’re as evil as the Angry Meepit Eyes given out in Y14. The malevolent look could be yours for 99,999 NP!

Other valuable Daily Dare prizes: Island Plants and Torches Foreground, How to be a Gaming Champ, Looming Balthazar Shadow

#3: Stat Increasers

I don’t know if you’ve stopped by the Mystery Island Training School lately, but the Techo Master’s rates are pretty steep! Avid Battledome trainers are always looking for items to give them quick stat boosts. Fortunately, many stat boosters have been given out as prizes in site events over the past few years. The most sought after probably being the Altador Strength Potion which could be redeemed for plot points at The Faeries’ Ruin prize shop. Neopians are coughing up a whopping 400,000 NP to boost their pet’s strength by 5 points! But, that’s not all; they pay for agility too! The Potion of Dexterity given out by the Games Master himself is worth a handsome 100,000 NP. Looks like all of those hours spent in the games room are paying off, eh?

Other valuable stat increaser prizes: Neovian Strength Potion, Potion of Strategic Maneuvers, Sorceres Potion Set

#4: Retired Items

Sometimes, out of the blue, TNT decides that they are going to stop certain items from ever restocking again in Neopia. Why? Maybe they don’t like the art. Maybe they have some unresolved childhood issues that are stirred up every time they see the item. Who knows? They’re mysterious. But that means that common items, worth only a few hundred NPs can suddenly spike in value. A great example is the Mystery Island Aishas Stamp which used to be r30 and worth almost nothing! Nowadays, it’ll run you up about 270,000 NP! And all of those useless keyrings you’ve got sitting around? The Blue Tuskaninny Keyring is almost unbuyable now that it’s r180! It’s going for 97,000 NP on the Shop Wizard. One man’s junk is another is another man’s future treasure!

Other valuable retired items: Kyrii Treats, Healing Koi, Ombus Fruit

#5: Advent Calendar Prizes

Everyone’s favourite annual freebies! The advent calendar is a game of patience. Nothing given away is instantly profitable. But, over the years, the value of certain items appreciate. For instance, the Ring of Sloth Stamp will earn you 250,000 NP at the Trading Post! Yet, back at its release, they were a dime a dozen! It has also given away some adorable, now-retired petpets that people will pay a small fortune to own now, like the White Ona. One of these little critters will set you back around 75,000 NP. Good things come to those who wait. Stash those prizes in that SDB and save them for a rainy day!

Other valuable advent calendar prizes: Amazing Kiko Cracker, Year 5 Stamp, Snowbunny

(Bonus!) #6: ???

Almost everything in your SDB could be of value someday! Site events can drive the price of junk items through the roof overnight. There’s no predicting what could suddenly increase in value thousands of times over! During Charity Corner last winter, r90+ plushies such as the Maraquan Shieldmaiden Plushie went from 1 NP to 40,000 NP at one point! Even junk items like the Yellow Growth skyrocketed to values of 25,000 NP during the Aboard the Coincidence event last year. During war plot events, the value of relatively inexpensive weapons and healers inflate like crazy! It’s all about supply and demand. So, what have we learned? Hoard, hoard, hoard!

So, there you have it. There could be fortunes awaiting you , stashed away in that crowded SDB. As a general rule: r101 and r180 single-use items such as books, foods and album items tend to appreciate over time. Well, what are you waiting for? Go search that sea of items! Happy treasure hunting!

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