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Summer Safety Tips for Neopet Owners

by _biimy


When the days start getting longer, the nights start getting shorter and the weather starts getting hotter, you notice that, yeah, summer is almost here. And if you are like me and many other Neopians that are planning to spend some days on one of the Neopian tropical paradises, here are some safety tips to help you take care of your Neopets in summer:

1. Practice intelligent sun exposure

It’s important that you find a sun-strategy that works for you and your Neopian family. But, in order to do it so, you will need to understand the weather you are going to be exposed to and which kind of sun exposure is okay to your Neopets and which kind you should avoid.

For starters, it is important to keep young Neopets out of the sun. Keep your baby pets out of direct sunlight, dressed in cool and comfortable clothing and with hats to protect their faces. Sunscreen made specially for kids can also help.

As for older Neopets, even though they can get exposed to sun, you have to be sure they will be protected. Sunscreen is indispensable - you have to make sure they will apply it before exposing themselves to direct sunlight and that they will repeat the application after some hours.

Also, you may consider plan your outdoor activities to happen before 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m., if possible, since that period of time is called "peak-sun hours". You probably should take care with shadow and windy weather: they can fool you into thinking you are not being exposed to sun. Neopets can still sunburn in shade, because light is scattered and reflected. Be aware of that.

2. Sunscreens are your friends

Sunscreens are a heavily important part of being protected during summer. If you decide to buy your Neopets a bottle of sunscreen, please be aware of its Sun Protection Factor (SPF). As a general rule, SPF must be of 15 or greater to reduce the intensity of the rays that cause sunburns. But the sunscreen should be applied 15 to 30 minutes BEFORE sun exposure, so your Neopet's skin can absorb it and decrease the chance for it to be washed off. Every two or three hours, your Neopets will sweat or get into the water and end up washing off the sunscreen - reapplying it frequently is really important; some scholars of Brightvale University even say the habit of applying and reapplying the sunscreen itself is more important than using a product with extremely high SPF.

There aren't many sunscreens in Neopian, which means it can be a tad hard to get yourself the perfect one for your Neopets; it is important to go to the market and hunt for it, though, since without sunscreen your Neopets can get badly sunburned.

3. Wear the right clothes

Cool and comfortable are the keywords while seeking for the perfect clothes to take to your summer trip. Clothes are an important part of getting protected from exaggerated sun exposure, of course, so you should consider getting protective clothing and hats. It is important to remember, though, that "protective clothes" have different meanings during winter and summer. While heavy coats and scarves may be protective during winter, using stuff like that in summer is not only unsuitable, but it is also dangerous.

That is because using heavy clothes during summer can make you dehydrated faster and it also increases the chance for you to have heat exhaustion. Prefer light sun-protective clothes - they will cover your Neopet's body but won't make them sweat or have heat stroke.

4. Water Safety

Many Neopets love to bathe in the ocean or in pools during summer. It is a nice way of getting refreshed and have fun, I agree, but a caretaker, it is your job to be aware of the risks of this activities for your Neopets, especially for the younger ones. Many young Neopets almost drown during summer trips to the beach or while in the pool year after year, and this kind of experience can be prevented if caretakers and Neopets be careful.

For starters, don't let yourself get distracted when your Neopets are in the water. The flow many pull your Neopets for parts of the beach they did not intended to go; and while it would probably not be a problem for aquatic Neopets such as kois and peophins, your kacheek may have some problems with going back to where they once were depending whether or not they are a good swimmer.

You should be aware yourself of your Neopets abilities when it comes to swimming, as well as your own abilities. Trying to save a Neopet from drowning if you can't swim well yourself will be pointless and get both of you in danger; ask for the help of lifeguard or another good swimmer that may be around you.

Train younger Neopets to never go around pools without adult supervision; if a young Neopet fall in a pool and it is not able to ask for help, they may end up drowning. It is important to consider all kind of dangerous situation that might happen to your Neopets while in the water to try to prevent them from happening.

5. Prevent dehydration

Many Neopets don't have a clue of how often they should hydrate themselves. Many Neopet owners don't know it for sure as well. Of course the frequency a Neopet should drink water vary depending on which species your Neopet is; aquatic Neopets like the Flotsam need to be always hydrated, while species that are native to hot places like the Ruki can deal better with heat and dehydration.

Still, you shouldn't neglect the need to hydration of any of your Neopets; try understanding their species, where they are native from and how that affects their biological needs. Be prepared to offer cold drinks for your Neopets while in the pool or in the beach frequently, but don't forget that there is nothing better than water to help them hydrate themselves.

There is nothing better than drinking a cold glass of water after spending a day in the sun, after all.

6. Understand the place you are in

If your Neohome is in Shenkuu, for example, you are probably not used to Mystery Island's fauna and flora, and that is okay. Still, if you are planning a trip to a place you don't know, that is way different than the place you live, you better do your research on how the environment, the people, the weather and the wildlife of that place are in order to be prepared.

Tropical islands such as Mystery Island and Krawk Island are very popular amongst travellers during summer; even though they are hot and warm most of the time, since weather in Neopia is not regulated, when it is summertime in Neopia Central most Neopets and their owners like to enjoy their summer holidays travelling to other places to enjoy the beach, the warm sun and to relax in a different environment. Still, tropical environments may be dangerous for Neopets that are not used to it. Be prepared to deal with hot and humid weather and torrential rains, as well as all kinds of wildlife you may never find in Neopia Central.

That is not necessarily bad, this different environment thing. You just need research before travelling to avoid being taken by surprise for tropical sickness, Mozitoes or food allergies.

7. Have fun, but be safe!

Please understand: all those tips are not meant to "take the fun away from summer"; they are meant to help you having a nice summer trip without any kind of inconvenient surprises. Have fun, but be safe!

“Now that I'm ready, let’s go enjoy the beach!”

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