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The Warrior Princess: Gathering Her Army

by purplbrooke


A deserted countryside was all there was to comfort Princess Clarity Ryan on her quest to find the mages who would, hopefully, aid her in her mission to arrest the evil witch who took over the kingdom. It was going to be a challenge, but she knew it was possible.

     Princess Clarity Ryan was from a small kingdom called Alkuu. Alkuu lay in the land between Altador and Shenkuu. When the two leaders couldn't decide who received the land, they placed a man named Thomas in charge of the land. Thomas was Clarity's great-great grandfather. King John, the current ruler and Clarity's father, ruled the land like his ancestors had before him.

     Clarity missed her family. Last time she had seen them, the witch had been trying to trick them. Clarity's brother, who had fire magic, was taken as an assistant to the witch. Clarity and her parents were put in the dungeons. There, Clarity learned everyone on her mother's side of the family were mages. Clarity escaped the dungeons, though against the word of her parents, to find her cousin, who lived in the Light Village of Altador.

     Clarity met her cousin, Elli, who told Clarity it would be better to get a mage of every element. While there, Elli told Clarity she would assist in the light magic and also she knew of some other mages.

     Clarity learned of her magic there, too. When Clarity was born, it was quite a question when she had blue eyes while no one in the family did. The reason was air magic. Her magic was very strong, too. When a baby has air magic, its hard to test for because it is, like its name, as light as air.

     So Clarity and Elli set out to find the other mages. Currently, Elli was in Maraqua to get Aqua, a water mage. Clarity was to get Ivy, an earth mage, and Nancy, a dark mage. It made Clarity nervous to get another dark mage. That was, after all, the magic she needed to fight. Elli claimed that Nancy was way too sweet to have dark magic, but it still made Clarity nervous.

     Clarity had camped the night before in a tent she had purchased in the light village. She had packed up her items and began to walk again. Meridell was where Ivy and Nancy lived. It looked like a lot of walking Clarity had to do.

     As she walked, Clarity noticed a small neighborhood. She looked and saw families, together and happy. It made her sad that she was not with her family. She went back to thinking of when she could see her family again. She just wanted to cry, but fought back the tears that tried to leak from her eyes.

     A green Xweetok with cute freckles that went across her nose noticed Clarity. She walked up and smiled.

     "Welcome to Meridell countryside. You look lost, sweetie. Can I help you?"

     Clarity forced a smile and replied, "I'm looking for Ivy Meadows. Do you know where she lives?"

     The Xweetok giggled and said, "Well, I would hope so. I'm Ivy. It's a pleasure to meet you, but um, who are you?"

     "I'm Clarity. I'm cousins with Elli Fielder. She said you know her."

     Ivy smiled. "Yes. What can I do for you?"

     Clarity explained all that was going on. She told Elli how she wanted to defeat the witch in the kingdom she lived in. She did, however, leave out how she was the princess. After the story, Ivy invited Clarity to her home to get some tea and food.

     As they ate, Ivy said, "It has been a long time since I've seen the sun rise in Alkuu. I've never gone back since, well, a long time ago. I'd love to help you, but I'm not sure I can ever go back. It would be hard for me."

     Clarity sat her mug of hot tea down and asked, "Why?"

     "I would rather not speak of it. I will help you, though. I know you nee an earth mage and I would be honored to help.

     Clarity replied, "Okay, and don't worry. We just need to defeat the witch. I'm getting a mage of every element. I have to meet Nancy Choy next. Do you happen to know her?"

     Ivy shook her head. "No, but Elli told me about her. I hear she's very nice and I trust Elli."

     Clarity nodded. They finished their meal and Clarity helped Ivy pack clothes, food, and a tent. Once it was all finished, it was already past midnight.

     "Its pretty safe around here to travel, but not at night. Bandits roam and they will rob you blind. I think we need to wait until sunrise to travel. It may only be a few hours, but we should probably rest. I have a guest room you can stay in. Let's get to bed."

     Ivy led Clarity to her guest room and Clarity collapsed on the bed, sighing. It hadn't been too long since she had lain on a real bed, but it felt good after a night on the ground.

     Ivy closed the door and went to her own room, falling asleep quickly herself.


     The morning came and, though they weren't asleep very long, the girls set out after a quick breakfast. They were supposed to get to a neighborhood near the castle. That's where Nancy lived.

     When they arrived to Nancy's house, Ivy and Clarity walked up the front path to her home. Clarity knocked and the two waited for her to answer.

     A beautiful purple Acara came to the door. She had long, blonde hair and a smile that stretched across her face.

     "May I help you?"

     Clarity replied shyly, "Are you Nancy Choy?"

     The Acara nodded and replied cheerily, "The one and only. What can I do for you ladies?"

     Clarity explained who she was, just as she had to Ivy. Leaving out the princess part, she told Nancy that she needed help with defeating a witch that had taken over the kingdom.

     After hearing the story, Nancy said, "Well, let me tell you, I can't stand people who use their dark magic for evil. It really irks me. I will help you. Just help me pack up some things."

     Clarity and Ivy entered Nancy's home. They began to pack when Clarity asked a question that was on her mind.

     "You are so kind for being a dark mage. How is that?"

     Nancy laughed and replied, "Well, it's a funny story. When I was born, I was a yellow Acara. My mother, father, and brother were all mages. My brother, though was about ten years older than me, was very fluent in air magic, like my mother. I, on the other hand, did better with light magic, like my father. So fast forward to when I was fourteen. I was walking when a dark faerie swooped from the sky and grabbed my arm. She spoke of a better darkness and quickly explained kind dark mages were becoming extinct and my kind heart wouldn't allow dark magic to corrupt it. She gave me a shot filled with a dark substance. My fur changed and my parents and brother were devastated. I was proud to be withholding the dark magic in a kind way."

     Ivy said, "That is amazing. Did the needle hurt?"

     "Yeah, but it was worth it. I have a greater purpose and it might be my help to you."

     Clarity thanked them once again and they all finished the packing. It was after dinner, just at sunset, When Clarity lead her new friends to the meeting point. They set up the tents and gathered wood for a fire. Ivy had some seeds for plants and quickly grew some food in that spot. She made a big pot of soup while Nancy and Clarity set up the tent circle. They needed two more tents, but Elli and Aqua would bring those.

     As they ate, Ivy asked, "Clair, do you have a plan?"

     Clarity, having finished her dinner, sat her bowl down beside her answered,"Yes, but I want to make sure you're all here before I say it. I came up with a plan when I was staying with Elli. I was there for three months practicing air magic. I had a lot of time to come up with something."

     After cleaning the dishes, the girls retired to their tents. About five in the morning, Clarity heard two voices. One she recognized, the other was a light, almost bubbly voice. She poked her head out to see Elli and a beautiful blue Acara next to her.

     Clarity got out of her tent and hugged her cousin.

     "The others are asleep."

     Ivy said from behind her, "Not anymore. That's fine. The sun is rising and we have work to do."

     Elli said, "Clair, this is Aqua. Aqua, this is my cousin Princess Clarity Michelle Ryan."

     Ivy and Nancy said, more so yelled, simultaneously, "Princess!?"

     Clarity turned to Elli and said, "I wasn't going to share that information yet, Elli."

     Elli replied, "Oops. Sorry. Aqua knew and I thought the others did, too."

     Clarity looked to Ivy and Nancy. "Yes, I'm the princess, but not at the moment. My family is in a predicament that I want to fix. So here's my plan. We go late at night and go to the villagers. We tell them the reason we are there. We ask them to bring all the tents and war supplies they have and food if possible.

     "Once all the tents are set on the outskirts, we will put an invisibility spell on the area. Tents will be devoted to sleeping and one will be a medic's tent. Ivy, you mentioned training in medicine, so you'll be the doctor. Elli, you told me before that Aqua used to be a chef, so she can make meals if need be. Elli, you'll direct everyone to a tent. I'll be trying to get my brother. Hopefully the witch hasn't hurt him. Does anyone have any questions?"

     Aqua said, "When do we leave to go to the kingdom?"

     "Tomorrow. We will stay here today, making sure the plan is memorized. We have a long week ahead of us. Today, we rest. Thanks again for helping me. You will be rewarded greatly."

     Ivy shrugged. "No need. We're doing it because we want to."

     Clarity smiled. It was nice to have friends who were willing to help in her time of need. Hopefully, One day, Clarity could be reunited with her family and things could go back to normal.

     One Day.

Almost The End.

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