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More Perfect Plants For Your Neogarden

by wokitana


Everyone wants to have a delightful garden to relax in during the vibrant spring and the sweet-smelling summer months. A beautiful sanctuary where you can escape to, when nothing seems to be going the way you want it! In this article we have twenty fine looking plants to make your garden the unforgettable getaway you have always dreamt of having. This list ranges from trees to flowers and bushes to fruit bearing plants and is the top choice of plants to make you a happy gardener!

1. Blue Columbine

These beautiful blue flowers love the shade or partial sun, so be sure to keep them cool and plant them under your biggest trees! They also require moist to dry conditions, and soil that is loamy, rocky, or slightly sandy. Springabees visit the flowers for nectar so be sure to catch one and give it to your petpet for loving and care.

2. Kau Slips

As these flowers sway in the warmer breeze, you will smell their sweet honey like scent. They are a pretty yellow colour and look a little like a cross between daffodils and Kau's. Because they can thrive with little water and do not need any shade they are an excellent choice for those who do not have much time for gardening.

3. Cineraria

Cinerarias are daisy-like flowers that are grown by florists as greenhouse ornamentals and they also can be planted outdoors in warm climates. This lovely plant requires special care and will reward you with beautiful purple blossoms if tended to properly. This is a flower for the expert gardener.

4. Dark Island Palm Tree

The Dark Island Palm Tree is as versatile as it is beautiful! It has very dark bark which is unusual for a palm tree. It also has become very popular in recent years, mostly due to its hardiness in both hot and cold climates. All of this makes the Dark Island Palm Tree unique and a great addition to any tropical garden.

5. Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, and some types can grow well over a foot per day! Don't worry, this one isn't one of those types, but it does grow fast and will provide hours of hide-and-seek fun for your Neopets and petpets.

6. Colour Changing Tulips

Tulips bloom on large bulbous plants, growing bold and showy flowers with six petals. Their height ranges from eight to twelve inches with blade-shaped leaves that are waxy and fleshy to the touch. These particular Tulips are truly unique and are specially bred to change colour every day! They come with a guarantee that they will never be the same colour two days in a row. You'll never be bored by your flowers again with these ones!

7. Kougra Lily

Kougra Lilies are often grown in the home garden and sometimes thrive in pots in your home to brighten up the surroundings. This beautiful native plant blooms profusely during early to mid-summer and requires moist soil and warm temperature. The flowers are a strikingly bold orange with vibrant blue stripes. They will be the centre of attention in any garden.

8. Raspberry Bush

Raspberry Bushes are a member of the rose family and their small berries are juicy and slightly tart. This shrub grows up to six feet high, producing self-pollinating flowers that turn into clusters of fruit usually in red, yellow or white. The plant grows wild in hedges, heaths and woodlands, thriving on marginal ground in semi shaded or full sun areas.

9. Large Bushy Bush

This large bush has bright red heart shaped fruits of some kind; no one really knows what they are! The ideal soil conditions for the Large Bushy Bush are acid, alkaline and neutral and the plant prefers moist, well-drained sandy, loamy and clay soils. What was that? Wait… is that a gnome in there?

10. Money Tree Jr.

This Money Tree Jr. is one of the most popular, evergreen shade trees. It has broad lobed leaves that are spirally arranged on the branches. This junior version of the famous Money Tree does not have items and neopoints appear under it. Maybe that will happen when it gets bigger!

11. Blackberry Bush

Yummy! Who wants to have some fresh blackberries with breakfast? Not only are these bushes loaded with good fruit to eat, they can also serve as a protective hedge for your property. No one would dare try to get through those thorns!

12. Orange Hibiscus, Pink Hibiscus

These plants are long-blooming shrubs that grow eight to ten feet tall. The foliage is green with single or double flowers in orange or pink. They are commonly used for shrub borders or on their own. Hibiscus can grow in any type of soil with full sun or partial shade. Why not have both in your summer garden?

13. Lost Desert Palm Tree

Palm trees are usually found in tropical environments and are frequently cultivated for beauty purposes; they are also cultivated for their timber and fruit. Their sight can summon the Lost Desert scene in one glance.

14. Pink Hydrangea Bush, Purple Hydrangea Bush

These flowered bushes are beautiful, and their scent is especially exquisite. The popularity of the Hydrangea bushes has grown over the years. They should be planted in moist, rich garden soil in partial sun to fairly deep shade.

15. Pink Poppies, Purple Poppies

Poppies are favourite choices for home landscapes. Many varieties also set seed readily, making it unnecessary for you to replant them the following spring and giving you more poppies than you could ever wish for! Both pink and purple poppies are unique and very unusual as poppies are usually red.

16. Tropical Flower Plant

This tropical flower is quite large and pretty. It also has a very pleasant, fresh smell and is usually cultivated to make soap. What a convenience! The bounty of nature can certainly be brought indoors! It is rather unusual for such a beautiful flower to come with a warning… But just in case, I wouldn't suggest getting too close!

17. Rhubarb Plant

Rhubarb is a herbaceous (seed producing) vegetable with tart, celery-like stalks that can be used to make pies, jams, jellies, puddings and other desserts. Careful site selection and soil preparation at the time of planting will help to ensure successful rhubarb cultivation.

18. Wocky Glove

This plant begins as a large collection of green leaves in a rosette form. When it reaches approximately one year of age, it produces dazzling purple flowers, along its long stem, that resemble the finger of a glove, as its name suggests. The inside of the flowers display darker purple spots with the entire plant growing in an upright habit. It can grow up to four feet high!

19. Scented Hearts Flower

The Scented Hearts Flower is a herbaceous (seed producing) plant that produces a plethora of perfumed, showy pink flowers. This plant is commonly used in both residential and commercial landscapes as an ornamental plant.

20. Pretty Pink Puff

This delicate blossom has a gentle smell that is sure to please. The flowers have numerous long slender stamens which give rise to names such as powder-puff plant and faerie duster. This plant flowers all year round, but the best blooming is in summer. Who's that tiny voice I hear? Now we can all have our own little clovers with worlds on them!

We hope that this article will help you choose the plants of your liking and definitely wish you to enjoy their colours and fresh aroma they provide in your garden for many years to come. You will most likely never get tired of strolling up and down admiring the work you have done in your beautiful garden this not so faraway summer.

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