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Janet and Jane: The Case of the Targeted Heiress: Part Four

by chasing_stars44


      I tossed and turned in the covers of the bed I was in. Thoughts were bouncing around my mind like a bouncy ball. For all I knew, the one who targeted Mae could still be in the Neohome. No matter how hard I tried to get that terrible thought out of my head, it stayed.

      Oh, I give up. I couldn't sleep at all. Not with these thoughts. I hopped out of my bed and opened my window. Maybe a little fresh air would help me clear my mind. It usually did. As I breathed in the crisp air of the Roo Island night, my mind almost cleared. Almost.

      Among the dark blues and purples of the area, I saw a speck of pure black run close to the Neohome. I blinked through my tired eyes. Perhaps I was just seeing things. It was late at night, after all. I saw it still run, even after two, three, four blinks of my eyes. Maybe it wasn't just me.

      I needed to check this out. I slipped on a pair of slippers and left the bedroom. It was dark in the hallways -- I could barely see at all -- but I didn't want to wake Supra to help me out. On the bright side, I wouldn't be easily spotted (especially since I was painted shadow).

      Slowly, carefully, and quietly, I made my way to the front door. There were two reasons why I needed to be quiet. One (and the most obvious): I didn't want to be spotted. Two: I didn't want to wake anyone. They might ask why I was up if they caught me or even worse -- think I was up to something. Xavier was already unsure of us. The last thing I needed was to prove his suspicions right.

      The house was wired with an alarm to make sure that we were safe. It would go off if any of the doors or windows that were attached to the system were opened (the window in my room was not attached, since Mae thought I would want some fresh air). All I wanted to do was look out the windows, anyway.

      Oh no. I thought I saw that black figure again. Now I knew it wasn't just me. Even though it was only for just a second, I saw it with my own two eyes (while I was wide awake (the worry really chased the sleepiness away)). What if it was the Blumaroo? Most likely. What if he tried to get in? An alarm was set up. If he tried to get in, the alarm would blare and we would be aware of it.

      What about my open window?

      I raced back upstairs to my room, hoping that I didn't catch the Blumaroo in the act. Maybe I shouldn't have opened it in the first place. It seemed like a good idea at the time. You know what else was a good idea? Being quiet. I ditched that idea a while ago. Luckily, my slippers made it so my footsteps were softened and barely heard. If anyone wondered, they would just think it was Mae's Meowclops.

      I burst into my room. My window was closed. That was strange. I swore I opened it. Even though I had the tendency to forget stuff when i was tired, this was something I was positive about. Since I had some suspicions, I decided to examine the window.

      There didn't seem to be any fingerprints, but they didn't always show up and Neopets could always wear gloves. I could always use tools to reveal these disappeared fingerprints, but I forgot to bring them and I didn't think I would need them. To me, it looked like nobody even touched it. It was then I took a look at the lock. The window was unlocked. I knew it was locked when I was in here last.

      Someone was in here. This thought seriously scared me. Everyone else was asleep and I didn't hear anyone else around here. Did that mean--

      "It's you again."

      I jumped up high and turned around. I saw that Blumaroo I saw from earlier. My heart leaped into my throat and a wave of cold rushed down my back. I tried to run, but my body was stuck in that one spot.

      "Why are you here?" I asked accusingly yet quietly.

      "To take care of business," he answered. "When the Sway gives me a job, I finish that job."

      I needed to get out of here. Fast. I didn't care how -- I just wanted to get away from him as soon as possible. I didn't know what he was capable of (which always worried me when I confronted a criminal) and I was all alone. That was never a good combination. Now what could I do? The Blumaroo was blocking the only safe way out of here.

      "Now if you excuse me, I have something to do," the Blumaroo said.

      He dashed out of the room, closing the door behind him. I quickly went after him. Good thing the door didn't have a lock on it. I opened the door as fast as I could, though when I opened it, he was long gone. I couldn't even hear him.

      The Blumaroo that was after Mae and Xavier was now in the house and it was my fault for letting him in since I left the window open. Wow, that would lead to a guilty conscience. I could feel guilty later. I needed to catch this guy!

      Should I wake someone or just take care of it on my own? I didn't want to put anyone in more danger than they potentially were in already, but I didn't know I could take care of this on my own or not. Plus I didn't know if that Blumaroo was alone. Oh, I really hoped he was alone.

      "Janet, is that you?"

      Since I was so on edge, the simple question scared me half to death. I was so scared, I hid under a nearby table (also known as the closest area where I can hide). Hopefully, nobody would notice me. Who said that, anyway? Was it the Blumaroo? Wait, he didn't know my name.

      Somebody, who I assumed was the one who asked the question, began to walk into my view. It was Xavier? What was he doing up? If he caught me, he might ask the same thing.

      "Nope, she isn't here," the Vandagyre said to nobody. Or did he? After he said that, a familiar figure walked up to him.

      "I swear, I heard someone down here," the Blumaroo replied.

      "Shadow, I'm sure that if she was here, she would come out to talk to me." Xavier began to pace. Shadow? Did he know him?

      "What makes you think that? She met you just a few hours ago."

      "I know, but I'm Mae's brother, and she seems to trust her."

      "Whatever. The main idea is that Janet isn't here. If we're going to do this, we need to make sure that she isn't a threat."

      I knew it! I knew that I shouldn't trust Xavier! Now I just need to tell Mae or Natia or Jane (I didn't care who -- I just wanted to spread the word). The question now was how do I get away from these two without them noticing me?

      "And the others?" Xavier asked.

      "They're asleep. We can take care of them later. Janet is up and about and there's no doubt that she's going to try and stop us." Shadow answered.

      The blue Vandagyre bowed his head. "Of course."

      The two walked away. I waited a few minutes before I left my hiding spot under the table. Times like this made me glad that I was painted Shadow and not something like Glowing. I began to walk to Jane's room. Oh, she was not going to believe this.

      Wait, who would believe me? Who would believe that Xavier, Mae's brother, was working for Shadow, the one that was after her. Not Jane, not Natia, certainly not Mae. Should I even bother waking them up for something that they might not believe in?

      I guess so.

      The hall was very quiet. I didn't like the quiet. It usually led to something bad in my history. Hopefully, this time wouldn't follow the pattern of my unfortunate luck. I tried to keep my composure -- so nobody will find me first.

      After a few minutes, I began to hear a quiet chant of some sort. It was quickly drowned out by my heart pounding quicker and harder. I nearly froze. When I realized that I could move, I quickly went towards the source, to find out what was going on. Why I did this when I was scared half to death, I didn't (and still don't) know.

      I peered around the corner. I saw the stealthy Blumaroo saying something to something (or someone?). He seemed so entranced in what he was saying, I could walk in front of him and he wouldn't even notice (though I decided against this risk). I wished I could understand to what he was saying.

      "Now, my puppet," was the first thing he said that I could understand. "Rise."

      Oh, so he was a puppeteer now? Yeah, that'll make this job more comforting.

      From what I could see, I saw something get up off of the floor. I didn't know if I was seeing this right. Was that Natia? It sort of looked like her, but it was still pretty dark and I couldn't see all that well. If it was her, what was the Blumaroo planning with her?

      "Yes, Shadow?" the Aisha asked. Yep, that was Natia.

      "Do you know what to do?" he asked.

      "Oh, I know. Find Janet and bring her to you."

      It was then that I realized that Natia was now under hypnosis.

To be continued…

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