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100 Neopoint Neopian Readers Program: REMASH

by elksquid


Back in Y11 a Neopoint-savvy writer by the name of luxury_tux and her adorable Aisha, Flushiee, gave us a readers list of 11 books you could score for all under 100 NP titled “The 100 Neopoint Neopian Readers Program“.

Now, as many Neopians already know, the neoconomy is an ever changing terrain. How I wish I would’ve stocked up on snowbunnies and white paint brushes when I had the chance! But I digress.. Those original 11 books have gone significantly up in value, and although it is still a valuable list for affordable books, it is no longer effective for the 100 Neopoint Neopian Readers Program.

Which is why I, Elksquid, and my Usul, SquirellaUsuki, have embarked on a quest to seek out the most accessible and affordable books in all of Neopia! With our findings (and a few old favorites), we have compiled an all new and improved 100 Neopoint Neopian Readers Program of not 11, but 26 books!

SquirrellaUsuki was just created 36 hours before writing this post, and has only read the books from this list. She started with a humble beginning of below average intelligence, but is on her way to the big time with an intelligence level measured at super genius (move over, Finneus!).

SquirrellaUsuki: “Hey, readers! You can score my entire reading list at the Shop Wizard all for under 100 NP! The most diligent of shoppers, such as myself - I am a Usuki afterall, can snag each of these for 1 NP a piece if you watch well enough! Good luck and happy learning!”

1. Tome of Selket: Learn the legend behind the Selket, how to feed them and how to avoid a nasty nip from one.

2. Turmac Snacks: (rare) Recipes to make delicious Meridell treats to please any Petpet (especially Turmacs).

3. Babaa Care: (uncommon) How to keep your Babaas wool clean and curly plus top tips for polishing those paws.

4. The Luckiest Babaa: (rare) It was not just that good things happened when Furgles was around, it was more nothing bad even came close to happening…

5. Speak Tyrannian: (rare) Learn the almost forgotten language of ancient Tyrannia!

6. Gruslen Pop-Up Book: (rare) A fun, easy to follow story for the early reader.

7. Legends of Maraqua: (uncommon) An interesting book filled with pages and pages of Maraquan lore.

8. Maraquan Faerie Tales: Fantastic tales inspired by the once great city of Maraqua.

9. Faellie Tales: (uncommon) A collection of cute stories, each featuring Faellies.

10. Fantastic Faellies: (uncommon) The title says it all, Faellies are fantastic arent they :)

11. Faellie Handbook: Everything you ever wanted to know about Faellies in one pink book!

12. Grooming Your Faellie: Wonderful tips to have your Faellie looking great in no time.

13. Tuskaninny Treasure: (rare) Swashbuckling adventure by the bucket load!

14. Meepit vs Feepit Game Guide: (rare) Strategies and more to help you get that elusive high score.

15. The Secret of Treasure Island: (rare) One brave Tuskaninny followed his ancient map and found Treasure Island, but it was not as he expected...

16. Skeith Inspired Treasure Maps: (rare) A rather boring book filled with maps drawn in the shape of Skeiths.

17. Underwater Tour: (rare) A tour of Maraqua from the perspective of a native Korbat.

18. Pirate Small Talk: (uncommon) This book will help you when you are on Krawk Island and just cant think of anything to say.

19. Maraqua Colouring Book: (rare) A fun colouring book with pictures of Maraqua!

* this one tends to run a little higher, but we lucked out and got it for only 5 NP!

20. Gallion Care: (uncommon) Learn the best cures for common Gallion diseases and ways to keep your Gallion in top health.

21. Gallant Gallions Comic: (uncommon) Gallant Gallions fight evil villians in this thrilling comic.

22. The Gorgeous Gallion: (uncommon) This book is about a gallion that just couldnt stop looking at itself in a mirror.

23. Nimmo - Now and Zen: (rare) Learn all about how the Nimmos zen attitude has changed over time.

24. Counting Babaas: (uncommon) This wonderful book gives suggestions for counting Babaas and even has Babaas on each page for you to count!

25. A History of the Lost Desert: You will not believe what went on while this desert was lost!

26. Slorg Care: Slorgs may look easy to please, but this book reveals their high-maintainence secrets.

Shop Wizard: “You better hurry, these prices might go up when word gets out! Books have a habit of vanishing in thin air!”

SquirrellaUsuki: “That’s right, and if this list is anything like the last, these books are projected to inflate in value! Many on the list are even deemed ‘uncommon’ and ‘rare’. Might not be a bad idea to stock up and sit on them in your safety deposit box for awhile.”

Right you may be, SquirrellaUsuki! The books in the 100 Neopoint Neopian Readers Program are not any less quality than their more expensive competitors.. There was just at one time an influx in the market causing these books value to be greatly depreciated. Over time as these books are read and enjoyed, their numbers will dwindle, and the more we will forget about how common these books once were (..are), and their true worth shall be restored!

Another great way to score books in the single neopoint range is in 1 NP auctions. There are some great guilds out there that host auctions exclusively for members where the bidding is made in 1 NP increments. Books are a common commodity that often appear in such auctions, and while on my quest to nab single neopoint books, I actually acquired two from such means so I figured it was worth mentioning!

So, read to your pets! Are there any other inexpensive books SquirrellaUsuki and I missed?

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