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Mystery Island Travel Brochure

by dragonsfriend1021


Off the coast of Neopian mainland, south of Maraqua, lies a quaint little island full of many mysteries. The locals call it Mystery Island. On this tropical paradise there are palm trees, sunny beaches, and lots of local culture to uncover. You can climb mountains, explore ruins, try new cuisine, and more. You won't regret holidaying in this hideaway hotspot!

Main Attractions

Mystery Island offers so many opportunities for activities that you'll likely have trouble choosing what to do! However, you can't go wrong with any of these popular tourist destinations.

The Beach. What better way to relax on your vacation than by lying on the beach? With its magnificent view of the oceans as well as lush greenery and shady palm trees, the beaches of Mystery Island are some of the most beautiful in Neopia. Grab a Beach Chair, some Sun Tan Lotion, and a good book for a calming experience. Or, if a more active vacation is for you, join in a game of Beach Volleyball!

Techo Mountain and the Training School. In the center of the island is the imposing volcano known as Techo Mountain. Climb this mountain for a breathtaking scene of the island. Next to the mountain is the Training School, where Neopians from around the world gather to improve their Battledome skills by learning from the masters. The school only accepts the local currency of codestones, though, so make sure you pick some up before enrolling. There are also rumors of a Secret Ninja Training School for particularly advanced pets hidden somewhere on the mountain...

Geraptiku. If adventure is what you crave, spend some time exploring the Lost City of Geraptiku. Located on the northwestern side of the island, Geraptiku was recently discovered by Neopian archeologists. Here, you can find some special Petpets native to Geraptiku or you can search the Deserted Tomb for treasure. This ancient territory is sure to please any courageous traveler!


If you prefer a more laid-back vacation, are interested in trying local cuisine, or simply want to search for a souvenir, stop by these iconic Mystery Island shops. From Acorn Toys to Zibblifruit, you are sure to find just what you're looking for at one of these superb stores.

Tropical Foods. To get a literal taste of the native lifestyle, visit the Tropical Foods stand, located on the southwest part of the island. Here, you can enjoy some of the scrumptious fruits that are indigenous to Mystery Island. Sample a Banango, Munion, Tetraberry, or one of the myriad other fruits that are found only here on Mystery Island. The sweet flavors will make your taste buds thank you!

Tiki Tack. If you like souvenirs, Tiki Tack is the place to go! The Tiki Tack Man sells all types of mementos to help you commemorate your trip to Mystery Island. Check out the options ranging from Carved Seashells, Coconut God Souvenirs, Mystery Island Shell Necklaces, and a multitude of different types of Bottles of Sand: Rainbow Sand, Pink Seashell Sand, Bottles of Black Sand, and more! You are sure to find the perfect Island Merchandise for any occasion at Tiki Tack!

The Rock Pool. What better way to always remember your Mystery Island vacation than to bring home a new friend? At The Rock Pool, you can find an Aquatic Petpet of your very own. Popular petpet species include Baby Blu, Bowla, Crabula, Leeble, Slugawoo, and Walein. Visit the Kougra shopkeeper on the northeastern side of the Island to find your perfect Maraquan Refugee Petpet!

Trading Post. If you can't find what you're looking for in any other shop, make sure you stop by the Mystery Island Trading Post. Neopians from around the world flock to Mystery Island to look for rare and expensive items, especially those that the Shop Wizard struggles to find. But make sure you bring some items to trade – the Neopian sellers here are looking to swap, not sell!


For a more active break, try out some of the famous Mystery Island games! Each game can give you hours of enjoyment, plus help you learn a little of the local culture. You're sure to have a blast with some of these classics!

Island Chef Academy. Have you ever wanted to be a master chef? On Mystery Island, you can learn from the best! Help the Flotsam Chef prepare traditional Island meals without burning the food or serving cold dinners. You'll hone your cooking skills while having a great time!

Gadgadsgame. Gadgadsgame is played on Mystery Island each year to celebrate Gadgadsbogen, the festival of fruit! In this game, try to collect similar fruits together: Blobbules with other Blobbules, Lemwarts with other Lemwarts, etc. Use the special bombs – fruits with a twirling background – to clear the groups and make more room. If your playing area fills up with fruit, your Gadgadsgame is over! But if you earn enough points, you might even win an avatar...

The Buzzer Game. Test your concentration and motor skills with this native Mystery Island game. To play, guide a small metal loop over a piece of wire without touching the wire with the loop. If you do, the buzzer will sound and you will lose. The wires are twisted into interesting shapes, so this game is a lot harder than it sounds. With practice, though, you can become a Buzzer Game master – and wear an avatar to prove it!

Famous Neopians

As one of the oldest Neopian lands, Mystery Island is home to many Neopians. While you're in the area, stop by and see some of these famous faces.

Jhuidah. Jhuidah is a Faerie who makes Mystery Island her home. Though she is one of the five guardians of the Island, she spends her days helping Neopians gift offerings to the Great Pango Pango at her Cooking Pot. If your offering is worthy, Pango Pango will reward you with a prize. If you're really lucky, you may get a glimpse of the great being himself. As if hosting the Cooking Pot weren't enough, Jhuidah also contributes to the economy of the Island by running the Trading Post. A visit to see her at either locale is strongly recommended for any Island visitor!

Rorru. On the south side of the Island lives Rorru, the resident poet of Mystery Island. Rorru graces guests each day with a new haiku that she composes especially for the occasion. The Island Kougra loves expressing herself in exactly 17 syllables – even if she doesn't always make perfect sense!

The Mystery Island Mystic. Just off the coast of Geraptiku is a small island that houses the Mystery Island Mystic. This Kyrii is famous for telling fortunes for free to visitors once each day. Be sure to call on him to see how the rest of your day (and trip!) is going to go!

What to Bring

The weather is usually warm in tropical Mystery Island, so dress accordingly! For relaxing on the beach, you will probably want Floral Swim Trunks, Swimming Flippers, and a Large Straw Umbrella. Or, to fit in with the locals, you may want to pack some special Island items, such as an Island Chief Cape, Island Feast Dress, or Holiday Grass Skirt. If you don't have the right things, never fear – you can always pick up some items at the Mystery Island shops! Whatever your style, you can surely find some great garb for your vacation.


From exploring ruins to tasting new fruit, Mystery Island is the perfect place for your beach break. It has everything you'd want in a vacation locale: shopping, opportunities for new experiences, and chances to just kick back and relax. Make Mystery Island your next getaway – you won't regret it!

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