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Brynettia's Book Reviews, Part One

by golden1188


(This article was written by my dear pet Brynettia, who is currently on a mission to win the Neopian Book Award.)

My name is Brynettia, I'm a Baby Gelert, and my goal is to read all of the books in Neopia! Today, I'm going to tell you about some of the most recent books I've read and give you my review of them, so you know if they're worth your time or not.

The Gelert Diaries: This book appealed to me especially because I'm a Gelert, and we're obviously the best species. It follows a week in the life of a Gelert who travelled all across Neopia. From the highest peak of Terror Mountain to deep inside the Haunted Woods, this Gelert seems to get to go everywhere! It kind of made me jealous, because I haven't gotten to go to as many places as he has. But hearing about all the things he did while he was there almost made me feel like I was there myself! My favorite part of the book was when he met Illusen in Meridell. She's one of my favorite faeries! I give this book seven out of ten stars. There were times when it got a little boring, but overall, it was a pretty interesting read.

Connect the Dots: First off, this book was not what I thought it was going to be at all. I thought the book was going to contain typical "connect the dots" games like you would find in an art book or a puzzle book. But this book is actually a fictional story about three Usul sisters who turn four and set off into the world. Once I got past my initial surprise, I found that the book was a well-written tale about the triplets, each with very different mindsets and goals. I found that Peridot had the most interesting sections. She went to Faerieland and made it her mission to be painted Faerie! After doing a lot of quests for Fyora, she got closer and closer to her goal, but I promise not to spoil the ending! I'll give this book eight out of ten stars. Each of the Usuls were so determined that I was rooting for them the whole way through!

The Love Buzz: I have one word for this book. YUCK! I hate reading romance books, so this was not my cup of Borovan at all, and I could hardly make it to the end. It was about a lonely Buzz running a bookstore, waiting for the love of his life to come and find him, and then falling for another Buzz who comes in every day. This book was sooo boring. All the two ever did was talk and talk and get nervous around each other. The side characters were the most interesting part, like the girl Buzz's best friend. At least she was funny! Otherwise, this book was a complete waste of my time, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, unless you really like romance. I give this two out of ten stars.

Yurble Tales: A lot of Neopians have read this book, but if you haven't, I think you should get on it right away! It's a cute little book and good for beginners. There are five stories about Yurbles, and each of them have a different mood. One is a scary story about a Yurble who goes missing in the Haunted Woods. Another is a funny story about a Yurble trying to win a Gross Food eating contest. My favorite was the sad story about the Yurble who was left in the pound. It really made the tears flow! I won't tell you what happened, but I can promise you that there's a happy ending. I give this book six out of ten stars. The stories don't contain a whole lot of substance, but they're great if you're just getting into reading.

101 Balloon Petpets: This one was really challenging! Not that the book was hard, but the things inside. My Lutari sister and I sat down one day and tried to make all of the petpets in this book, and we didn't finish for about a week! The back of the book boasts that the Gallion on page 79 was the hardest to do, but I found that the Snowbunny was the trickiest for me. Even if you don't plan on making all of them, it's at least fun to sit down and try one of them, or just look through the pretty pictures. My favorite one to do was the Mazzew. I think it's still sitting on my desk! I give this book a seven out of ten, because it kept us pretty entertained for a while!

Slorg Care: I've always wanted to have a Slorg, but this book made me a little unsure. This book is all about the care and keeping of the little slimy petpets. I thought they were simple, but did you know that their slime has to be cleaned all the time? They also prefer certain types of bedding over others due to the texture of their skin. I kind of wonder if my owner had me read this book on purpose to show me how hard Slorgs are to take care of. I definitely thought twice about begging her for one afterwards! Anyway, I give this book a six out of ten. Not interesting for everyone, but definitely informative!

Gnorbu Mane Care: I'm not a Gnorbu, nor do I know too many of them, so this book wasn't really that interesting to me. It got a little boring, but I did like looking at all the pictures of Gnorbus with their manes done in fancy styles. If you have a Gnorbu, this is definitely a good read for you, but for everyone else, I think you can skip this one. I'll give it four out of ten stars.

That's all for now. Next time I get the chance to read more books, maybe I can write another article for the Neopian Times! Thank you all so much for reading; this is about as close as I'll get to writing my own book, hehe. Now get out there and read some books!

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